Philosophical Vision: Idealism vs. Materialism

Materialism is defined as, “a belief that only matter and its physical properties are real, while mind, thoughts and the like are simply manifestations of matter”. With that kind of definition, it would seem simple to be directed towards the materialist world, but nothing is just that simple in life. Everything falls in with each other on a complex level.

Idealism is even more-so a complicated topic for reality. If it wasn’t for the mind, not the brain, where would our matter or materials come from in a materialist’s reality? Better yet, how does one just learn or discover new things in life or how to name it a specific name? Even though we can’t seem to perceive the unknown with our eyes, how come it is present in our hearts through any emotion that maybe present at the time?

Materials are things that you can use your five senses on, whether it’s touching, seeing, tasting, smelling and/or hearing. So does that mean a song is material? Even though we can hear a song, can we see it? In a music video, we see the idea of the song. On a piece of paper, we see music notes and the words to the song, but where did these “materials” come from? It didn’t come from an atom or a neuron. It isn’t part of any of the scientific method of reality, even though parts of music seem to be materials. Overall, it’s a bunch of ideas and words coming together as one to make beautiful or horrendous sounds.

Not only is emotion a trick to the mind, but how about some other factors you can perceive through your mind like color, figure, motion, taste, and smell? These senses can easily be a trick to the mind as well. Let’s explain the example of color. Has anyone every seen a color with such mass?

In order for anything to be real, we need to experience it through the five senses, as agreed upon both idealism and materialism. However, materialists say the five senses are the main purpose that God can’t exist, because we can’t see, taste, touch, smell, or hear him. If you can, well then, you must be hallucinating, because bottom line, God isn’t in existence. The fact that no one can really provide proof of God’s existence is an exit point to any argument holding God or an Eternal Spirit in anyone’s argument.

For example, Berkeley’s argument as he quotes, …”that consequently as long as they are not perceived by me or do not exist in the mind or that of another created spirit, they must not have any existence at all, or else subsist in the mind of some Eternal Spirit.” He needs God in his theory, but yet, no on is able to prove he exists. Therefore, the idea is that materialists would have an upper hand.

Key word is idea in the last paragraph. Even though materialism is one of the ancient beliefs and philosophies in history today, where did materialism come from? Nothing is presented in reality, until an idea of the matter has formed in the mind. Let’s think of inventions or creations of your favorite foods or favorite clothes. Those materials didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. Someone had to have come up of the idea to make spaghetti, to make jean pants, etc. unless someone invented them by accident. However, how did they invent them by accident? The inventors must have had been thinking of something else to invent at the time.

Another sense that we really haven’t gathered on yet in Philosophy is the sixth sense. So what is it? It’s a sense, but is it a sense through the mind or the body? Why can only a few people experience the sixth sense in this world i.e. ghost hunters, mediums, psychics, ect? Are they hallucinating or is just a gift from the Eternal Spirit? Is this His way of saying? “Hey, the big man is in the building and is watching.”

The conclusion, Berkeley’s argument makes a lot of sense to the great question, “What is real?” There is more out there than what the eye perceives or what our minds are limited to comprehend and the reason we haven’t seen the truth is because humans are not ready for it. I question materialists and their idea of reality. Oh, there’s that word again. Idea! There is no doubt that we do have science and there is no doubt in my mind that we still have a ton of realities and truths in the unknown. The debate between materialists and idealists seem endless and maybe it will always be until the end of time or when the unknowns are ready to come out to the truths and stop hiding. I will remain with an open mind that anything is possible.

Work Cited
        Berkeley, George. A Treatise Concerning The Principles of Human Knowledge. Dublin: David R. Wilkins. 2002. Print.

"Fallen Angel" Part One (Short Story)

Lust. Love. Ares. Aphrodite.

There’s a fallen angel residing on this Earth’s dirt. Humanity who is blinded by the naked eye will not be able to discover such beauty that hides behind broken wings, shattered horns, in the world of grey. She’s not like the rest of the crowd, she adds her own color to this world. She dares to paint with purples, greens, and yellows, instead of such boredom of black and white. She dares to go against the crowd, no matter the force against her.

This fallen angel also will imprint her presence with her smiles. Smiles you can’t erase from your memory bank. In ways she has imprinted herself into your heart; but don’t be fooled.

Don’t be fooled on this fallen angel, who has no name, by her kindness and make it more than what it is. Don’t be fooled by her silence and make it what it isn’t. She fights her own demons within her heart, mind and soul. She’s fallen from corruption in her heart.

Everyday, the fallen angel questions if she is whether related to the Goddess of Despair, Eris, or in relations of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. She prays daily that the heart of Aphrodite remains close to her as loyalties of Ares and Hades are determined to torture her own pretty, little heart.

