Film Recommendation: The Life & Death of Marsha P. Johnson

lgbt-pride-resistance-fistPSA: Live fearlessly. Live in your own truth. I always have and always will through my art and my blog. If I can educate individuals along the way, the better the cause for each mission I have chosen in my life. One being, the LGBT community. It is even more essential now than ever in America. Individualism is a dying breed in this country. Either people fear what they don’t understand or just allow hatred to guide their opinions.

I refuse to bring hatred into my beliefs, whether I am advocating for PTSD/MST in the military or equality rights in the minority of this country. You can support both idealism of patriotism and equality. Which both are endangered due to the extreme polarized environment that our country is currently enduring in America. I think it’s time to step back and reflect, before we let our emotions guide any more of our decisions in this country.

With that being said, June is Pride month. Regardless of the conspiracies of the “gay agenda” I will say this, the LGBT community has come a long way in the short amount of my adulthood time. I served during the “don’t ask, don’t tell” and was still enlisted when Obama denounced it. Coming from small town America, where LGBT members are discriminated in the small minded community, or even killed, it still astounds me of how the country has become more accepting over the years of the new millennium.

As we head into Pride to celebrate ourselves as individuals of the LGBT community, remember this: pride does not come from others’ acceptance, it comes from within. Be proud of yourself even in the ugliest times. Also remember, It wasn’t the white gay man who forged and solidify this movement like Hollywood wants to falsify with their shit version of Stonewall Inn. It was the P.O.C. transgendered women who are the structure of this movement, so think twice before you seclude anybody, not just this month, but any day of the year, in anything. Know where you come from and who initially built the path for you. Marsha P. Johnson. Say her name.

That is why the documentary that was made to speak out about her questionable suicide in the late 1980s is another film I recommend. Not only does it show the negligence of the police and case work for Marsha’s justice, it gives the whole backstory of how life was prior to the whole movement influenced by the entertainment industry (Will&Grace, Ellen DeGeneres, even Roseanne). It’s educational towards the Stonewall Inn and gives us a realization of who put their best feet forward to create this massive path of acceptance in front of us.

At the same time, we have a long way to go for acceptance within the the community, so take the time to reflect on this post. What can you do to open your mind beyond the gay and lesbian stereotypes? The start, educating yourself on the history of the LGBT community as a whole. Get to know Marsha P. Johnson through her friends and loved ones in this Netflix original documentary. But also, grab a box of tissues!

Behind The Scenes Movement

This past year, I am reflecting my movements. It may seem 2015 was a doozy overall due to not uploading new sounds or publishing new books yet, but this year also came with many changes in my life beyond the art and stage platform. I am safe to say I am adjusting fire as I am learning new knowledge behind the social media, web design, and interface platform. It won’t be until spring semester that I get more in tune with classes that build my knowledge onto video production, journalism, and documentary writing. 

This semester included me reactivating my Pinterest for Computer Graphics and started a Tumblr page to blog more random shit for Interface Design. At the end of semester, if permitted, I want to delete my Pinterest, but keep Tumblr. I see a pattern with writers using Tumblr more than other social platforms. I, myself, can’t keep up with all this mumbo jumbo with social media, but linking accounts does wonder. Just need to adjust fire, so I am not flooding all my accounts online. 

It can get frustrating when nothing is for show on the social platform, however many people forget that there are many more steps behind this screen that I need to work on before I can present my mind within my film goals. I also want to invest in more technology, before I go big or go home.

College is a priority, as writing continues to be a second. With winter break approaching, I can bring my camera out a bit, but right now it’s put away for the pre-production education that is a necessity in the video production world that I am working hard to bring myself too. There is no failures allowed in this journey. I won’t allow it or allow anyone to try to get in my lane and serve me away from my goals.

I am also brainstorming my travel preparations for 2016 and for networking and building purposes, bringing myself back into the drag community as a promoter for pageants, etc. The sky is the limit, but we have the whole universe to embrace. Open your arms for the opportunities that come with life.

Now, french fries are calling my name before I walk my happy ass to my last class of the day.


