Philosophical Vision: What Is Reality?

As I recover from the pain from my very first kickboxing training session, I think about if I am materialist or idealist when it comes to life. Well what is pain? Is it a feeling? Is it reality? The “pain” I have is a feeling in my tense and sore muscles caused from getting physical … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: What Is Reality?

Philosophy Vision: Elements of Aesthetics

To interpret beauty and art, an artist must provide some kind of intention. Without intention, you can’t involve the rest of the elements, symbolism, metaphor, or expression. The beauty of intention is that the public does not need to meet the same ends as the artist did when he/she initially created the art form whether … Continue reading Philosophy Vision: Elements of Aesthetics

Film Review: The Life & Death of Marsha P. Johnson

PSA: Live fearlessly. Live in your own truth. I always have and always will through my art and my blog. If I can educate individuals along the way, the better the cause for each mission I have chosen in my life. One being, the LGBT community. It is even more essential now than ever in … Continue reading Film Review: The Life & Death of Marsha P. Johnson

Philosophical Vision: Existentialism

According to Crowell, existentialism belongs in the intellectual history and others would debate it as a bygone cultural movement in the 19th century. One of the philosophers who developed the term, Jean-Paul Sartre, was one who argued that existence precedes in essence; whereas existence has no meaning, you just are. In Sartre’s argument he categorized … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: Existentialism