Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. V

LFN Fan Fiction – “Valentine Operative” 
(Written By: H. M.)

 *Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at



Section One – Van Access
Mendez walks into Section with another team member helping him carry a passed out male, 6’2”, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. Nikita is waiting with Jasmine for the arrival at the entrance. 
Nikita – “How long has he been out?”
Mendez – “Uh, about two hours.”
Nikita – “Take him to Medical for a check-up, microchip placing, and blood draw. After, hold him in containment until he comes to his sense. Jasmine will be there to greet him on behalf of Section.
Mendez – “Roger.”
Mendez and his team member continue to carry the unknown suspect with Nikita’s instructions. Nikita turns her attention to Jasmine.
Nikita – “Congratulations, Jasmine. You have your first recruit. You will be responsible for training him and with your training abilities with Shayne, I don’t have any doubts this one won’t succeed.”
Jasmine – “Thanks, Nikita.” 
Nikita starts walking back towards the Comms area, as Jasmine continues to ask a question.
Jasmine – “By the way, how is she doing on her mission with Michael?”
Mission – Fredrikstad, Norway – Hotel Room
The scene fades from Section into the Hotel Room that Michael and Shayne are residing in temporarily. Michael sits at the small table. The blinds are closed. Shayne walks into the room with a cup of coffee to offer her father. 
Shayne – “Here.”
Michael openly grabs the cup of coffee from Shayne.
Michael – “Thank you.”
Shayne – “No problem.”
Michael seems to continue to work from his computer rhythmically. Shayne watches in curiosity. She becomes hesitant to want to ask Michael a question. Michael’s eyes, once set on the screen, looks up to Shayne and catches her pondering her thoughts.
Michael – “What is it, Shayne.”
Shayne – “Um… I been meaning to ask you…”
She pauses for a minute to observe his focus on her. Then continues the conversation.
Shayne – “Is there any downtime left to continue to site-see in the city? I like it here.”
Michael pauses for a minute and examines Shayne’s movement and eye contact. Shayne smirks at Michael and then looks down on the floor. 
Michael – “Once this mission is over, I will ask Nikita to allow us downtime, but there are better places than here. I’ll show you.”
Michael slowly smiles back at Shayne, as he is opening himself up like he does with Nikita. 
Shayne – “Deal.”
Michael – “As for now, rest up. We move in twelve hours.”
Section One – White Room
The unknown recruit is sitting on the floor, back against the wall, hugging his knees, and focusing on the door, waiting for it to be opened. The door opens within seconds. In comes Jasmine. She clothes the door right behind her and continues to examine the new recruit. She walks over to him and kneels down to him, as to show some understanding to his position at the moment.
Jasmine – “Hello, Erik Sven. My name is Jasmine Kwong.”
Erik – “Where am I?”
Jasmine stands back up, as to show dominance towards the new recruit.
Jasmine – “This is Section One.”
Erik, still feeling the drugs in him, slowly gets up from the floor to tower over Jasmine. He leans against the wall due to gravitational imbalance from the results of his drugs. Erik puts his hand on his head as to react to a migraine as well.
Jasmine – “The drugs will clean out in a couple hours. You will feel like yourself again then. We apologize for having to take such measures.”
Erik – “I don’t understand.”
Jasmine – “Section One is a counter-terrorism organization above the likes of Interpol. We go after terrorists that no one else, not even the United States government can reach. It is best that the world thinks you are dead.”
Erik – “Wait, I’m dead?”
Jasmine hands over a photo of Erik’s funeral to him.
Jasmine – “To your old world, yes. Welcome to a new life.”
Erik studies the photo and of those who attended his funeral. 
Jasmine – “Looks like you were a popular man, Mr. Sven. It’ll work well with the training we have in mind for you. You will become a valentine operative, whereas your missions will include seduction and lust, primarily. We will teach you how to not get attached to your assignments. You’re training starts at 0400 tomorrow morning.”
Jasmine walks towards the door, opens it, looks back at Erik, and walks out. The door clothes as Erik is fixed at the photo. 
Mission – Ship Dock in Slevic, Norway
Michael and Shayne set up with their teams behind the shipping containers. Shayne takes out her binoculars and observes the activity on the abandoned, rusted ship in their front view. Michael brings out a compatible thermal sensor to verify Shayne’s sightings, as well as verifying the individuals hidden within the ship. 
Shayne – “I see twenty.”
Michael – “There are ten more on the inside with Odin.”
Shayne – ”Griff, come here.”
An African-American operative responds.
Griff – “What’s up, boss?”
Shayne- “You will take Seeks and Bachman; you will flank from the left. Michael and I will take Cortez and we will flank from the right.
Griff – “Roger.”
Shayne – “Once we get in the ship, we will take Odin alive. Clean up the rest though.”
Griff nods in agreement and points to a female operative (Seeks) & another male operative (Bachman). As Griff moves to his position, his team follows. Cortez moves up behind Shayne and Michael. They wait for Griff’s team to open fire on the guards before making their move. Bachman climbs up a container and lies in the prone position as Griff and Seeks waits. Before opening fire, Seeks remains standing as Griff gets in the kneeling position. Once the guards start firing back at Griff’s team, Shayne, Michael, & Cortez open fire from their positions. As guards fall, they move closer towards the ship.
Inside the ship, Odin hears the gun fight. His body guards take place at the entrance as Odin frantically tries to destroy his evidence of his computer, but he cannot move fast enough as the door explodes open and smoke bombs roll into his office. Odin struggles to run as Michael trips him and presses him into the ground. Shayne & Griff use combative moves to take down the other men through the smoke. Seeks, Cortez, & Bachman remain outside for security.
Odin – “Who are you!?”
Shayne – “You’re worst nightmare.”
Michael lifts Odin up from the ground, as Griff assist him with directing Odin off of the Ship. Shayne speaks into her communication set to the driver of the Van.
Shayne – “We have him.”
As the van pulls up on the dock, Shayne picks up her phone and dials numbers.
Shayne – “Requesting housekeeping. It’s time to clean up.”
Shayne hangs up the phone as she gets to the van and opens the back doors to allow Michael, Odin, and the rest of her team in. She shuts the door and climbs in the front passenger seat. As the van drives off, she stares out the window to view the scenery.
Section One – Van Access
Nikita, Quinn, & Jason waits for the team to return from the mission. As the entrance verifies clearance for the operatives, the doors open with Shayne’s team in front and Michael and Shayne holding Odin, who is blind folded and hand cuffed. The whole team stops in front of the three.
Nikita (points at Shayne’s team) – “You four are dismissed. You can go get checked in with medical and get ready for a debrief with Quinn when she’s ready.”
The operatives walk away from the current scene, as Nikita lifts the blindfold from Odin’s eyes. 
Odin – “Wow, a woman in charge. I’m impressed.” 
Nikita – “You should be. Don’t underestimate the strength of a woman.”
Odin – “I already learned that today, with her.”
Odin’s head turns towards Shayne, who in return looks straight at Nikita. Odin turns his attention back to Nikita with a slight smile on his face.
Odin – “She must get it from her mother.”
Nikita gets defensive with Odin’s discovery.
Nikita – “Send him to the white room to be interrogated by the twins.”
Shayne willingly blindfolds Odin again before her and Michael moves him down the hallway of Section.
Section One – Training Bay
