Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. II

LFN Fan Fiction – “Sibling Rivalry”

(Written By: H. Marie)

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at

Last time we heard Michael has come back into Nikita and Shayne’s life, but what’s the purpose this time? Why doesn’t Shayne know about Adam yet and what happens when they first clash and discover each other? Where is Adam? The side story, Quinn reactivates Madeline’s A.I. to help Shayne out with the mysteries of her family.

Section One – Van Access:

Mendez, Shayne and the remanding of their team are returning from the previous mission as Michael and Nikita wait on the other side. Shayne notices the two standing side to side and isn’t pleased about Michael having returned to Section.
Shayne – (Looking straight at Michael) “What’s HE doing here?”
Nikita – “Michael is here to help us figure this mystery out with Red Cell. He’s one of the brightest operatives that ever existed in Section.”
Shayne – “I don’t care how bright he is, we don’t need him.”
Shayne then turns to look straight at Nikita, as Michael remains with his infamous blank stare and then hands over her mission panel over to Nikita.
Shayne – “I’m taking some downtime. Call me when the next mission preps.”
Shayne walks off towards her office. Nikita and Michael heads towards the Perch.

Section One – Shayne’s Office (Madeline’s old office):

Shayne logs off her computer screen and gets up from her chair and grabs her coat as to getting ready to leave Section when suddenly a familiar miniature figure just appears on the sim rep table next to Shayne’s computer. The office door opens and there stands Quinn.
Shayne – “What is this, Quinn?”
Quinn – “It’s the remaining Artificial Intelligence of Madeline. She was the head strategist for Paul Wolfe prior to Nikita taking over. Even though she was a bit cold hearted, she was the best Section ever offered.”
Shayne drops her coat over her chair again and strolls around the sim rep table as to examining the A.I. of Madeline. Madeline stands at attention on the sim rep table.
Shayne –“Impressive, I must say, but what are our needs with her.”
Quinn – “She’s going to help us get to the bottom of all this mess with Red Cell. I’ve seen similar patterns before with The Collective in the past.”
Shayne – “The same organization that killed my grandfather twenty years ago. I heard.”
Quinn – “Yes.”
Madeline – “Sorry to interrupt, Shayne, but what do you know of Red Cell’s motivations with Section One?”
Shayne – “More likely want to cancel every one of us, but I won’t let that happen.”
Quinn – “Madeline, you need to know a few things before we continue on?”
Madeline – “From the system, I’ve read it all. Paul was killed trying to save Adam, Mr. Jones turned himself into The Collective to save Adam and now Nikita runs Section One as her sister, Michelle, runs Center for the time being and this is Shayne, the daughter of Michael and Nikita.”
Shayne –“Wait, who’s Adam?”
Madeline – (directed towards Quinn) “She doesn’t know?”
Quinn directs her head towards the ground as to have found guilty for hiding the secret.
Quinn – “I think it’s best Nikita and Michael tell you the truth.”
Madeline – “Sounds like a complicated family affair.”

Shayne (angrily) – “No one asked you!”

Madeline’s A.I. disappears from the sim rep table and Shayne grabs her coat and exits out of her office. Quinn rushes to the intercom speaker to reach Nikita in the perch.
Quinn – “Nikita, we have a problem.”

Section One – The Perch:

Nikita looks out the Perch, arms crossed, as Shayne walks in. Shayne observes the office as too looking for Michael.
Shayne = “Where’s Michael?”
Nikita – “He left.”
Shayne – (gets directly to the point) – “Who’s Adam? And don’t bullshit with me. I’m done with the lies.”
Nikita remains silent, still looking out the window. She slowly blinks and makes a sigh knowing that it’s time for Shayne to know the truth about her family. Nikita turns towards Shayne who is holding a panel. It looks to see if she’s testing her mother with the answer she’s about to reveal.
Nikita – “Looks like you already searched for Adam in the systems.”
Shayne – “I want to hear it from you, not the damn computer.”
Nikita uncrosses her arms and reaches out to Shayne in comfort. Shayne’s defensive notions push her away from Nikita.
Nikita – “Adam is Michael’s son and your brother. He’s been missing for a few months now and that’s why Michael came back to Section. He wants to find Adam and he asked for our help.”
Shayne – (defensively) “So again Section One is Michael’s bitch.”
Nikita – “Watch your tone with me!”
Shayne – “Whatever.”
Shayne drops the panel on the edge of the perch’s window and exits. As Nikita watches out the Perch, Shayne is in view as she finds herself exiting Section One. Nikita grabs her cell phone and calls Michael.
Michael (throw the phone) – “Yes.”
Nikita – “Jacque.”
Nikita disconnects the call.

