My New Guilty Pleasure: The Masked Singer


Yes! Just like the rest of the million viewers, I got hooked on The Masked Singer since the pilot episode in the first season where the Hippo competed against the Peacock. I lived when Antonio Brown would be unmasked at the end of the very first episode.

The Masked Singer isn’t like the rest of the singing competitions, because first and foremost, it stars celebrities and they compete with one another without knowing who’s under the mask. The clue packages also would get you hooked to figure out which celebrity would be crazy enough to take a chance on a show that was not guaranteed to suffice with the rest of the fall schedule for television, let alone Fox.

What we discovered though, was a brilliant marketing for various celebrities at different stages in their career and I was able to pride myself for guessing seven of the twelve contestants in the first season (Joey Fatone/Rabbit, Terry Bradshaw/Deer, Tori Spelling/Unicorn, Ricki Lake/Raven, LaToya Jackson/Alien, Donny Osmond/Peacock, Gladys Knight/Bee).

I have my work cut out for me for the second season though with the first three weeks unmasking celebrities I wouldn’t even consider for the show, let alone, four more contestants to make it a total of 16.

Currently, as I write this blog, five celebrities have already been unmasked for The Masked Singer (Ninja/Ice Cream, Johnny Weir/Egg, Laila Ali/Panda, Dr. Drew Pincky/Eagle, Paul Shaffer/Skeleton), and I had no clue or figured any of these individuals out. As, well as, having only a guess for seven (out of a total of 16) other contestants still in the run. If I get all seven right, I will be tied for my guesses for last season, but my goal is to beat my seven, so I really need to tune into the clues more on the masked singers I am struggling with. Hopefully be the end of the episode tomorrow night, I can get some new guesses out later this week.

Here are my seven guesses currently for season two of The Masked Singer:

Chris Daughtry as The Rottweiler


Seal as The Leopard


Michelle Williams as The Butterfly


Patti LaBelle as The Flower


Victor Oladipo as Thingamajig


Kelly Clarkson as Black Widow


Kelly Osbourne as the Ladybug


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