Jasmine continues to work with the recruit as Shayne walks into the room. As Jasmine tries to converses with Erik about combative tactics, Erik can’t help but turn his attention to Shayne, who is dressed in a black turtle neck, black slacks, and black boots. Jasmine trips him and he falls to his back. Shayne watches on from the rail, as Jasmine now turns her attention to see what distracted Erik.
Jasmine -”Strong, beautiful women are a dangerous element, Erik. Never second guess their nature, Erik. Especially when it comes to her. Focus.”
Jasmine assists Erik with a hand to help him up from the floor. Erik wipes off his sweat from his forehead as he returns to the attention of Shayne. He shortly notices Jasmine walking over towards her. Out of curiosity, he follows Jasmine to the rail.
Shayne – “Hello, Jasmine.”
Jasmine – “You’re still alive.”
Shayne smiles at Jasmine’s light joke.
Shayne – “Good to see you too.”
Erik holds out his hand for a hand shake. Shayne returns the gesture.
Shayne – “And you are?”
Erik – “Erik Sven.”
Shayne – “Welcome to Section One, Mr. Sven.”
Erik – “My dark days here has now revealed its light.”
Erik smiles at Shayne, as Mendez walks in.
Shayne – “This is Mendez; he will show you how the men in Section train. Enough of this girly stuff.”
Shayne returns a smile, but not out of admiration, but of mischievous. 
Shayne – “Jasmine, we have a mission for you coming up in Paraguay. Mendez will take your place while you are absent.”
Jasmine – “Roger.”
Jasmine directs her attention to Mendez.
Jasmine – “Don’t hurt him too much, Mendez.”
Mendez walks down to the training bay to continue Erik’s training, as Shayne and Jasmine head out of the area.
Section One – Nikita’s Perch
From the outside the Perch is dimmed. Shayne passes by with Jasmine as she looks up.
Jasmine – “You’re mother missed both of you very much.”
Shayne – “I bet. I’ll let the couple get alone time. Get your panel and gear from Stephen in Munitions. I will see you when you get back.”
Jasmine heads to munitions as Shayne heads to her office, which is Michael’s old office. Meanwhile Michael and Nikita are embracing in the perch and dancing to slow music. 
Nikita – “How was the mission?”
Michael – “It went well. No losses or injuries.”
Nikita – “Shayne’s team is a solid group. One of the best we’ve had since our days in the field.” 
Michael – “I can tell.”
Nikita – “I am just relieved that the mission allowed Shayne to open up to you.”
Michael – “Me too.”
Michael continues to caress Nikita in the back, as she seems to be comfortable in his arms.
Section One – Shayne’s Office
Shayne walks into the office and takes a seat at her desk. She lays back and makes a sigh of exhaustion. Madeline’s A.I. appears in Shayne’s office.
Shayne – “I guess you don’t knock.”
Madeline – “Unfortunately not, Shayne.”
Shayne – “What do you need, Madeline.”
Madeline – “I can help with your nightmares, if you like.”
Shayne – “Don’t we get any privacy anymore?”
Madeline – “You’re father sent the Intel to my system.” 
Shayne takes a deep breath, for she knows that it’s useless to argue with a hologram. 
Shayne – “What’s the treatment?”
Madeline – “Learning to face your fears.”
Shayne – “I’m fine.”
Madeline – “Fear of commitment due to broken family isn’t fine, Shayne. Fear of attachment due to the loss, figuratively, of your father as a child isn’t fine. To start, I suggest professional help. We have the best therapists in the world here in Section.”
Shayne – “I don’t need your help, Madeline.”
Madeline – “Whether you like it or not, you’re resentment still exists. We can’t force you the help, we can only guide you. Let me know when you are ready.”
Madeline’s hologram disappears from the office. Shayne leans on her desk with her hand on her chin as to be thinking of the conversation she just had. She then types on her computer system and the security video of the training bay pops up on screen. She is first directed to watch her big brother train in the bay and then moves the camera’s focus to Erik and Mendez. She watches with a smile.
Section One – Training Bay
Mendez and Erik practices mixed martial arts, as Mendez takes Erik down to the mat. Mendez can tell that Erik’s mind is someplace else.
Mendez – “FOCUS!”
Erik – “Sorry.”
Adam can hear the conversation from afar as he is weight training with Griff and Bachman.
Mendez – “She’s not for you, op. Let it go before you hurt yourself.”
Erik – “What are you talking about?”
Mendez – “She’s way out of your league.”
Erik – “What’s her name?”
Mendez – “Shayne and over there is her delinquent, big brother, Adam.”
Erik looks over and meets eye contact with Adam.
Erik – “He’s not intimidating. Why would she be out of my league?”
Adam can’t help, but bring himself over and put himself into the conversation.
Adam (In a sarcastic tone) – “What’s going on, valentine op?”
There is already tension with Adam and Erik. Unlikely of him to become protective over the sister he never wanted to be a part of. The Gelman Process must be working as well as Madeline believed. 
Erik – “Did I look at you wrong or something?”
Adam – “I suggest you back away from her.”
Back in Shayne’s office, she’s witnesses the conversation visually, but can’t hear. She’s curious on what the tension is between Adam & Erik. Shayne doesn’t hesitate to make her move back to the training bay.
Erik – “And if I don’t?”
Adam – “Let’s just say I am not the only family member of hers you need to worry about.”
Adam pushes Erik away to show dominance when he hears his sisters voice.
Shayne – “Enough!”
Everyone stops training and remains silent as Shayne makes her way between Erik and Adam.
Shayne – “What’s going on, Mendez?”
Mendez – “Nothing, Shayne. We are just teaching Erik a thing or two.”
She turns her focus on Mendez to examine his facial expressions and then he examines both Erik and Adam. 
Shayne – “Anything you want to add, Adam?”
Adam – “No, ma’am.”
Shayne – “What about you, Erik.”
Erik – “Willing to learn all that I am able, ma’am.”
Shayne (annoyed) – “Call me Shayne.”
Everyone feels the presence of Michael and turns to the rail where he is leaning over to observe the situation. He remains silent, notices his daughter is in full control, and allows Shayne to adjust the situation on her own. Shayne returns her focus to the trainers and trainees, as everyone else seems imitated by Michael’s presence. 
Shayne – “Back to training, everyone!”
Erik – “Who is that guy at the rail?”
Shayne – “That’s my father.”
Erik – “That would make him…”
Adam quickly interrupts Erik’s discovery.
Adam – “…My father.”
Erik feels Michael has the most dominant aura in the room, like the Alpha male type, and backs down from his challenge with Adam. Adam smiles and turns to continue his weight lifting with the previous operatives. Shayne walks up to Michael and in the distance, Erik watches as the two converses from a distance. Mendez smacks Erik in the head for his attention. 
Mendez – “Welcome to the pack, Omega. Now let’s continue to toughen you up. The Alpha needs a new play toy, soon.”
Meanwhile, as Mendez and Erik continue their training, Michael and Shayne remove themselves from the training bay.
Michael – “Good job in there.”
Shayne – “Boys will be boys.”
Michael – “From my observation, looks like you have an admirer.”
Shayne – “One problem, dad. He’s a valentine operative.”
Michael – “He’ll be trained to detach himself from missions, not the world around him.”
Shayne – “You must see potential in him.”
Michael – “I see the same look he has on you that I have with your mother.”
Shayne laughs at Michael’s response, since she isn’t use to him being open to her. 
Shayne – “Alright, dad.”
Shayne and Michael exchanges small smiles and then Michael stops in his steps.
Michael – “Would you like to go out for coffee?”
Shayne stops and turns back to her father.
Shayne – “Now?”
Michael – “Yes.”
Shayne – “Uh, sure.” 
Michael and Shayne change their direction to the Van Access to leave Section for the rest of the afternoon. 
Section One – Van Access
Nikita meets Shayne and Michael at the Van Access and smiles at both of them as she hands Shayne her coat before heading out for the evening. The scene ends with the three of them are leaving Section.

Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. III

LFN Fan Fiction – “Redemption”.

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at

Shayne is held in Containment as Adam is tied up in the White Room, awaiting his interrogation. In Containment, there’s a boxing bag hanging from the ceiling. Shayne seems to be a little distressed, as she paces back and forth in the small room. She takes a seat at the edge of the bed that is across the room from the boxing bag and watches the bag just stand still. She looks down on the side of the bed and notices some boxing gloves just lying around next to an IPod. Shayne picks up the headphones and straps the IPod on her arm. She hits play which in her ears starts to play, “I Will Not Bow” By Breaking Benjamin. She picks up the boxing gloves, straps them on her hands and starts her kickboxing session with the boxing bag. Nikita and Michael watches from a monitor outside the containment area.

Section One – Hallway:

You can tell Nikita is torn about the situation at hand. Adam is the enemy and Shayne seems to be lost in her own world, trying to figure out which path to choose from this tormented lifestyle.

Nikita – “I damaged her, Michael. I brought her in too young.”

Michael – “Don’t blame yourself. You did it to protect her.”

Nikita – (Looks at Michael) “I wonder what it would be like If I didn’t bring her into this lifestyle. I wonder if it’s now us she needs to be protected from.”

Michael – “She’ll be alright. Give it time.”

Nikita – “How much time, Michael? She shot her own brother!”

Feeling the tense from the situation, Michael being the lack of emotions, mysterious character he is just exchanges looks with Nikita without an answer and walks off towards the White Room where Adam is getting tortured and interrogated by the twins and the A.I. of Madeline.

Section One – White Room:

Madeline is standing on the left side of Adam as the torture twins pack up their gadgets and toys they used on him for the interrogation procedures. Michael walks in and shuts the door. Michael examines Adam from feet to head. He noticed they bandaged up the shot wound that Shayne has presented him for a “welcome home” gift. Adam seems to be a little beat up with a few scratches on his face. His veins are popping out from the drugs the torture twins induced into him to try and get the information they need on Red Cell and The Collective’s plan with one another. As Michael looks into Adam’s eyes, he sees no emotion, but hatred and anger.

Michael – “What did you get out of him, Madeline?”

Madeline – “Nothing much, unfortunately. He is just as resistant as his father when it comes to interrogations.”

Michael hand signals the twins to exit the white room. They nod, grab their suitcases and exit without hesitation or questioning. Michael continues to pace around the chair and examine Adam, as Adam stares blank at the door that the torture twins exit out of. Madeline leans in and kneels down to Adam.

Madeline – “Adam. We are not going to kill you. That is way too easy for our taste. Tell Michael what he needs to know and the torturing stops.”

Adam (slowly turns his head at Madeline) – “Bite me, lady.”

Michael stops his walk around the chair and stands right in front of Adam. Adam switches his focus on his father.

Adam – “You know what, father? You should have stayed out of this. Red Cell and The Collective has found out about Shayne, and because of your involvement and it gives me more leverage in this cat and mouse game you think Section One will win. In this chair, being dead, or still in the game, myself, it will continue.”

Section One – Communications:

As Michael and Nikita try to sort out their family issues, Quinn and Jasmine take control of the side mission that Mendez and some new recruits, including Stephen Wolfe, are on a mission in Munich, Germany. A small organization linked to Red Cell called Gray Sky has been sitting in Munich, Germany for three years. Quinn found the hot spot underground, underneath a hotel. Mendez and his recruits are in the van prepping for executing the mission.

Quinn – (through the Comm Set) “Alright, Mendez, I see five hostiles in the basement of the hotel and at least twenty in the hotel alone.”

Mendez – (In Germany) “The big dogs must be in the basement.”

Jasmine – (Through the Comm Set) “We want as little collateral damage as possible, Mendez. That includes citizens.”

Mendez – “Got it Kwong. (Directs instructions to the recruits) Listen up boys and girls, ladies and gents. This is a minor mission; there shouldn’t be any issue when we capture the target. Don’t shoot the innocence. If you do, it’s a month in containment. Got it?”

Recruits – “Yes sir!”

Mendez – “Remember, this isn’t training anymore, this is the real deal. Stephen, your team will round about and go through the back of the Hotel, my team will go through the front. (Stephen nods) Let’s go!”

