"Fallen Angel" Part One (Short Story)

Lust. Love. Ares. Aphrodite. There's a fallen angel residing on this Earth's dirt. Humanity who is blinded by the naked eye will not be able to discover such beauty that hides behind broken wings, shattered horns, in the world of grey. She's not like the rest of the crowd, she adds her own color to … Continue reading "Fallen Angel" Part One (Short Story)

My Everything (Poetry)

We met, love at first sight, Unfortunately it was the wrong place at the wrong time. I didn't know what love was, but you swore it was, But that was when my life was full of negatives, faux pas. A one night stand at a time my heart was banned From love, because of my … Continue reading My Everything (Poetry)

Philosophical Vision: Ethics

We should act based on The Minimum Conception of Morality guide, through reason as well as regards to others. When it comes to ethics, there are three positive criticisms we should all know and be aware of, utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue.  According to Richard Kraut, Aristotle follows Socrates and Plato in taking the virtues to … Continue reading Philosophical Vision: Ethics

Dear Dad, Part II (Poetry)

Dear Dad; I want to thank you for my green eyes, and this head of hair, but rumor has it, not my height. Unfortunately that is the only thanks I can give you, Regardless if you know if I even exist or not. Unfortunately I can’t keep up with the truth anymore, No matter how … Continue reading Dear Dad, Part II (Poetry)

Talk (Poetry)

Words aren't with value, If actions don't follow. I'm far from perfect, But my few promises are never hollow. Society consumes its addiction, Of hatred and negative vibes. It doesn't matter of intentions, It's the same patterns I find. I rather be around no one, Than be around the chaos. For people are so quick … Continue reading Talk (Poetry)