Epicureanism (Poetry)

Be Free, Through the mind. Reach out your hand. Break, The invisible glass That blinds the man. Idealism Spiritualism Will spread your wings. Government Should not, I repeat Should not be existence With Epicureanism. Buy only, The necessities To feed your soul. Passionate hunger Drives the intuition; Cruise control. Money Is not, I repeat Is … Continue reading Epicureanism (Poetry)

Philosophical Vision: Ethics

We should act based on The Minimum Conception of Morality guide, through reason as well as regards to others. When it comes to ethics, there are three positive criticisms we should all know and be aware of, utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue.  According to Richard Kraut, Aristotle follows Socrates and Plato in taking the virtues to … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: Ethics

Philosophical Vision: Institutional Theory

The institutional theory is the most complex theory in the aesthetics field. Also, the most recent that covers the definition of, “what is art?” According to this theory, the argument holds, “X is an artwork, if the “art world” says it is. The art world consists of individuals who have intellectual knowledge on aesthetics AND … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: Institutional Theory

Philosophical Vision: Kant vs. Hume

When Immanuel Kant took the “Copernican Revolution” and made a new argument with Philosophy and Epistemology, it made people’s head turn. Copernicus discovered that it wasn’t the Earth that was the center of the universe; in fact it was the Sun which the Earth rotates around. The same, according to Kant, plays in with the … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: Kant vs. Hume

Eclectic (Poetry)

My attention-span redirects. What's on my mind to reflect?  Awaken with controversial words,Reminisce with various artists’   Comprehension of power and the world;  A troubled and disturbed kid in my day, Favored of Eminem's song lyrics.  Therapeutic & reflective in the mirror.  Choices of music, of variations Opens the mind of wonderment;  Artistic abilities & opportunities.   Present day joys and sorrows,  Music empowers;  Turn off the mainstream radio, Turn … Continue reading Eclectic (Poetry)