Mendez and his recruits exit out of the van that’s parked behind bushes that are facing the hotel. Mendez and his group of four walk up to the front of the hotel. As a Gray Sky member spots them and starts following them, Mendez quickly turns around, shoots him with a silencer pistol. Two members of his team quickly take the body out of sight around the building. Mendez walks up to the front counter and talks silently in German to the lady working the counter.

Mendez – “Guten Morgen. Ich möchte mit Ihrem chef sprechen.”

Mendez slowly reveals his weapon to the lady.

Mendez – “No sudden moves. Now, where can I find him?”

Lady – (German Accent) – “He’s in his office, in the basement.”

Another young recruit from Mendez’s team gets behind the counter, knocks the lady out with a butt stroke to the head and takes his coat off to reveal his outfit as a hotel keeper. The two recruits come in from outside and goes behind the counter to take the lady into the back room.

Mendez – “Now, you are our eyes and ears. Anything fishy let me know through our Comms.”

Recruit #1 – “Yes, sir.”

Mendez – (Through the Comm) “Are you in position, Wolfe?”

Wolfe – “I’m in position.”

Mendez – “Move to position #2. Now! We only have a 10 minute window before the hotel lobby opens. Let’s get in and get out.”

Wolfe – “My team is entering the elevator, Mendez.”

Mendez – “Cooper, stand at your position. Rest of you, follow me. We will take the stairs.”

Section One – Containment Room:

Shayne is lying on the floor with her legs up on her bed. She has her eyes closed, arms behind her head and headphones on her ears. Her choice of music is back to her alternative rock with Breaking Benjamin’s “I Will Not Bow”. Nikita walks into the containment room that holds Shayne, walks around Shayne’s body and sits on the bed. Shayne opens her eyes and shares a stare with her mother. She slowly takes off her headphones.

Shayne – “What do you want?”

Nikita – “Just to spend time with you.”

Shayne – “So how long are you and daddy keeping me cooped up in this hole?”

Nikita – “How long are you going to be angry with me?”

Shayne rolls her eyes and puts her headphones back on trying to avoid the conversation. Nikita bends over and grabs the headphones from Shayne’s head.

Nikita – “Talk to me, please. I miss the old us. Our silly conversations at the coffee shops, our laughter and memories we share.”

Shayne – “What do you want me to say, mother? You threw me in containment.”

Nikita – “Just because you are my daughter, doesn’t mean you are going to get any special treatment. You were being juvenile, what was I supposed to do?”

Shayne gets up from where she was lying and starts pacing the room back and forth. Nikita can tell Shayne is getting all worked up about the whole situation. Nikita gets up from the bed and walks over to Shayne. Nikita slowly gestures a hug with Shayne. Shayne starts crying.

Shayne – “I can’t do this anymore, mom. I’m not strong like you. Maybe it’s best to just keep me in containment until all of this is over.”

Shayne holds onto her mother tightly as if she was a little girl again. Nikita is tempted to take advantage of Shayne’s weak moment and smiles in relief of Shayne’s soft side that’s finally coming out.

Nikita – “Now listen to me. I need you to get your game face on. I am depending on you right now. It’s a very difficult situation for Michael being torn between his family. I know you don’t see it right now, but he loves you. He wanted the best for you since day one when you came into this world. Trust me with what I am telling you.”

Shayne – (wiping her tears from her eyes, walks over to the bed and sits down) “I can try, I guess, but it’s not right for him to be walking in and out of our lives like he has the past nineteen years. You both shouldn’t have hid Adam from me.”

Nikita – “If you are mad about that, it’s not him who hid it from you, it was me, Shayne. Be mad at me. I was only protecting you and him all at once. It’s complicated, but if any terrorist organizations found out about you two being siblings, they’d come after both of you. Luckily they didn’t find out until recently.”

Shayne – “So what’s going to happen to Adam after his interrogation?”

Nikita – “Madeline will assist me with a project for him and you will be training him for Section One once he is ready. You did a good job with Wolfe. I was impressed.”

Shayne – “I did alright. It’s hard to train an operative when you have no field experience in the first place.”

Nikita and Shayne both share brief smiles with each other, as Jasmine gets on the Intercom to call Nikita.

Jasmine – “Nikita. Mendez and the recruits have returned from the mission. They are ready to debrief.

Nikita – “Thank you, Jasmine. I’ll be in my office in a couple minutes. Send Mendez to meet me there.”

Jasmine – “He’s en route as we speak.”

Nikita hugs Shayne again and gets up to walk out the door. She pauses before she lets herself out and turns towards Shayne. Shayne stands up out of respect for her mother.

Nikita – “Maybe if you keep on good behavior, you can get an early release from containment.”

Nikita smiles at Shayne and then turns around and exits out of the room. Shayne lies down on the bed and starts day dreaming of the life they had yet again. She replays the coffee shop scene in her head, but this time Michael is also in the picture. Young Shayne is sipping on her coffee as Michael sits down next to her.

Young Shayne – “Daddy!”

She hugs him as if she’s been waiting all day for him to get off of work.

Michael – “Here, I got you something.”

Nikita – “Michael.”

Young Shayne – “What is it!? What is it?!”

As the little girl opens the gift and pulls out a teddy bear, Nikita and Michael share looks and smiles as to being a normal family. Shayne hugs her dad and her new toy. It seems more memories of Michael are coming back to Shayne’s mind. She lies in bed, arms behind her head and closes her eyes.

Section One – Shayne’s Office

Since Shayne is still doing time in containment, Michael has been occupying the office to help Nikita out with Section One. Stephen Wolfe has reported to Michael, as Mendez is debriefing with Nikita. The office doors open and Stephen walks in and sits in the chair in front of the desk and Sims rep table. A.I. Madeline appears on the table right as Stephen sits down.

Michael – “Hello, Wolfe.”

Wolfe – “Michael.”

Michael – “How is everything going?”

Wolfe – “Everything is fine.” (Turns to Madeline) “This is a neat toy, you have.”

Michael – “She’s not a toy. She was the lead strategist for Section One twenty one years ago. This artificial intelligence is the remains of Madeline’s intelligence and memories that Quinn created to rebuild her. It’s not flesh and bone, but it’s her.

Wolfe – “Wow. Never thought we had this kind of technology.”

Michael – “It’s very rare.”

Madeline – “Stephen, you were brought to Section for a reason. To give you a second chance. Nikita promised your father…”

Wolfe – “My father? What does my father have to do with this?”

Michael – “We think it’s time you should know why you were brought into Section. When you were out, doing drug deals, working for terrorist organizations, almost getting killed, you met Nikita. She saved your life.”

