O.I.F (Poetry)

I’m done being caged in a zoo breaking free from these steel bars stepping forward in my own shoes turning in these combat boots there’s no more backing down I’m not sticking around, I’m moving on turning this frown upside down getting this mindset out of the basement and get shit off this chest Ever … Continue reading O.I.F (Poetry)

Q&A Feature: Nathan Timmel

Whether in Iraq during his USO tour, or the fact that he's a 'cheesehead' at heart, or just bumping into each other in a random social Facebook group, we were meant to meet eventually, so we can sit and talk, while he scavengers on Rocky Rocco pizza, while we share our common interests and philosophies with our life experiences...

Q&A Feature: Legendary A.T

Legandary A.T. is a multi-talented artist who's musical passion has brought her multitude strides of courage and unapologetic attitude towards her craft to tell her very own story. Now I sit here and spend some time with her as I present to her a platform to tell her story with us.