It’s an everyday battle, an everyday chaos in her heart, but at the end of the day, she continues to paint her visionary world in that heart, along with her own mind and soul. The primer paint continues to be love to balance the fixture from the rest of the chaos.

Someday the ying to her yang will reveal himself. Not to take over the creation of this art of love, but to add his own colors to it. His unconditional love will endure, even while in the shadows of Hades whelms.

In return, her angelic aura transforms to its rightful stage, as it reflects the sun. He will also have the ability to reform her horns into a halo crown that sits perfectly on top of her head and help strengthen her weathered wings, so she returns to the crystal blue skies once more to return to her cloud of calling.

All in results of the power of true unconditional love and the presence of her soul mate’s patient eyes, as she returns the same patience and virtue of morality and ethics.

(To Be Continued…)

©H.M. Gautsch

Solitude (Poetry)

A smile, a socializing soul,
Loud music, food junkie;
A discovery of solitude,
A peaceful breach
Away from the urban ruckus.
Calm and collected,
In a personal twilight zone.
The rhythm of the bruised heart,
Flowing in tune and idolizing
With the currents.
Inspiration glows within.
My mind is put at ease.
Harmonizing sounds,
Of living creatures;
Minimizes the noises of demons,
Inside and out.
Paddling to stay ahead of the crowd,
Gnats, and mosquito.
Zig-zagging around tree branches 
That swim until exhaustion,
sink into the darkness,
Or rests ashore a sand bar.
Apparent, nightmarish for the city slick,
But a joyful challenge for one
Who’s passion unfolds with the wild.
In nature a secret revealed
For a spiritual measure.
2014©H.M. Gautsch

Fallen Angel Part III

Death surrounds the fallen angel; a plague has spread through the hearts of the loved ones she once held dearly within her soul. Hades’ reindeer games continues to drain the powers of the angel’s redemption, however she presses forward with faith of finding her place.

Day by day, illusions become the truths of reality. Sadness overcomes emotions, as though, tears remain dry from the weathered skin. Little knowledge came to pass when Athena had thrown this quest to the angel. Little was revealed how long it would take the angel to find her way into this corrupted hallucination to find the purified justice that the blind has not forthwith.

As the angel presses on to a new destination, she leaves behind value that was inherited during her presence with the seasonal beings. Marching barefoot along the black top, as she watches her footing for the cracks created by the underground world slowly lifting itself to Midgard. Below are wicked laughter’s of Hell mocking her every word and movement to the next chapter in her journey. The continuation brings irritability to the angel’s emotions and fills her heart with anger.

(to be continued…)

"Fallen Angel" Part II (Short Story)

War. Peace. Morpheus. Helios.  

The fallen angel walks as her eyes beams on high to evaluate her surroundings. It’s like an apocalyptic firestorm in her view, as the strangers she passes laughs consistently in an echo effect. The angel does not see the world like the rest. Her judgment of character on others provides the truth. The halos slowly diminish, as the horns grow. 

She’s just fallen for Hades current trickery. The beautiful lady continues to travel until she spots the Sun God, Helios, breaking his rays through the darkened thick walls of clouds in the sky. He directs her to a safe haven on Earth, a garden. The angel collapses from exhaustion underneath a large oak tree and questions herself as she starts to meditate underneath Grandfather Oak and enjoys the comfort of his shade. 

                “How many demons, zombies, lost souls have been put onto this Earth?”

The angel escapes into slumber, as she re-enters her fantasy world and visions another angel leading her down a path of a road filled with lavish coal. In the horizon, she sees Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, waiting under Helios’ rays. 

                “Angel, come to me.”

                “Athena, what has caused such madness?”

                “The life cycle of Mother Earth is imbalanced. It must be nurtured and healed. Teach the world of the forsaken values of the resources offered and relearn the portions of necessities and there you will find what you are searching for.”

The Angel turns and looks at the destruction and smog right before her eyes. The garden fades, Grandfather Oak has died, as the world darkens and starts spinning in a more rapid pace. The angel starts to get tipsy and falls to the splintered and dehydrated ground that once was filled with greens and the bright colors of wild flowers. 

As the angel awakens from her dreams, she is relieved of the events that have not yet happened in her vision. The comfort of the thick grass lifts her heart and head to continue on her journey. Helios’ journeys to the West, but there’s still a warmth and light within the angel. And that’s when she clearly discovers…

…When others’ flames are extinguished, hers will just be more ablaze. When others’ become cold, hers will keep the warmth within’. God gave her this strength for a reason, a sacred reason. She just prays it doesn’t become unbearable where she cannot save one’s soul. Where art thou her guardian to balance the barrier?! She shall remain searching.

(To Be Continued…)

©H.M. Gautsch