Harlot (Poetry)

Work over play. Work over romance. That's my life, it's my only chance. I guess I am a harlot in the game of love. No sex needed, just my wicked tongue is enough. All it takes is one or two dates, And they keep coming like it's a cattle call. Someday I'll get it all … Continue reading Harlot (Poetry)

Since You Said Goodbye (Poetry)

There's been an emptiness,Inside of me. It's hard to explain it.I should be over you by now.It's been over two years, But my heart continues to disavow.Loved ones come and go. Because I can't seem to find,What I'm searching for.Discovering you with a new lover.I've tried,But I can't shed a new exposure,From this old pain, … Continue reading Since You Said Goodbye (Poetry)