A Philosophical Vision: Socrates – "The Unexamined Life…"

We can pick at and debate about Socrates true meaning of his quote, “The unexamined life is not worth living”, for days, weeks or even maybe months. I have always been a complex individual always pealing labels off the front cover of anything that has come my way just to try and dig deeper than … Continue reading A Philosophical Vision: Socrates – "The Unexamined Life…"

Won’t Knock Me Down (Poetry)

Say anything you want, Not even sticks and stones can slow me down. I’ll keep moving forward, Even with broken bones. Keep doubting my struggles and my progression. It’ll only motivate me, fuel me, Until more opportunities opens the windows and doors. I haven’t made it to the top yet, So I got to keep … Continue reading Won’t Knock Me Down (Poetry)

Harlot (Poetry)

Work over play. Work over romance. That's my life, it's my only chance. I guess I am a harlot in the game of love. No sex needed, just my wicked tongue is enough. All it takes is one or two dates, And they keep coming like it's a cattle call. Someday I'll get it all … Continue reading Harlot (Poetry)

If I Were A Pirate (Poetry)

If I were a pirate,How would I live?First and foremost,I’d act as if, I was Captain Jack Sparrow’s kin. Sounds like big boots to fill, But I think I could fit.With my charming looks,I’d escape close call arrests.Let’s not forget, my clever wits. If I were a pirate,How would I live?Similar to Kenny Chesney,Claiming my own island, … Continue reading If I Were A Pirate (Poetry)

Nature’s Morning Song (Poetry)

The cool breeze, Enhances this new feeling, In my soul. The sun rays enter, In my body, Warmth’s my heart. The robins & cardinals, Sings the verses in harmony. The toads & frogs, Battle for the choruses’ melody. The dying storm, In the far distant, Gives the creation its beat. The freshly young sun, Dances … Continue reading Nature’s Morning Song (Poetry)