Nikita and Shayne’s Apartment:

Shayne unlocks the door and let’s herself in the apartment. She drops the coat on a chair, takes her gun and places it on the island in the kitchen and helps herself to a glass of wine. What her mom doesn’t know won’t kill her, right? Shayne walks over to the stereo system and puts on her own music. Thirty Seconds to Mars’ “The Kill” comes on. Shayne takes a seat on the couch in the living room, kicks off her shoes, sipping on her wine and reminisces the memories of her and her mother’s relationship growing up. Seems to be good times as a scene in the flower garden in a near park comes into play in her head and then of a scene in a restaurant when Shayne tried coffee for the very first time. She was about ten and needed to put three tablespoons of creamer and three packets of sweetener in her cup.
Young Shayne – (As she’s sipping the coffee mug.) “Mommy, it doesn’t taste like dirt anymore!”
Nikita – (laughs before she replies) “You are going to get a sugar rush, honey.”
Nikita tries to reach to grab the coffee mug, but young Shayne pulls away with it and sits back in her booth, continually sipping on the coffee.
Nikita – (still smiling) “Well, I guess I can hand down the nickname “sugar” down to you now.
Young Shayne – “Isn’t that what Walter calls you, Mommy?”
Nikita – “Yes, but I’ll let him know now that it’s now your nickname. You earned it after today.”
Shayne smiles at the memories playing in her head as she continues to drink her wine. As the song fades towards the end, Shayne is interrupted with the door busting open. Two men in black rush in with 9 mils pointed at Shayne. A third man, in a brown trench coat, dark hair, dark eyes, about six feet tall walks in after the one man tries to grab Shayne and the wine glass falls to the floor. As man #2 looks around the rest of the apartment, Shayne puts up a fight with the one who grabbed her. Man #2 comes to aid man #1, but Shayne still is a struggle to tame. The third man pulls out his cloak and points it straight at Shayne. Shayne stops the resisting and puts her hands up as to surrender.
Adam – “This is interesting; I could have sworn this was Nikita’s lovely apartment.”
Shayne – “Nikita who?”
Adam slaps Shayne across the face as the two men grab her arms and to hold her up against Adam.
Adam – “Who are you and where’s Nikita?”
Shayne resists any answers but gives Adam the same blank stare that only Michael would pull off. Adam examines the green eyes and almost as to put two and two together.
Adam – “Holy shit. There is only one person I know who can pull off that same exact look. (Chuckles) Well, this is very interesting. Bring her; she can be used as collateral if not anything else.”
Shayne – “Do I know you?!”
Adam – “Just think of me as the brother you never wanted.”
Adam and the two men, who’ve kidnapped Shayne, escort Shayne out of the apartment. The door closes behind them.

Red Cell Headquarters:

Shayne is in a white padded room with her head covered with a clothed bag. Her hands are handcuffed behind her has she is sitting Indian style in the middle of the floor. The door opens and it’s Adam. He walks towards Shayne and takes the clothed bag off her head and reveals her capture.
Shayne (seemingly pissed off) – “What do you want?”
Adam – “I want Nikita and you are going to get her for me.”
Shayne – “No chance in hell. I’ll die before I allow anything to happen to her.”
Adam – (As he walks around Shayne who seems helpless) – “You know. Your mother would be proud. Hell, even your father would be proud.”
Shayne – “My father means nothing to me.”
Adam – “Interesting, cause he never shuts up about you. Shayne this, Shayne that. I can’t wait for you to meet Shayne. It got very annoying!”
Shayne – “You’re lying.”
Adam – “I stole these videos from him.”
Adam grabs a disc out of his suit pocket and puts it in the disc slot on the side of the monitor. The screen turns on with a little four year old girl playing in a back yard on a jungle gym as Nikita watches over her like a hawk.
Nikita (on the screen) – “Be careful, Shayne.”
Young Shayne – “Yes, Mommy.”
The video scene switches over to the same four year old girl being taught how to learn to ride bike. She smiles at the camera as she peddles past it. A younger looking Michael is holding the back of the bike, holding it for balance. A smile comes across the screen from Michael, which is very rare with his character and reputation. Adam abruptly turns off the monitor as he looks and sees Shayne in disbelief. Adam bends and squats in front of Shayne as she stares down at the floor as to fight the tears from falling from her eyes. Adam wipes her face as to wiping her tears away from her cheeks.
Adam – “You don’t remember those days, do you.”
Shayne pulls her face away from Adam’s hand as to not wanting the uninvited gestures. Adam lightly slaps her in the face and then stands back up while pulling Shayne up as she is still handcuffed.
Adam – “Well, back to business.”
The door of the room opens and Adam walks out as a bigger, built man walks in with his arms crossed in the front of him. He stands as he stares straight at Shayne.
Adam – “Teach her a lesson until she is forced to trust me, just don’t beat her to unconsciousness. We need her to tell us where Section’s location is.”
The guard nods in agreement and starts going towards Shayne and throws a punch at her. She collapses to her knees. The guard then kicks her while she’s down. Shayne lifts her head and you can see the beating in her with the lip cut. The guard smiles at his advantage, jumping up and down as if he’s in a boxing match but the smile kills off his face as Shayne manages to stand up and face him. As he heads back to finish his job with Shayne, she manages to wipe her body around and even though she is still handcuffed, she throws a knife straight at the guard’s chest and hits him right in the heart. He falls hard to the ground. Shayne quickly looks through the unconscious guard’s pockets and finds the keys for the handcuffs. She unlocks her handcuffs and puts them on the guard. She lines up against the wall, behind the door as it opens. Another guard sees the man on the floor and before he can report it in his walkie radio, Shayne comes from behind the door, grabs his gun and gun butts him in the head. He collapses next to the first guard. Shayne runs out of the room, shuts the door and looks for an exit. She uses her stealth moves to examine the area and notices a couple terrorists walking pass the closed door. She notices a vent right above her. She uses the AK-47 she stole from the second guard to pull the vent’s cover off. She jumps in the vent, turns around and grabs the vent cover and replaces it.

