Sneak Peak Into My Closet (Poetry)

Day to day, I keep questioning myself... How do I express my feelings without offending you? I guess you should have thought twice, Before you put me through what you put me through. How would you feel if I revealed the truth, The real roots of my PTSD and the rest of my mental issues? … Continue reading Sneak Peak Into My Closet (Poetry)

As I Lie Awake (Poetry)

  Eagerly waiting on what dreams Waits for me on this... Cool and collected mid-summer nigh’. To welcome my request into fantasy Crickets whistle slowly fades, I am delivered into a refreshing ride. As I lie awake, Hypnosis transfers my surreal mind, Touches my emotions, as I fall asleep. I'm battling between two comas, Two … Continue reading As I Lie Awake (Poetry)

Epicureanism (Poetry)

Be Free, Through the mind. Reach out your hand. Break, The invisible glass That blinds the man. Idealism Spiritualism Will spread your wings. Government Should not, I repeat Should not be existence With Epicureanism. Buy only, The necessities To feed your soul. Passionate hunger Drives the intuition; Cruise control. Money Is not, I repeat Is … Continue reading Epicureanism (Poetry)

Waiting (Poetry)

Late winter night, The moon's shine is creeping inside my window. I can see the glow from the side of my eye. Hypnotic stare into the clock's neon lights, As I watch the minutes tick by. I'm trying to relax my mind, Music meditation to ease away from reality. That's my self-motivation and validation. I'm … Continue reading Waiting (Poetry)

Animal Like (Poetry)

Komodo dragon like,Spit that venom.The truth becomes legend, World's newest phenom.Snake like,Who can peel away. Dead weight,Like dead skin.Animal like,I'm in beast mode. Before I implode,Pen unloads. Chameleon like,Blends in any crowd.Not afraid to stand out,Naturally endowed. Hawk like, Graceful in flight.Observant eyes,Awareness to survive.Animal like,I'm in beast mode. Before I implode,Pen unloads. Wolf like,Loyalty … Continue reading Animal Like (Poetry)