Film Review: Char Man

downloadThis film will never be considered best picture from the Academy Awards. The best way to describe this film in five words is, a comedy fuckery gone wrong.

The best way to watch this film is in pure darkness in the late winters’ eve, while the blistering cold winds knock on your windows. Make sure you also turn the volume up as loud as you are allowed.

The creators of this film, Kipp Tribble & Kurt Ela, wrap you in with some epic comedy, while poking at their film making lives, until shit literally hits the fan with the legendary tale of Char Man.

The best way to describe this type of film is it’s got an effective Blair Witch/paranormal flavor to it for those type of fans. It’s fun and entertaining for those who are in that particular mood. Nothing more nor nothing less.

I rated the film a 4/5 on Amazon, as well as, 8/10 on IMdB, only because I sensed the true intent of the film from the creators.


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