Film Review: Hearts Beat Loud

The main setting of the film, the record store, gives a nostalgic vibe with the small business mindset and appreciating the times when music lovers turned to their collection of vinyls and compact discs, rather than digital and/or streaming collections of today's society.

Waiting (Poetry)

Late winter night, The moon's shine is creeping inside my window. I can see the glow from the side of my eye. Hypnotic stare into the clock's neon lights, As I watch the minutes tick by. I'm trying to relax my mind, Music meditation to ease away from reality. That's my self-motivation and validation. I'm … Continue reading Waiting (Poetry)

Harlot (Poetry)

Work over play. Work over romance. That's my life, it's my only chance. I guess I am a harlot in the game of love. No sex needed, just my wicked tongue is enough. All it takes is one or two dates, And they keep coming like it's a cattle call. Someday I'll get it all … Continue reading Harlot (Poetry)