Sonnet #1 (Poetry)

If not joy, it shall be of annoyance, With the circular notion of this life. Like at a world’s end on a voyage, I’ll die without the title of one’s wife. But I rather have fortune through trials, Rather than fake value grown on trees. I’ve walked in these shoes, a million miles. I’ve come … Continue reading Sonnet #1 (Poetry)

Fatherless (Poetry)

A bastard raised by a single mother, And a bachelor who transitioned, To my stepfather. But that was never enough for me. For my mind to became distortion, By my curiosity. After the discovery, Of the unknown second candidate. Questions arise in my thoughts. All for the blank mystery Of my birth certificate. Who? Where? … Continue reading Fatherless (Poetry)

Talk (Poetry)

Words aren't with value, If actions don't follow. I'm far from perfect, But my few promises are never hollow. Society consumes its addiction, Of hatred and negative vibes. It doesn't matter of intentions, It's the same patterns I find. I rather be around no one, Than be around the chaos. For people are so quick … Continue reading Talk (Poetry)

Solitude (Poetry)

A smile, a socializing soul, Loud music, food junkie; A discovery of solitude, A peaceful breach Away from the urban ruckus. Calm and collected, In a personal twilight zone. The rhythm of the bruised heart, Flowing in tune and idolizing With the currents. Inspiration glows within. My mind is put at ease. Harmonizing sounds, Of … Continue reading Solitude (Poetry)

A River Flow (Poetry)

I'm waiting for the day I fall head over feet; Like I did with you. (No names necessary.) I'm waiting for the moment I can erase my fears; Change my world view. (No explanation, really.) Still, I feel the same. Deep within, I can never change. I look back and notice, Progression to where... I … Continue reading A River Flow (Poetry)