The Road To Healing (Poetry)

Be the change, don't wish for it. I hear it over and over again. I do what I can, when I can. Damn, I try. Finding my purpose in life. Not an easy pathway, But I think I’ve found the light. A new day passes. The end of the tunnel expands. The sun rays, I … Continue reading The Road To Healing (Poetry)

Philosophical Vision: Institutional Theory

The institutional theory is the most complex theory in the aesthetics field. Also, the most recent that covers the definition of, “what is art?” According to this theory, the argument holds, “X is an artwork, if the “art world” says it is. The art world consists of individuals who have intellectual knowledge on aesthetics AND … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: Institutional Theory

Solitude (Poetry)

A smile, a socializing soul, Loud music, food junkie; A discovery of solitude, A peaceful breach Away from the urban ruckus. Calm and collected, In a personal twilight zone. The rhythm of the bruised heart, Flowing in tune and idolizing With the currents. Inspiration glows within. My mind is put at ease. Harmonizing sounds, Of … Continue reading Solitude (Poetry)