Q&A Feature: K. Sankofa

K. Sankofa isn't your ordinary music artist. With a dab of hip, a splash of jazz, and a spruce of Caribbean flow, he surely knows how to keep his sound original, while eclectic in the ears of his listeners. That isn't the norm produced in the music rooted from Wisconsin, or from the stereotype from … Continue reading Q&A Feature: K. Sankofa

Eclectic (Poetry)

My attention-span redirects. What's on my mind to reflect?  Awaken with controversial words,Reminisce with various artists’   Comprehension of power and the world;  A troubled and disturbed kid in my day, Favored of Eminem's song lyrics.  Therapeutic & reflective in the mirror.  Choices of music, of variations Opens the mind of wonderment;  Artistic abilities & opportunities.   Present day joys and sorrows,  Music empowers;  Turn off the mainstream radio, Turn … Continue reading Eclectic (Poetry)

Since You Said Goodbye (Poetry)

There's been an emptiness,Inside of me. It's hard to explain it.I should be over you by now.It's been over two years, But my heart continues to disavow.Loved ones come and go. Because I can't seem to find,What I'm searching for.Discovering you with a new lover.I've tried,But I can't shed a new exposure,From this old pain, … Continue reading Since You Said Goodbye (Poetry)