Won’t Knock Me Down (Poetry)


Say anything you want,
Not even sticks and stones can slow me down.
I’ll keep moving forward,
Even with broken bones.
Keep doubting my struggles and my progression.
It’ll only motivate me, fuel me,
Until more opportunities opens the windows and doors.
I haven’t made it to the top yet,
So I got to keep climbing these steps.
One by one, got to keep that in mind.
Until I see the sun shine through me and reveals my golden heart.
Keep the eyes on the prize.
These artificial lights and imprisoned fort,
Will no longer subdue me.
I formed freedom to roam the seven seas with this mentality.
Survival of the fittest is this,
This movement doesn’t include an elevator or an escalator.
If you are expecting a free ride,
You can just jump off,
This movement is a latter, not a slide.
Mama said, “Life won’t always be fair.”
So I got to keep God in my prayers.
You won’t knock me down, for I am David, and hatred is Goliath.
I will conquer, before I drown on strange tides of words.
You won’t knock me down,
I’ve become my own pilot,
Flying above the clouds in the skies, the stars are my compass.
Words spill out of my wounds,
Like a raging white river, the letters flow.
Turning negatives into positives with the pen I have surfaced.
You don’t like what you see?
Not my problem, only your insecurities.
2014 © H.M. Gautsch


One thought on “Won’t Knock Me Down (Poetry)

  1. That was a powerful read. I’ve struggled with being bullied and discriminated in different ways. It was tough because I was never good at insulting people or coming up with snappy comebacks. Blogging has helped by making me more vocal about differing things like uncomfortable truths and to not be afraid. Real talk, I actually thought on one of my other blogs where I do film reviews that I would get death threats for my reviews of Kimba the White Lion and Hate Crimes In the Heartland for different reasons, for example. I just hope that I can keep at it in being assertive.


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