"Fallen Angel" Part II (Short Story)

War. Peace. Morpheus. Helios.  The fallen angel walks as her eyes beams on high to evaluate her surroundings. It’s like an apocalyptic firestorm in her view, as the strangers she passes laughs consistently in an echo effect. The angel does not see the world like the rest. Her judgment of character on others provides the … Continue reading "Fallen Angel" Part II (Short Story)

Navigating with a Notepad (Poetry)

I'm trying to sit in the dark,Late at night, staring out at the stars,While sorting out my thoughts to write another poem.Yeah, it might sound like the same old song,But the pen and pad are the only things I can depend on.It's hard to have family and friends Who can't see or understand any of … Continue reading Navigating with a Notepad (Poetry)

Sneak Peak Into My Closet (Poetry)

Day to day, I keep questioning myself...How do I express my feelings without offending you? I guess you should have thought twice, Before you put me through what you put me through.How would you feel if I revealed the truth, The real roots of my PTSD and the rest of my mental issues?Still today, I'd … Continue reading Sneak Peak Into My Closet (Poetry)