Wolfe – “Yes, I remember.”

Michael slips Wolfe a panel that covers Paul Wolfe’s biography.

Michael – “Your father was Operations. He was the head of Section One for many of years. The reason how Nikita found you was because he was watching you from the beginning. He was protecting you.”

Wolfe – “So I’m just a charity case.”

Michael – “No. Five years ago The Collective figured who you were. Regardless of what you were doing, they knew your potential and so did we. (Pauses) They were going to assassinate you, but we intercepted you before they could get a shot.”

Madeline – “We figured you could be more of use to us alive than dead.”

Wolfe – “So if it wasn’t for you guys, I’d be dead right now.”

Michael – “Yes.”

Wolfe – “That’s just great! Are we done here?”

Michael – “For now.”

Wolfe stands up and walks out of the room. Michael contemplates the conversation and Wolfe’s body language in his thoughts. Nikita walks into the office with the panels she received from Mendez during his debrief.

Nikita – “Did you tell him?”

Madeline – “We only told him about Paul. He seems to be upset right now to let him know his position with us.”

Nikita – “Well, he’s the oldest recruit and we need someone for Munitions. Stephen’s done a huge share in the weapons department when he worked for Red Cell.”

Michael – “How do you know we can trust him to cooperate?”

Nikita – “He cares too much for Shayne to not trust him. I’ve seen it in the training. He kind of reminds me of Walter back in the day. ”

Madeline – “I’ll keep an eye on him from a distance for extra precaution.”

Nikita – “Thank you, Madeline.”

Madeline transport out of the room for the two soul mates to be alone. Nikita walks around the desk and sits on Michael’s lap. Kisses his lips and caresses his face as he holds her tightly.

Nikita – “I think I finally got through to Shayne today.”

Michael – “How so?”

Nikita – “For once in three years, I saw humanity in her. I saw it in her body language, in her eyes. She finally broke down in tears, Michael. In three years.”

Michael – “I told you it’ll all be alright. We should still keep surveillance on her to make sure.”

Nikita – “You’re right. I’m just glad to have the old Shayne back.”

Nikita smiles at Michael and he returns a small smile, which no one sees often except for Nikita. They continue to be intimate with each other and continue to kiss at the desk.

Quinn (over the intercom): “Michael, we have a break in Adam. He’s finally talking.”

Michael – “I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Section One – White Room

Adam’s head is strapped to the chair as he stares at a hologram of his mother, Elena, standing in front of him. Michael walks into the room and notices the image. He is a bit disturbed from. He goes to the computer screen and makes Elena disappear. Michael turns and watches Adam in his daze at the white wall with a couple tears rolling down his eyes.

Michael – “This is far from easy for me, Adam. You have to know that.”

Adam – “That’s very hard to believe, father. Why don’t you just kill me?”

Michael – “I’m not going to kill you, son. I won’t.”

Adam – “What do you want from me?”

Michael – “To cooperate, so I can get you out of that damn chair!”

Adam – (sighs) “Kris Odin from Oslo, Norway. He recruited me three years ago during your last visit with Nikita and Shayne. It was an open door and I took it.”

Michael – “Why didn’t you come to me?”

Adam – “You were too caught up with your family. You always have been.”

Michael – “They are your family too. Shayne could have killed you, but she didn’t.”

Adam – (laughs) “Only because Nikita told her not to. Don’t try to fool me, (pause) dad.”

Michael walks up to the chair and unlocks Adam’s hands. He pulls his son up from the chair and takes him out of the white room. They walk down the corridor to the next available containment room. Michael pushes the code key to the room and it opens. He pushes Adam in the room like he was a disobedient child.

Michael – “You will remain here until your training in Section One is complete. Madeline and Nikita will help get you situated.”

Adam – “Where are you going?!”

Michael – “I’ll be on a mission with Shayne to find Odin. That way I won’t be a distraction to your progress nor will Shayne.”

Michael leaves the room and locks the door behind him. Adam rushes to the door as if trying to follow Michael out, but he doesn’t make it soon enough. Adam hits his fists against the door and walks back to the bed and lies down.

Section One – The Perch:

Nikita is working on a few panels to help prep Michael for his first mission in twenty years. Michael enters the perch, stands in front of the overview and observes Section One’s new generation of operatives. Nikita stops what she is doing and joins Michael’s views.

Nikita – “Kris Odin?”

Michael – “You heard of him?”

Nikita – “Yes. He went dark about five years ago and Section hasn’t heard about him since. He is a weapons dealer or was for Red Cell.”

Michael – “Section is young compared to twenty years ago. They still have a lot to learn before they are able to redeem Section One’s reputation.”

Nikita – “I agree. Does that mean you are staying?”

Michael – “As long as it takes.”

Nikita smiles as a response to Michael’s proposal to stick around Section One.

Michael – “With Madeline, you and myself we should have Section back at 100% within a year. Bringing in Jason wouldn’t hurt either.”

Nikita – “I’ll give him a call in about an hour.”

Michael – “Make it in thirty minutes. As for Shayne, (pause) I want her on the mission with me to Norway.”

Nikita – “Are you sure she’s ready?”

Michael – “If she’s not, she has 72 hours to be.”

Nikita observes Michael’s facial expressions as he returns the eye contact. Michael’s all business now with Nikita and she sees it in his blank stare.

Nikita – “I’ll start working with her now.”

Nikita takes the panels back to Quinn in Communications and exchanges a few words with her. Michael remains in the Perch watching over the situation. Quinn looks up to the Perch and sees Michael observing over like Operations has in the past. It seems that he has stepped into Nikita’s spotlight in the top spot for now or is it forever?

Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. II

LFN Fan Fiction – “Sibling Rivalry”

(Written By: H. Marie)

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at

Last time we heard Michael has come back into Nikita and Shayne’s life, but what’s the purpose this time? Why doesn’t Shayne know about Adam yet and what happens when they first clash and discover each other? Where is Adam? The side story, Quinn reactivates Madeline’s A.I. to help Shayne out with the mysteries of her family.

Section One – Van Access:

Mendez, Shayne and the remanding of their team are returning from the previous mission as Michael and Nikita wait on the other side. Shayne notices the two standing side to side and isn’t pleased about Michael having returned to Section.
Shayne – (Looking straight at Michael) “What’s HE doing here?”
Nikita – “Michael is here to help us figure this mystery out with Red Cell. He’s one of the brightest operatives that ever existed in Section.”
Shayne – “I don’t care how bright he is, we don’t need him.”
Shayne then turns to look straight at Nikita, as Michael remains with his infamous blank stare and then hands over her mission panel over to Nikita.
Shayne – “I’m taking some downtime. Call me when the next mission preps.”
Shayne walks off towards her office. Nikita and Michael heads towards the Perch.

