Film Review: Hearts Beat Loud

download (1)I sincerely am warming up to Nick Offerman as an actor. First, in the independent hit The Hero with the legendary Sam Elliot, and now this fun light-hearted story about a daughter and father bonding over music during a summer before she heads to college. I appreciate this guy’s taste in storytelling!

Might I add on the topic of Nick’s delivery as a comedian and artist. The humor doesn’t overbear the sense of the direction of what the creators wanted to take this film.

The vintage indie style of this film sets a good flavor to the pace of the story, as well as, being fearless to promote not one, but two minority communities in the film with the character of Sam Fischer.

The main setting of the film, the record store, gives a nostalgic vibe with the small business mindset and appreciating the times when music lovers turned to their collection of vinyls and compact discs, rather than digital and/or streaming collections of today’s society. A simple, yet hip story , with a very deep message within it of love and acceptance.

This film is created on very organic, yet subtle ingredients for success from the story to the simplicity of the cinematography. Nothing overpowers the other.. A very fun and artistic film to watch on a cold, bleak winter evening to warm the soul whether alone or with your loved ones.

I gave this film a 9/10 on the IMdB site.

Film Review: Char Man

downloadThis film will never be considered best picture from the Academy Awards. The best way to describe this film in five words is, a comedy fuckery gone wrong.

The best way to watch this film is in pure darkness in the late winters’ eve, while the blistering cold winds knock on your windows. Make sure you also turn the volume up as loud as you are allowed.

The creators of this film, Kipp Tribble & Kurt Ela, wrap you in with some epic comedy, while poking at their film making lives, until shit literally hits the fan with the legendary tale of Char Man.

The best way to describe this type of film is it’s got an effective Blair Witch/paranormal flavor to it for those type of fans. It’s fun and entertaining for those who are in that particular mood. Nothing more nor nothing less.

I rated the film a 4/5 on Amazon, as well as, 8/10 on IMdB, only because I sensed the true intent of the film from the creators.

Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody


Honestly, for the last few days, I was questioning about whether this post was a recommendation or a critique. This post is for those busy workaholics who took forever like myself to watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

Through my love for music and the cult regarding all things Highlander, Queen as also been one of my top favorite bands aside from the Eagles.

From my perspective, Freddie Mercury never got justice or peace with everyone trying to be in his business, if not destroy his character when he was alive, but he was a gem in his own right regardless of the pressure that came with being simply Freddie Mercury.

With that being said, the factoids that were shifted from their proper timeline to benefit the flow of the movie kind of tore me, like basically the rest of the Queen’s die hard fans and critics. As I watched the film a second time, I simply get why they did what they did.

The strongest aspect of the film that made it one of the best films of 2018 is confidently the cinematography and editing for the film. Some of the best directions made for the cameras used in the production I have ever seen. A rightful balance of closeups, wide shots, and angles. Hence, why I sincerely am giving this film a recommendation, rather than a simple critique.

Might I add the resemblance the actors (Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee, & Ben Hardy) had to the younger Roger, Brian, and Freddie?! Astounding imagery and development in the characters that they became in the film. Brilliant delivery on the actors part. Bravo!

I hope Freddie is looking down on us from above or across dimensions with a smile and full satisfaction that only Mary has brought him during his lifetime on this plane with this film. Congrats to Queen, the cast, and crew for being nominated for Best Picture. Well deserved!

My Top Ten Featured Films for 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to a beautiful and fulfilling year to all of my readers out in the world. Now on to the film talk. I maybe a little biased here with a young heart and passion for Disney, Marvel, and anything that reminds me of my childhood, but I did manage to put together a list of my top ten featured films premiering in 2019. Stay tuned for my top ten independent and international films for 2019.

1. Glass – 18 January 2019

2.  Captain Marvel – 8 March 2019

3. The Aftermath – 15 March 2019

4. Us – 15 March 2019

5. Dumbo – 29 March 2019

6. Missing Link – 12 April 2019

7. Avengers:Endgame – 26 April 2019

8. Rocket Man- 17 May 2019

9. The Lion King – 19 July 2019

10. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 26 July 2019

My Top Ten Films of 2018

As we count down the final hours of the year, here is a list of my top ten films for 2018. Enjoy and feel free to share your own favorites in the comment section below.

1. Isle of Dogs

2. Beirut

3. Den of Thieves

4. Avengers: Infinity War

5. Black Panther

6. You Were Never Really Here

7. The Ivory Game

8. Christopher Robin


10. The Angel