The Little Knowledge I Have So Far For The Film Industry

Due to my busy schedule between three jobs, the college life, and my photography business, I haven’t seen a lot of family during this first quarter of the new(ish) year. My three little balls of fur known as my kids have also kept me busy to where as I haven’t been able to over think a lot of things. It’s probably a good thing too. Good forbid a daily post of poetry writings that would make me look like a bi-polar from hell.

I got to stop a visit at my mother’s Friday to drop off belated birthday presents for my stepfather and youngest nephew. You could tell I haven’t seen her in awhile due to me not able to shut the hell up and tell her all the things I been doing and how school is going. I think she realized I was kind of busy? I would hope so.

She asked if I liked my new program I started this semester at my college. I told her yes. The works behind the camera is fairly new to me beyond photography, so it’s all fresh knowledge for at least my Video-Productions Studio class. I love the challenge.

It also gave me a fresh appreciation on film making as a whole. The funny thing too is the more knowledge you gather in the film field, the more you also appreciate more of the non-Hollywood films and you start to critique movies beyond the screen. You start noticing the goofs with lighting, cameras, and as a writer, I focus on the dialogue as well, through the script writing. You start noticing the movies that use CGI effects way too much and which movies have a poor plot, climax, and story-telling as a whole.

The knowledge I have gathered this far in the film industry has me over-looking and editing some of my story lines already, and I don’t even have a big start on them yet.  I guess my movie addiction is finally paying off and without a damn intervention.

Speaking of, I have a movie to watch.

The Wood, Episode One Promo

The final countdown is here. The wait is finally over for those who have been patiently waiting to witness the future of Chicago’s talents come to a new spotlight with the TV/Web Series, The Wood, starring Shaun Van Prude, Janette Newson, Marcus Davidson, & E-Dot Hamilton. Let us not forget a huge number of guest stars from Chicago’s underground/street entertainment/music scene including, but not limited to, the sibling duo, P. Rico and Scandalous. This urban crime drama series was created and produced by Clifford Cook, directed and co-produced by the talents of Lawrence Williams & co-produced and film scored by Lorenzo Mullins.

The first episode is going to be released on Friday, September 26th, 2014. Watch out for the new chapter of many people’s life with the release of this series, because it’ll become a life changer for Chicago and a wake up to those outside of Chicago, who has no idea what is going on in this small world. Keep an eye out on the future of Chicago and their clash with the entertainment industry beyond the music scene. Welcome to the underground world. Welcome to a world of controversy just to survive.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer #2 yet, from Law Films. Check the video below!

Sunday Funday – "The Wood" Sneak Peak Weekend

Lawrence, Chante’, & Cliff

I feel I may have shed a few pounds from the event this weekend. It was crowded and a sauna, but a good times were had with witty tongues & laughter with most of the crew I was with. It was also a good opportunity to meet new people and make new possible connections down in Chicago. Each event also gives me checks, errors, and knowledge of how to improve my networking and business skills.

Here’s my philosophy for success, fear limits people’s opportunities. The best intellectual information you can gather is through your own personal experiences and admitted wrongs. That is why I am not afraid to step out of my city and expand. That is why I keep moving forward with or without others, no regrets or apologies needed. Even if I am the only white girl in the whole damn room. Jokes aside, I don’t let skin color phase me. The people in my life know that my curiosity allows me to social in any situation & in any environment around the world peacefully. At the end of the day, we all have our own stories. We just need to educate ourselves when it’s personal or just business. Majority of the time, for me, it’s just business. That is how I keep moving forward in the industries of my choices.

Paris, Me, Franklin, & Jay

Lawrence Williams of Law Films & Clifford Cook, the mastermind of the project, hosted the All White Party on Friday Night @ The Loft 308. A successful event with over 100 cast, crew, & supporters, coming to show their love for The Wood, an upcoming TV/web series in the works. I was there to practice my photography skills and capture the memorable night.

Shaun, Franklin, Me, Jay, & Lawrence

I had the opportunity to talk with non-CCIU members who also feel and are approaching the necessity of bringing Chicago together and end the unnecessary violence & segregation in the hoods. That is the purpose of this project, in my viewpoint. To make awareness of Chicago’s lifestyles and to bring people together instead of segregating based on the neighborhoods they are from.

Of course the CCIU crew was representing strong and supporting throughout the night. More pictures will be revealed on my Twitter & my Facebook soon. Stay tuned.