Section One – Shayne’s Office (Madeline’s old office):

Shayne logs off her computer screen and gets up from her chair and grabs her coat as to getting ready to leave Section when suddenly a familiar miniature figure just appears on the sim rep table next to Shayne’s computer. The office door opens and there stands Quinn.
Shayne – “What is this, Quinn?”
Quinn – “It’s the remaining Artificial Intelligence of Madeline. She was the head strategist for Paul Wolfe prior to Nikita taking over. Even though she was a bit cold hearted, she was the best Section ever offered.”
Shayne drops her coat over her chair again and strolls around the sim rep table as to examining the A.I. of Madeline. Madeline stands at attention on the sim rep table.
Shayne –“Impressive, I must say, but what are our needs with her.”
Quinn – “She’s going to help us get to the bottom of all this mess with Red Cell. I’ve seen similar patterns before with The Collective in the past.”
Shayne – “The same organization that killed my grandfather twenty years ago. I heard.”
Quinn – “Yes.”
Madeline – “Sorry to interrupt, Shayne, but what do you know of Red Cell’s motivations with Section One?”
Shayne – “More likely want to cancel every one of us, but I won’t let that happen.”
Quinn – “Madeline, you need to know a few things before we continue on?”
Madeline – “From the system, I’ve read it all. Paul was killed trying to save Adam, Mr. Jones turned himself into The Collective to save Adam and now Nikita runs Section One as her sister, Michelle, runs Center for the time being and this is Shayne, the daughter of Michael and Nikita.”
Shayne –“Wait, who’s Adam?”
Madeline – (directed towards Quinn) “She doesn’t know?”
Quinn directs her head towards the ground as to have found guilty for hiding the secret.
Quinn – “I think it’s best Nikita and Michael tell you the truth.”
Madeline – “Sounds like a complicated family affair.”

Shayne (angrily) – “No one asked you!”

Madeline’s A.I. disappears from the sim rep table and Shayne grabs her coat and exits out of her office. Quinn rushes to the intercom speaker to reach Nikita in the perch.
Quinn – “Nikita, we have a problem.”

Section One – The Perch:

Nikita looks out the Perch, arms crossed, as Shayne walks in. Shayne observes the office as too looking for Michael.
Shayne = “Where’s Michael?”
Nikita – “He left.”
Shayne – (gets directly to the point) – “Who’s Adam? And don’t bullshit with me. I’m done with the lies.”
Nikita remains silent, still looking out the window. She slowly blinks and makes a sigh knowing that it’s time for Shayne to know the truth about her family. Nikita turns towards Shayne who is holding a panel. It looks to see if she’s testing her mother with the answer she’s about to reveal.
Nikita – “Looks like you already searched for Adam in the systems.”
Shayne – “I want to hear it from you, not the damn computer.”
Nikita uncrosses her arms and reaches out to Shayne in comfort. Shayne’s defensive notions push her away from Nikita.
Nikita – “Adam is Michael’s son and your brother. He’s been missing for a few months now and that’s why Michael came back to Section. He wants to find Adam and he asked for our help.”
Shayne – (defensively) “So again Section One is Michael’s bitch.”
Nikita – “Watch your tone with me!”
Shayne – “Whatever.”
Shayne drops the panel on the edge of the perch’s window and exits. As Nikita watches out the Perch, Shayne is in view as she finds herself exiting Section One. Nikita grabs her cell phone and calls Michael.
Michael (throw the phone) – “Yes.”
Nikita – “Jacque.”
Nikita disconnects the call.

Nikita and Shayne’s Apartment:

Shayne unlocks the door and let’s herself in the apartment. She drops the coat on a chair, takes her gun and places it on the island in the kitchen and helps herself to a glass of wine. What her mom doesn’t know won’t kill her, right? Shayne walks over to the stereo system and puts on her own music. Thirty Seconds to Mars’ “The Kill” comes on. Shayne takes a seat on the couch in the living room, kicks off her shoes, sipping on her wine and reminisces the memories of her and her mother’s relationship growing up. Seems to be good times as a scene in the flower garden in a near park comes into play in her head and then of a scene in a restaurant when Shayne tried coffee for the very first time. She was about ten and needed to put three tablespoons of creamer and three packets of sweetener in her cup.
Young Shayne – (As she’s sipping the coffee mug.) “Mommy, it doesn’t taste like dirt anymore!”
Nikita – (laughs before she replies) “You are going to get a sugar rush, honey.”
Nikita tries to reach to grab the coffee mug, but young Shayne pulls away with it and sits back in her booth, continually sipping on the coffee.
Nikita – (still smiling) “Well, I guess I can hand down the nickname “sugar” down to you now.
Young Shayne – “Isn’t that what Walter calls you, Mommy?”
Nikita – “Yes, but I’ll let him know now that it’s now your nickname. You earned it after today.”
Shayne smiles at the memories playing in her head as she continues to drink her wine. As the song fades towards the end, Shayne is interrupted with the door busting open. Two men in black rush in with 9 mils pointed at Shayne. A third man, in a brown trench coat, dark hair, dark eyes, about six feet tall walks in after the one man tries to grab Shayne and the wine glass falls to the floor. As man #2 looks around the rest of the apartment, Shayne puts up a fight with the one who grabbed her. Man #2 comes to aid man #1, but Shayne still is a struggle to tame. The third man pulls out his cloak and points it straight at Shayne. Shayne stops the resisting and puts her hands up as to surrender.
Adam – “This is interesting; I could have sworn this was Nikita’s lovely apartment.”
Shayne – “Nikita who?”
Adam slaps Shayne across the face as the two men grab her arms and to hold her up against Adam.
Adam – “Who are you and where’s Nikita?”
Shayne resists any answers but gives Adam the same blank stare that only Michael would pull off. Adam examines the green eyes and almost as to put two and two together.
Adam – “Holy shit. There is only one person I know who can pull off that same exact look. (Chuckles) Well, this is very interesting. Bring her; she can be used as collateral if not anything else.”
Shayne – “Do I know you?!”
Adam – “Just think of me as the brother you never wanted.”
Adam and the two men, who’ve kidnapped Shayne, escort Shayne out of the apartment. The door closes behind them.

