"Fallen Angel" Part One (Short Story)

Lust. Love. Ares. Aphrodite. There's a fallen angel residing on this Earth's dirt. Humanity who is blinded by the naked eye will not be able to discover such beauty that hides behind broken wings, shattered horns, in the world of grey. She's not like the rest of the crowd, she adds her own color to … Continue reading "Fallen Angel" Part One (Short Story)

Won’t Knock Me Down (Poetry)

Say anything you want, Not even sticks and stones can slow me down. I’ll keep moving forward, Even with broken bones. Keep doubting my struggles and my progression. It’ll only motivate me, fuel me, Until more opportunities opens the windows and doors. I haven’t made it to the top yet, So I got to keep … Continue reading Won’t Knock Me Down (Poetry)

Dear Dad, Part II (Poetry)

Dear Dad; I want to thank you for my green eyes, and this head of hair, but rumor has it, not my height. Unfortunately that is the only thanks I can give you, Regardless if you know if I even exist or not. Unfortunately I can’t keep up with the truth anymore, No matter how … Continue reading Dear Dad, Part II (Poetry)

The Road To Healing (Poetry)

Be the change, don't wish for it. I hear it over and over again. I do what I can, when I can. Damn, I try. Finding my purpose in life. Not an easy pathway, But I think I’ve found the light. A new day passes. The end of the tunnel expands. The sun rays, I … Continue reading The Road To Healing (Poetry)

Dear Dad, Part I (Poetry)

Dear Dad; How is it living in Kings? I guess you didn’t expect to be in assisting living at fifty-six. Do you even know me? Do I look familiar? Do you even remember? The baby girl you vouched for your own; backed me up all the way to a DNA test to clarify my blood? … Continue reading Dear Dad, Part I (Poetry)