Animal Like (Poetry)

Komodo dragon like,Spit that venom.The truth becomes legend, World's newest phenom.Snake like,Who can peel away. Dead weight,Like dead skin.Animal like,I'm in beast mode. Before I implode,Pen unloads. Chameleon like,Blends in any crowd.Not afraid to stand out,Naturally endowed. Hawk like, Graceful in flight.Observant eyes,Awareness to survive.Animal like,I'm in beast mode. Before I implode,Pen unloads. Wolf like,Loyalty … Continue reading Animal Like (Poetry)

Top Ten Most Influential Artists (In My Book)

I have had numerous approaches to this blog. Since creative writing is my expertize, I figured I would express the reasons why each of these names made my top ten influential artists. As my artistic creations spill into the world, I cannot help but wonder about the pros and cons of the success that may … Continue reading Top Ten Most Influential Artists (In My Book)

A River Flow (Poetry)

I'm waiting for the day I fall head over feet; Like I did with you. (No names necessary.) I'm waiting for the moment I can erase my fears; Change my world view. (No explanation, really.) Still, I feel the same. Deep within, I can never change. I look back and notice, Progression to where... I … Continue reading A River Flow (Poetry)

Eclectic (Poetry)

My attention-span redirects. What's on my mind to reflect?  Awaken with controversial words,Reminisce with various artists’   Comprehension of power and the world;  A troubled and disturbed kid in my day, Favored of Eminem's song lyrics.  Therapeutic & reflective in the mirror.  Choices of music, of variations Opens the mind of wonderment;  Artistic abilities & opportunities.   Present day joys and sorrows,  Music empowers;  Turn off the mainstream radio, Turn … Continue reading Eclectic (Poetry)