Navigating with a Notepad (Poetry)

  I'm trying to sit in the dark, Late at night, staring out at the stars, While sorting out my thoughts to write another poem. Yeah, it might sound like the same old song, But the pen and pad are the only things I can depend on. It's hard to have family and friends Who … Continue reading Navigating with a Notepad (Poetry)

Let Me Have The Last Dance (Poetry)

The day we met. Instant attraction, The sparks remain in flight. I can't deny you. I'm your type, And you’re my kind of guy. So why do we fear, Of what's right in front of us? Fear of love and our love of fear, Due to our own battle scars and cuts. Let us open … Continue reading Let Me Have The Last Dance (Poetry)

As I Lie Awake (Poetry)

  Eagerly waiting on what dreams Waits for me on this... Cool and collected mid-summer nigh’. To welcome my request into fantasy Crickets whistle slowly fades, I am delivered into a refreshing ride. As I lie awake, Hypnosis transfers my surreal mind, Touches my emotions, as I fall asleep. I'm battling between two comas, Two … Continue reading As I Lie Awake (Poetry)

Post Traumatic Stress (Poetry)

I stand in front of you on this stage with a smiling mask. But give me a minute or two to unmask and ask, What do you really know about post-traumatic stress? Day in day out weight is oppressed in the hearts and chests. Very little does one see his/her life as a personal success. … Continue reading Post Traumatic Stress (Poetry)