A Snippet From The Road To Healing Project

Leading a horse to water.So for my birthday this week, I requested to ride Sterling. I didn't get much time, because again, I am not very time oriented. I tried to pull off normal during my session. It didn't last long. I didn't open up much, but Sterling did react to my high anxiety the … Continue reading A Snippet From The Road To Healing Project

As I Lie Awake (Poetry)

Eagerly waiting on what dreams Waits for me on this... Cool and collected mid-summer nigh’. To welcome my request into fantasy Crickets whistle slowly fades, I am delivered into a refreshing ride. As I lie awake, Hypnosis transfers my surreal mind, Touches my emotions, as I fall asleep. I'm battling between two comas, Two separate … Continue reading As I Lie Awake (Poetry)

Nature’s Morning Song (Poetry)

The cool breeze, Enhances this new feeling, In my soul. The sun rays enter, In my body, Warmth’s my heart. The robins & cardinals, Sings the verses in harmony. The toads & frogs, Battle for the choruses’ melody. The dying storm, In the far distant, Gives the creation its beat. The freshly young sun, Dances … Continue reading Nature’s Morning Song (Poetry)