Talk (Poetry)

Words aren't with value, If actions don't follow. I'm far from perfect, But my few promises are never hollow. Society consumes its addiction, Of hatred and negative vibes. It doesn't matter of intentions, It's the same patterns I find. I rather be around no one, Than be around the chaos. For people are so quick … Continue reading Talk (Poetry)

A River Flow (Poetry)

I'm waiting for the day I fall head over feet; Like I did with you. (No names necessary.) I'm waiting for the moment I can erase my fears; Change my world view. (No explanation, really.) Still, I feel the same. Deep within, I can never change. I look back and notice, Progression to where... I … Continue reading A River Flow (Poetry)

Nature’s Morning Song (Poetry)

The cool breeze, Enhances this new feeling, In my soul. The sun rays enter, In my body, Warmth’s my heart. The robins & cardinals, Sings the verses in harmony. The toads & frogs, Battle for the choruses’ melody. The dying storm, In the far distant, Gives the creation its beat. The freshly young sun, Dances … Continue reading Nature’s Morning Song (Poetry)