O.I.F (Poetry)


I’m done being caged in a zoo
breaking free from these steel bars
stepping forward in my own shoes
turning in these combat boots
there’s no more backing down
I’m not sticking around, I’m moving on
turning this frown upside down
getting this mindset out of the basement
and get shit off this chest
Ever been in the wrong place
at the wrong time?
it makes you think of your life
and all the moments
you could have replaced wrong with right
I would never want to aim
a weapon at anyone’s head again
just to make sure my life
wasn’t going to end, right there and then
Have you ever lost a best friend in combat?
Get bullied by your comrades?
Fuck! It’s like high school all over again
The military has shown me a military
I never wanted to see
Injustice and other than honorable discharges
For those diagnosed with MST
Fucking over those who come forward
with their depressions and anxiety
So… don’t tell me, I don’t have PTSD
don’t tell me I don’t struggle with ADD,
battling day in and day out, medication after medication
even dreaming of a suicidal escape route
Fuck! Excuse my French
but all this bottled up in me, it’s time to unload this nonsense
Try to relieve some of this stress
It’s time to reveal my own confessions
I’m walking through all these shards of glass…


One thought on “O.I.F (Poetry)

  1. While I never served in the military, I can still relate to having so much internalized anger and depression due to others being total bullies to me or around me. That was a powerful poem.


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