Philosophical Vision: Idealism vs. Materialism

Materialism is defined as, “a belief that only matter and its physical properties are real, while mind, thoughts and the like are simply manifestations of matter”. With that kind of definition, it would seem simple to be directed towards the materialist world, but nothing is just that simple in life. Everything falls in with each … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: Idealism vs. Materialism

"Fallen Angel" Part One (Short Story)

Lust. Love. Ares. Aphrodite. There's a fallen angel residing on this Earth's dirt. Humanity who is blinded by the naked eye will not be able to discover such beauty that hides behind broken wings, shattered horns, in the world of grey. She's not like the rest of the crowd, she adds her own color to … Continue reading "Fallen Angel" Part One (Short Story)

Solitude (Poetry)

A smile, a socializing soul, Loud music, food junkie; A discovery of solitude, A peaceful breach Away from the urban ruckus. Calm and collected, In a personal twilight zone. The rhythm of the bruised heart, Flowing in tune and idolizing With the currents. Inspiration glows within. My mind is put at ease. Harmonizing sounds, Of … Continue reading Solitude (Poetry)

Fallen Angel Part III

Death surrounds the fallen angel; a plague has spread through the hearts of the loved ones she once held dearly within her soul. Hades' reindeer games continues to drain the powers of the angel's redemption, however she presses forward with faith of finding her place.Day by day, illusions become the truths of reality. Sadness overcomes … Continue reading Fallen Angel Part III

"Fallen Angel" Part II (Short Story)

War. Peace. Morpheus. Helios.  The fallen angel walks as her eyes beams on high to evaluate her surroundings. It’s like an apocalyptic firestorm in her view, as the strangers she passes laughs consistently in an echo effect. The angel does not see the world like the rest. Her judgment of character on others provides the … Continue reading "Fallen Angel" Part II (Short Story)