On a dark, very occupied street:

Jasmine is strolling along the street. She blends herself well in with the crowd with purplish/grayish long sleeve top and gray slacks. She comes across a bench with an exhausted individual covered up in a black trench coat similar to Shayne’s. She comes up to the bench closely and alert as she slowly grabs her gun. She lifts the top of the coat and notices Shayne sleeping. She puts her gun away and nudges Shayne to wake her up.
Jasmine – “Holy shit. Shayne! Wake up!”
Shayne (trying to grasp some air) – “Get me back to Section. The apartment has been compromised.”
Jasmine lifts Shayne’s face and sees the cut lip bruised face. She helps Shayne up and puts Shayne’s arm around her as they continue to walk in the same direction Jasmine started with as Shayne holds her rib cage area.

Section One – Communications:

Quinn is desperately trying to find Shayne’s whereabouts as Nikita paces back and forth behind her and Michael seems patient with his arms crossed and watching Nikita’s anticipation of their daughter. On the screen a two thermo readings appear in the Van Access area of Section.
Quinn – “Her readings say she’s in Van Access with Jasmine? This isn’t right. She’s been missing for 72 hours and just reappears?”
Nikita rushes to Munitions to grab a 9mm and then rushes towards the entrance of Section One hoping and praying that it is in fact Shayne and not a fraud. Michael and Quinn also follows.

Section One – Van Access:

Jasmine is still assisting Shayne into Section. Nikita, Michael and Quinn meet them in the hallway.
Nikita – (worried about her only daughter) “Shayne.”
Jasmine – “I found her on a bench on the street near my place. I don’t think she realizes how long she’s been missing.”
Michael slowly lifts Shayne’s head to see a bruised face, a cut lip and tears rolling from her eyes.
Michael – “Who did this to you?”
Shayne – (glares at Michael) “Your son.”
Michael lets go of Shayne’s face and looks towards Nikita. Nikita can’t believe what she just heard and keeps eye contact with Michael as she directs instructions to Jasmine.
Nikita – “Send her to Medical. She needs to rest.”
Jasmine continues to assist Shayne to Medical. Nikita’s facial expression went from concerned about her daughter to anger towards Michael quickly.
Nikita – (still looking Michael into the eyes) “Did you have any idea about this, Michael?”
Michael – “I had my suspicions, but wasn’t sure.”
Nikita – “What are we going to do? Our daughter got beaten, nearly killed; my apartment has been compromised, all for what? What does Adam want?”
Michael – “To destroy the one thing that destroyed him and his family.”
Nikita – “Section One.”
Nikita and Michael continue their stare down; Nikita not so happy and Michael with his infamous blank stare.