Red Cell Headquarters:

Shayne is in a white padded room with her head covered with a clothed bag. Her hands are handcuffed behind her has she is sitting Indian style in the middle of the floor. The door opens and it’s Adam. He walks towards Shayne and takes the clothed bag off her head and reveals her capture.
Shayne (seemingly pissed off) – “What do you want?”
Adam – “I want Nikita and you are going to get her for me.”
Shayne – “No chance in hell. I’ll die before I allow anything to happen to her.”
Adam – (As he walks around Shayne who seems helpless) – “You know. Your mother would be proud. Hell, even your father would be proud.”
Shayne – “My father means nothing to me.”
Adam – “Interesting, cause he never shuts up about you. Shayne this, Shayne that. I can’t wait for you to meet Shayne. It got very annoying!”
Shayne – “You’re lying.”
Adam – “I stole these videos from him.”
Adam grabs a disc out of his suit pocket and puts it in the disc slot on the side of the monitor. The screen turns on with a little four year old girl playing in a back yard on a jungle gym as Nikita watches over her like a hawk.
Nikita (on the screen) – “Be careful, Shayne.”
Young Shayne – “Yes, Mommy.”
The video scene switches over to the same four year old girl being taught how to learn to ride bike. She smiles at the camera as she peddles past it. A younger looking Michael is holding the back of the bike, holding it for balance. A smile comes across the screen from Michael, which is very rare with his character and reputation. Adam abruptly turns off the monitor as he looks and sees Shayne in disbelief. Adam bends and squats in front of Shayne as she stares down at the floor as to fight the tears from falling from her eyes. Adam wipes her face as to wiping her tears away from her cheeks.
Adam – “You don’t remember those days, do you.”
Shayne pulls her face away from Adam’s hand as to not wanting the uninvited gestures. Adam lightly slaps her in the face and then stands back up while pulling Shayne up as she is still handcuffed.
Adam – “Well, back to business.”
The door of the room opens and Adam walks out as a bigger, built man walks in with his arms crossed in the front of him. He stands as he stares straight at Shayne.
Adam – “Teach her a lesson until she is forced to trust me, just don’t beat her to unconsciousness. We need her to tell us where Section’s location is.”
The guard nods in agreement and starts going towards Shayne and throws a punch at her. She collapses to her knees. The guard then kicks her while she’s down. Shayne lifts her head and you can see the beating in her with the lip cut. The guard smiles at his advantage, jumping up and down as if he’s in a boxing match but the smile kills off his face as Shayne manages to stand up and face him. As he heads back to finish his job with Shayne, she manages to wipe her body around and even though she is still handcuffed, she throws a knife straight at the guard’s chest and hits him right in the heart. He falls hard to the ground. Shayne quickly looks through the unconscious guard’s pockets and finds the keys for the handcuffs. She unlocks her handcuffs and puts them on the guard. She lines up against the wall, behind the door as it opens. Another guard sees the man on the floor and before he can report it in his walkie radio, Shayne comes from behind the door, grabs his gun and gun butts him in the head. He collapses next to the first guard. Shayne runs out of the room, shuts the door and looks for an exit. She uses her stealth moves to examine the area and notices a couple terrorists walking pass the closed door. She notices a vent right above her. She uses the AK-47 she stole from the second guard to pull the vent’s cover off. She jumps in the vent, turns around and grabs the vent cover and replaces it.

On a dark, very occupied street:

Jasmine is strolling along the street. She blends herself well in with the crowd with purplish/grayish long sleeve top and gray slacks. She comes across a bench with an exhausted individual covered up in a black trench coat similar to Shayne’s. She comes up to the bench closely and alert as she slowly grabs her gun. She lifts the top of the coat and notices Shayne sleeping. She puts her gun away and nudges Shayne to wake her up.
Jasmine – “Holy shit. Shayne! Wake up!”
Shayne (trying to grasp some air) – “Get me back to Section. The apartment has been compromised.”
Jasmine lifts Shayne’s face and sees the cut lip bruised face. She helps Shayne up and puts Shayne’s arm around her as they continue to walk in the same direction Jasmine started with as Shayne holds her rib cage area.

Section One – Communications:

Quinn is desperately trying to find Shayne’s whereabouts as Nikita paces back and forth behind her and Michael seems patient with his arms crossed and watching Nikita’s anticipation of their daughter. On the screen a two thermo readings appear in the Van Access area of Section.
Quinn – “Her readings say she’s in Van Access with Jasmine? This isn’t right. She’s been missing for 72 hours and just reappears?”
Nikita rushes to Munitions to grab a 9mm and then rushes towards the entrance of Section One hoping and praying that it is in fact Shayne and not a fraud. Michael and Quinn also follows.

Section One – Van Access:

Jasmine is still assisting Shayne into Section. Nikita, Michael and Quinn meet them in the hallway.
Nikita – (worried about her only daughter) “Shayne.”
Jasmine – “I found her on a bench on the street near my place. I don’t think she realizes how long she’s been missing.”
Michael slowly lifts Shayne’s head to see a bruised face, a cut lip and tears rolling from her eyes.
Michael – “Who did this to you?”
Shayne – (glares at Michael) “Your son.”
Michael lets go of Shayne’s face and looks towards Nikita. Nikita can’t believe what she just heard and keeps eye contact with Michael as she directs instructions to Jasmine.
Nikita – “Send her to Medical. She needs to rest.”
Jasmine continues to assist Shayne to Medical. Nikita’s facial expression went from concerned about her daughter to anger towards Michael quickly.
Nikita – (still looking Michael into the eyes) “Did you have any idea about this, Michael?”
Michael – “I had my suspicions, but wasn’t sure.”
Nikita – “What are we going to do? Our daughter got beaten, nearly killed; my apartment has been compromised, all for what? What does Adam want?”
Michael – “To destroy the one thing that destroyed him and his family.”
Nikita – “Section One.”
Nikita and Michael continue their stare down; Nikita not so happy and Michael with his infamous blank stare.

Section One – Systems:

Nikita, Michael, Jasmine, Mendez are standing around the sim-rep table as Quinn is sitting next to it, controlling the sims through the screen. A picture of an adult Adam is visual.
Nikita – “This is Adam Samuelle. We recently discovered him being a part of Red Cell after the kidnapping event of Shayne happened.”
Nikita pauses as she notices Shayne walking in as she is wearing a hoodie and black cargo pants as she loads a 9MM and puts it in her holster.
Shayne – (looks straight at Nikita) “What?”
Nikita – “What are you doing? You should be resting.”
Shayne – “If anyone is going to take this bastard down, it’s going to be me. Like Michael wants anything to do with this mission. (looks at Michael) You might as well stay behind.”
Nikita – (Directed instructions back to the whole group) – “We are to retain Adam alive.”
Nikita and Shayne continue their stare down, Nikita showing strictly business on her face and Shayne showing the wants of revenge on hers.
Nikita – (continue to making eye contact with Shayne) “I repeat. Alive.” (Pauses) “You leave in an hour.”

