My Own Personal Wisdom, Humor, & Inspirational Quotes

I wanted to share my quotes I’ve written in the past year or so to my audience beyond the Facebook whelm and into the world, where ever you may have access to me.  What better way to first express them than through my own blog site? Reaching out to individuals who may be having a bad day, or enjoy paying it forward like as I do, is the purpose I have discovered. So I continue on with my own personal wisdom I have occupied throughout my short life hood I have already experience. This post will also give you a feel of the direction of my poetry and messages I want to expose to the rest of the world as the mainstream continues to reveal the chaos. I hope you enjoy the quotes, humor, and inspiration. I also hope it motivates your view on your life and how you see the world.

    • Life: It’s all about your journey. The path you find is of multiple directions. You will come across a number of people throughout your life, but very few, the true, will stay in your corner. Others will try to tear your heart apart. Those will also try to poison you with hatred. Stay guarded, yet expect very little from the majority that pass you by. Love those who fill you with life, love, & laughter. Prevent the negative emotions to become unstable by surrounding yourself with positivity. Hold your ground. Think before you speak. Relax your tensions before you react. But most importantly, go out to the world with an open mind, open arms, and understanding. Live life fearlessly.


  • I don’t care if I am touching the lives of a hundred or just one person. As long as I am touching lives, period. I am my own doing my thing, regardless and no one can stop me. I have full control of the wheel.



  • I’m switching “issues” over to “blessings” from this day on. Without struggles and pain, wouldn’t be vulnerability. Without vulnerability, wouldn’t be my artistic abilities.



  • All I can say to you is, from my experience, write from the heart. You can’t go wrong. Nothing wrong with putting a little more influential topics out into this fragile world. It’s an amazing feeling when people come to you and tell you how you have influenced their life! It’s good fuel for your purpose in life.



  • Artists are never on time, but always fashionably late.



  • Revelations: Agreeing to disagree isn’t easy. Especially when it comes up against your beliefs, but you know what is truly remarkable!? When a supporter/fan of your work reaches out to you and continues to enjoy your work even if you believe in different lifestyles, religious beliefs, & social issues. I can’t tell you how to live your life, but I ask for the possibility to allow me to share with you the picture I see in the eyes of the universe through my philosophy, poetry, & photography. And for that opportunity, I will love you just the same as all my other supporters/fans from any other walks of life.



  • Education is valid for the topics you’re passionate about.



  • Media:I don’t care which side of the fence you are about the situation, bottom line, we can’t make a horse drink the water even if we lead it to an ocean. Society is changing daily. We need to adjust to the change and learn to also adjust to those who aren’t on the same expressway as some of us are on. Not everyone will ever agree on one religion, on one political stance, on one social issue, we need to accept the diversity and cultures. America is known as a melting pot, meaning not everyone is going to agree on each others lifestyles. We just need to learn to respect them. Not saying … was in the right, but the media and people feeding into the unnecessary dilemma aren’t making it better either.



  • The pursuit of happiness doesn’t happen until you are firmly ready from within.



  • The Arctic Vortex, eh? Can we also get the polar bears and penguins!? How about some walruses?



  • You’d be a fool if you give in on those days you want to just hang up your towel. Look within and look for those you are touching with your inspiration. Look for those who remind you and appreciate you and take the time to keep reminding you of your purpose in life. The best is yet to come. Stand up!



  • I try to find the good, even in the worst of the worst situations.



  • Observations: I been observing my return to the artist industry. Call it as you will. Since my introduction in the social networking in 2006, I have found new friends, I have lost old friends, I have noticed loyalty also with old friends and new friends combined. I have also learned hardships and flaws, unfortunately the hard way with the fake people that have come and gone across my life. I have grown and accepted that not everyone will approve of my decisions nor my past that has helped me grow into the human being I have become in this crazy world. I have had my ups. I have had my downs. I have had my own chaos in my life. I have had my own failures. I have also had my own successes. But one thing remains true in this journey called life, I remain as real and curious of the mysteries and discoveries as much as I can as I evolve into the person my heart tells me to be and remain. Once a caterpillar stuck in my cocoon, I spread my wings as a monarch butterfly and fly.



  • I wish humanity would just stop the nonsense of arguing and hating on each other just because they don’t agree on one small thing. Learn to get along!



  • If you see success in my future, the same success I am striving for, it’s because you all kept believing and loving me.



  • I will live a long and prosperous life. Crap.



  • Struggles: Life seems to be poking me in the butt and teasing me with unfortunate bullshit right now, but I am blessed for I have goals and plans, already brewing in my mind, to come right around from the unpleasure of it. I thank God and my guardian angel for the strength and knowledge of what to do next in my life to keep pushing after my dreams. Embrace what you do have and utilize it, what you don’t have is not what you need to focus on at the moment.



  • When you find the words from the heart and exploit it, never can you go wrong.



  • Teamwork: I don’t always promote myself, I promote who I consider is my team. Without a team, without a support base, you are nothing. In order to build one, you have to go out and network and bond with people who believe in you as much as you believe in them.



  • God and Mother Earth has a way with karma. Be cautious with what you give out into the world. What you give is what you get.



  • I don’t always say the right words, but trust…


…My heart is always in the right place.


  • Mirror: All I ask is for all of us to learn how to forgive. I would never ask for you to forget; remember yesterday and where it has lead you, to today, to who you see in the mirror looking back at you. Regardless of how much, big or small, you have grown or evolved, you still have. Don’t ever think you aren’t getting anywhere in life, because at the end of the day, you have farther than where you have been the moment you woke up. It has given us lessons to learn to live for the present, not for the past; fore yesterday is gone and dead in the water. But today, today, is for you to win in glory! And if you can’t forgive, than you aren’t merely part of humanity, for we all make mistakes whether you realize it or not.