Section One – Systems:

Nikita, Michael, Jasmine, Mendez are standing around the sim-rep table as Quinn is sitting next to it, controlling the sims through the screen. A picture of an adult Adam is visual.
Nikita – “This is Adam Samuelle. We recently discovered him being a part of Red Cell after the kidnapping event of Shayne happened.”
Nikita pauses as she notices Shayne walking in as she is wearing a hoodie and black cargo pants as she loads a 9MM and puts it in her holster.
Shayne – (looks straight at Nikita) “What?”
Nikita – “What are you doing? You should be resting.”
Shayne – “If anyone is going to take this bastard down, it’s going to be me. Like Michael wants anything to do with this mission. (looks at Michael) You might as well stay behind.”
Nikita – (Directed instructions back to the whole group) – “We are to retain Adam alive.”
Nikita and Shayne continue their stare down, Nikita showing strictly business on her face and Shayne showing the wants of revenge on hers.
Nikita – (continue to making eye contact with Shayne) “I repeat. Alive.” (Pauses) “You leave in an hour.”

Munich, Germany – Outside Red Cell Headquarters:

Guards and dogs are patrolling a warehouse building in Munich, Germany in a nightly atmosphere. It’s raining. Shayne’s team consists of Jasmine and another operative in a grassy field, lying down in the prone position. About 100 meters to the left is Michael’s team with Mendez and another operative in a kneeling position.

Back at Section – Communications

Quinn is in her bay monitoring the screens with Nikita standing right behind her. Both have a Comm set on to communicate to the two teams on the mission.
Quinn – “Alright, Alpha team and Bravo team are in position.”

Back in Germany…

Shayne – “Alpha team, go.”
Michael’s team advances towards the building and opens fire. As the guards return fire, Shayne’s team open fires back at the guards from their position.
Nikita (through the Comm set) – “Michael, have your team advance. Shayne, have your team flank to the left and continue to open fire.”
Each team executes their orders from Nikita. Michael shots a guard on top of the building and advances to the door. He checks for clearance in the doorway and continues in the building. In the building, Michael leads the way as Mendez and the other team member follow in close proximity. As Alpha team search the building, they can still here the gunfight outside of the building. Outside of the building, Shayne notices a target running from the back of the building. As Michael continues to search a room, Shayne comes over the comm set.
Shayne (through the comm set) – “Michael, someone has exited out of the back of the building.”
Michael – “Can you make it out who it is.”
As Shayne looks with her binoculars, a Red Cell terrorist pops out from under a desk in the room Michael is searching. With his quick reflexes and defense moves, he shoots the terrorist before he can get a shot at Michael.
Shayne (through the Comm set) – “It’s Adam. I’m going after him.”
Nikita (through the Comm set) – “No, Shayne. Stay put. Let Michael handle it.”
As Shayne puts her binoculars away, she sets to pursuit.
Shayne – “Hell, if I’m staying put.”
Shayne starts to pursuit towards the back of the building as she continues to fire at the remaining guards. Jasmine and the other team member cover for Shayne. Shayne runs behind the building and notices Adam is running towards a Jeep. She slowly closes in on him and tackles him. She quickly breaks from him and grabs her gun and points it at Adam. Adam starts laughing as he looks to see his father approaching and watching the scene. Shayne cocks her 9mm as to ready to shoot him.

Back at Section…

Nikita and Quinn watch the scene from Michael’s point of view on the screen.

Back in Germany…

The conversation starts between Adam and Michael as Shayne remains silent.
Adam – “Congratulations, old man. You successfully used Section once again as puppets to get what you want. Now that you won, what do you want? A cookie?!”
Michael – “This isn’t you, Adam. You are better than this.”
Adam – “What are you going to do now, kill me?”
Michael – “No.”
Nikita (through the Comm set) – “Shayne, put the gun down.”
Shayne – “You know what, mother. You said we couldn’t kill him, but you never said anything about shooting him.”
Shayne points the gun at Adam’s right leg and shoots him. Adam moans in agony as Michael quickly takes the gun out of Shayne’s hands.

Back at Section…

Nikita throws her Comm set down next to Quinn’s desk and grabs the closest chair available. She takes a seat.
Nikita – “What am I going to do with her?”
Quinn puts her Comm set down next to Nikita’s and joins Nikita in a conversation.
Quinn – “Next on the side mission, throw her in it alone with Michael. But for now, even though you don’t want to do it, tough love is in order for obedience.”
Nikita – (sighs and puts her left arm up and brushes her hair back with her fingers) “Maybe you are right. We have a new mission coming up in Lebanon. Maybe I’ll have Michael take that one with her.”
Nikita gets up from her seat and heads to the perch. Quinn watches in concern. Is Shayne getting out of hand? Would obedience do the trick to calm her down? Only time will tell.

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