Since You Said Goodbye (Poetry)

There's been an emptiness,Inside of me. It's hard to explain it.I should be over you by now.It's been over two years, But my heart continues to disavow.Loved ones come and go. Because I can't seem to find,What I'm searching for.Discovering you with a new lover.I've tried,But I can't shed a new exposure,From this old pain, … Continue reading Since You Said Goodbye (Poetry)

Fatherless (Poetry)

Raised by a single mother,And a bachelor who transitioned,To my stepfather.But that was never enough for me.For my mind to became distortion,By my curiosity. After the discovery,Of the unknown second candidate.Questions arise in my thoughts.All for the blank mystery Of my birth certificate.Who? Where? What? When? Why?If he knew of my life, Would he be … Continue reading Fatherless (Poetry)

Focused (Poetry)

It's that time again. Another banger, another rhyme, Another lesson in this poetic mind. With that hip-hop vibe. I'm focused a hundred percent, Like I'm popping in that Ritalin. No, really, I'm popping that Ritalin. To tame my A.D.D. habits. Because God forbid if I ever get side tracked Once again. This is my calling. … Continue reading Focused (Poetry)