Philosophical Vision: What Is Reality?

As I recover from the pain from my very first kickboxing training session, I think about if I am materialist or idealist when it comes to life. Well what is pain? Is it a feeling? Is it reality? The “pain” I have is a feeling in my tense and sore muscles caused from getting physical … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: What Is Reality?

A Philosophical Vision: Socrates – "The Unexamined Life…"

We can pick at and debate about Socrates true meaning of his quote, “The unexamined life is not worth living”, for days, weeks or even maybe months. I have always been a complex individual always pealing labels off the front cover of anything that has come my way just to try and dig deeper than … Continue reading A Philosophical Vision: Socrates – "The Unexamined Life…"

Philosophical Vision: Idealism vs. Materialism

Materialism is defined as, “a belief that only matter and its physical properties are real, while mind, thoughts and the like are simply manifestations of matter”. With that kind of definition, it would seem simple to be directed towards the materialist world, but nothing is just that simple in life. Everything falls in with each … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: Idealism vs. Materialism

Philosophical Vision: Kant vs. Hume

When Immanuel Kant took the “Copernican Revolution” and made a new argument with Philosophy and Epistemology, it made people’s head turn. Copernicus discovered that it wasn’t the Earth that was the center of the universe; in fact it was the Sun which the Earth rotates around. The same, according to Kant, plays in with the … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: Kant vs. Hume

Eclectic (Poetry)

My attention-span redirects.  What's on my mind to reflect?   Awaken with controversial words, Reminisce with various artists’    Comprehension of power and the world;   A troubled and disturbed kid in my day,  Favored of Eminem's song lyrics.   Therapeutic & reflective in the mirror.   Choices of music, of variations  Opens the mind of wonderment;   Artistic abilities & … Continue reading Eclectic (Poetry)