Film Review: Last Rampage

p14123155_p_v8_abFilm is just one of the best creations in the art and entertainment industry in my eyes. As a writer and a reader, the strength of the film has to be within the script in itself. The more I educate myself or learn from my mentors about the production side of film making, the more I honestly appreciate the individuals behind the magic.

As I grow older, I appreciate independent films a whole lot more. There is just a lot more out there than the multi-million crusade called Hollywood. For me, the independent world bases it’s craft on the story telling rather than focusing on the entertainment value, such as the A-list names, the action volume, or how much money is thrown at the project regardless how shitty the screen writing is. With that being said, I can guarantee majority of my film recommendations won’t necessarily be from the weekend box office list.

Let’s get with the punches shall we? Last Rampage is a film based off the true story about the infamous Gary Tison prison breakout fin the 1970s. The actors involved in this project were Robert Patrick (“Scorpion”), Bruce Davison (“Willard”, “X-Men”, “Coffin”), & William Shockley (“Dr. Quinn”).

I was drawn to the story itself, as well as, it didn’t hurt to know Bruce Davison and William Shockley were in this film together. The props and costumes used for this film, as well as the coloring editing on the video editor’s part, made me feel that this film was actually shot in the 70’s. Granted, Arizona citizens didn’t speak with a Southern accent back then, but what film really hits all the details pin point when creating the time of the actual story? Considering how many goofs there could have been, this film was put together amazingly. As for the cinematography work, the scenes and the transitions themselves seemed smooth as butter. The shots were just beautifully done.

So if you are into crime, drama, and a bit of action, please take a minute and check out Last Rampage, which is currently on Netflix or rent it off of Amazon Instant Video for $4.99. The IMDb reviewers may have the film at 5.5/10, but I can guarantee I give it at least an 8/10 for a rating, the minimum.


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