  • Focused on the present moment, the right now, the day known as today. Come what may, because I’m living for me and what’s good for my heart.



  • My tire got nailed this morning and not in a good way. The rubber broke.



  • Chronic Illness: I’ve been down that hollow road before. I may not be as deep as I was, but it’s still a challenge to climb sometimes. It’s not a light switch you can just turn on or off. I wish people could understand that one factor. It’s a war against the demons that reside in my soul. I’m still fighting and will continue the fight, but I can’t do it alone. I just wish I had more support. For those who walk, not in front, not behind, but by my side, I thank you.
  • Be yourself. The right people, who belong in your life, will love you for it.



  • If you want to remain in pursuit of your happiness, give without any expectations. Expectations destroys the heart.



  • Evolution: Allow yourself to evolve. Allow yourself to grow. We are not giant stones. We were made to roam this beautiful Earth. But, don’t mistaken roaming with being greedy. Just let it be and involve yourself with what ‘Mother’ has to offer without destroying her beauty.



  • I am not one to sugar coat shit when it comes to advice, because my life has never been sugar coated. If you are offended by what I say even if it is with good intentions, then maybe it’s true. Think.



  • The biggest downside of being too independent with life and not having a boyfriend is not having the pleasure of randomly receiving flowers. Gah! Poop!



  • Dear Sweatpants & Hoodies,


Thanks for always being there for me.

Sexy And I Know It, But
To Lazy To Show It


  • Beauty: I, myself, use to think I was ugly. I hated what image the mirror showed me in its image… It took years for me to accept myself as a whole. My image, my past, my present, my gifts God has given me to excel towards my future. What I found out is, we are all beautiful in our own ways. My beauty comes from having my own style, living my own life, and having my own mind. Remember this key factor in life and the sun will brighten your aura and let you shine too.


  • We create originality. Copy cats not allowed!


  • My life is like a Babe Ruth candy bar. It can be a bit nutty sometimes.



  • Must be willing to open your mind & skill set to achieve greatness.



  • Confessions: Singing for karaoke is something I’m use to. it comes naturally for me. But when it comes to reading my own poetry on a mic, I get flustered sometimes. There are no words that can explain the adrenaline and butterflies in my internal system that arouses when I am on stage about to read my own piece that I have written fully from the heart. None the less, it’s still a beautiful exposure to get the words that tell my stories out to my audience.



  • Art is my therapy for the tribulations I have experienced in my life.



  • Changes are necessary when it comes to one’s happiness.



  • Promises: I was told recently that promises are meant to be broken. I feel many believe in this stature, because just like, “I love you” the phrase, “I promise” gets thrown around like a box of donuts nowadays. In my belief system, promises are sacred and are not meant to be broken. That is why this world is full of disappointments. People abuse this phrase like they abuse, “I love you.” That is why I only make very few promises in life and those are the ones I know I can follow through with one day. I may not be able to make a promise and make it happen overnight, but I promise you this, the promises I do make, become my short-term and long-term goals in life.



  • Dear men-er-boys;


Talk with your mind, not with your penis. You are confusing your heads again. You must have forgotten you were talking to a woman.


  • Changes: Evolving and growth, it’s a lifelong experience if you want life to be filled in full.



  • Keep your friends close & your enemies closer. False! That’s one way to live a miserable life, having to always watch your back. Surround yourself with the right people who love you and no one can drown you or stop you from your mission in life.



  • Sobriety: I can either hit my problems, failures, and concequences for my choices head on or run away from them towards alcohol and numb myself. I still have to live for my past choices, but I remain truthful with my sobriety and in return try harder to succeed.



  • Keep smiling. You never know what your smile can do for a person.



  • Don’t confuse my shyness with insecurities, because I’ll guarantee if there is one thing I’m secured about, it’s myself and my character.



  • I went from a “child” who thought she knew everything to an “adult” who is curious to see how we can change the world into a better place. Don’t talk about wanting the world to change if you don’t do nothing about it. Walk the walk, my friends. Walk the walk.



  • The only reason why humanity is “cursed” with war and violence is because we believe it. Once we believe in love and peace as a whole, the world will change its ways.



  • I wish I could run as fast as I can wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes.



  • Facebook wants me to post my address to update my contact information.


My reply: Fuck you.


  • Forgiveness: Through my short life, I have accepted that we all make mistakes. I have made a shit ton, fore we are only human. To truly live in prosperity, you need to learn forgiveness through and through, not just with others who have done you wrong, but also with yourself and the wrongs you have done or you will live your life with misery and that is not fun. I also learn to hold the reigns on my heart to a point to allow myself to give love to this world, but at the same time, be cautious as to not have such high expectations. High expectations become high disappointments. Words are words, if you see her gestures are thorough with love and support in your relationship, than you know. Actions and honesty should stand out with the apologizes to know who is true to their heart.



  • We can’t always have what we want. We can’t always have what we wish for. But we can be content with the life we have.



  • I’m like a magnet, gays are my refrigerator. I just pfft.. stick right on.



  • Influence: It’s not about the fame. It’s not about a face to the name. It’s about having a positive influence on a person’s life like my heroes have done for me. Even if I’m only influencing one person, it’s still better than none. Not everyone wants to hear your stories, but that doesn’t mean for you to stop telling them. It’s not up to the critics on what you have to give out into this world, it’s up to you. All I ask is to stay true to yourself.


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