Munich, Germany – Outside Red Cell Headquarters:

Guards and dogs are patrolling a warehouse building in Munich, Germany in a nightly atmosphere. It’s raining. Shayne’s team consists of Jasmine and another operative in a grassy field, lying down in the prone position. About 100 meters to the left is Michael’s team with Mendez and another operative in a kneeling position.

Back at Section – Communications

Quinn is in her bay monitoring the screens with Nikita standing right behind her. Both have a Comm set on to communicate to the two teams on the mission.
Quinn – “Alright, Alpha team and Bravo team are in position.”

Back in Germany…

Shayne – “Alpha team, go.”
Michael’s team advances towards the building and opens fire. As the guards return fire, Shayne’s team open fires back at the guards from their position.
Nikita (through the Comm set) – “Michael, have your team advance. Shayne, have your team flank to the left and continue to open fire.”
Each team executes their orders from Nikita. Michael shots a guard on top of the building and advances to the door. He checks for clearance in the doorway and continues in the building. In the building, Michael leads the way as Mendez and the other team member follow in close proximity. As Alpha team search the building, they can still here the gunfight outside of the building. Outside of the building, Shayne notices a target running from the back of the building. As Michael continues to search a room, Shayne comes over the comm set.
Shayne (through the comm set) – “Michael, someone has exited out of the back of the building.”
Michael – “Can you make it out who it is.”
As Shayne looks with her binoculars, a Red Cell terrorist pops out from under a desk in the room Michael is searching. With his quick reflexes and defense moves, he shoots the terrorist before he can get a shot at Michael.
Shayne (through the Comm set) – “It’s Adam. I’m going after him.”
Nikita (through the Comm set) – “No, Shayne. Stay put. Let Michael handle it.”
As Shayne puts her binoculars away, she sets to pursuit.
Shayne – “Hell, if I’m staying put.”
Shayne starts to pursuit towards the back of the building as she continues to fire at the remaining guards. Jasmine and the other team member cover for Shayne. Shayne runs behind the building and notices Adam is running towards a Jeep. She slowly closes in on him and tackles him. She quickly breaks from him and grabs her gun and points it at Adam. Adam starts laughing as he looks to see his father approaching and watching the scene. Shayne cocks her 9mm as to ready to shoot him.

Back at Section…

Nikita and Quinn watch the scene from Michael’s point of view on the screen.

Back in Germany…

The conversation starts between Adam and Michael as Shayne remains silent.
Adam – “Congratulations, old man. You successfully used Section once again as puppets to get what you want. Now that you won, what do you want? A cookie?!”
Michael – “This isn’t you, Adam. You are better than this.”
Adam – “What are you going to do now, kill me?”
Michael – “No.”
Nikita (through the Comm set) – “Shayne, put the gun down.”
Shayne – “You know what, mother. You said we couldn’t kill him, but you never said anything about shooting him.”
Shayne points the gun at Adam’s right leg and shoots him. Adam moans in agony as Michael quickly takes the gun out of Shayne’s hands.

Back at Section…

Nikita throws her Comm set down next to Quinn’s desk and grabs the closest chair available. She takes a seat.
Nikita – “What am I going to do with her?”
Quinn puts her Comm set down next to Nikita’s and joins Nikita in a conversation.
Quinn – “Next on the side mission, throw her in it alone with Michael. But for now, even though you don’t want to do it, tough love is in order for obedience.”
Nikita – (sighs and puts her left arm up and brushes her hair back with her fingers) “Maybe you are right. We have a new mission coming up in Lebanon. Maybe I’ll have Michael take that one with her.”
Nikita gets up from her seat and heads to the perch. Quinn watches in concern. Is Shayne getting out of hand? Would obedience do the trick to calm her down? Only time will tell.

Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. I

LFN Fan Fiction – “Family Matters”
(Written by: H.M. Gautsch)

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at


It’s been 19 years since Nikita has taken control of Section One. The last Nikita and Michael have been united, a miracle occurred. Unfortunately Walter is no longer with Section One. However, in existence is a young and exquisite Shayne Samuelle-Jones; she’s the perfect cross between Michael’s jade-green eyes and cunning knowledge to survival and Nikita’s compassion for doing good in this twisted, fucked up world. Michael has been absent longer than intended due to Adam’s poor transition to adulthood, so year by year resentment and jealousy has been growing in Shayne’s emotions, unnoticeably towards her father. What’s going to happen when Michael returns into the picture? Read and find out.

Outside Nikita & Shayne’s Apartment:

Nikita makes her way from the door entrance to the SUV parked in the street. Shayne, in the driver seat, waits patiently as the sun beams down on her face and she looks out her driver side window, watching the civilians on the street. As Nikita opens the passenger side door, a sniper shoots her in the lower left arm with a silencer gun. Nikita moans and collapses before she can get into the vehicle.

Shayne: “Mom!”

Without hesitation, Shayne exits carefully and quickly out of the driver side and quickly uses the door and front of the vehicle as cover, while shots are made and hits the truck. Shayne manages to pick her mother up and assists her into the passenger seat without getting hit and carefully returns back to the driver side, hops in the seat, puts the SUV in gear and slams on the accelerator.

Section One – Van Access:

Quinn is waiting at Van Access while Shayne assists Nikita around her shoulders as they walk into Section. The two pause their route to Medical to talk to Quinn.

Quinn: (eagerly) “What the hell happened?”

Nikita: “It was a sniper. (Slight sarcasm) Turns out to be one of those good old days.” (Slightly smiles at Quinn, but Quinn isn’t picking up the humor)
As Shayne assists Nikita towards Medical, Quinn watches them from Van Access waiting for an Operative Team, led by Jasmine Kwong, to return from a recent mission. Quinn then turns towards the two ladies walking away as if wanting to say something.
Quinn: (hesitant) “It’s not safe for you two to be living out there!”
Nikita and Shayne keep walking down the corridor without a response.

Section One – Medical
The doctor rushes towards Nikita as she is now walking basically on her own into the medical room. Shayne is two steps behind and still observes her mother silently and carefully.
Doctor: (concerned) “You okay, Ops?”
Nikita: (annoyed) “Stop calling me Ops, please. Just call me, Nikita.” (Takes a deep breath). “I’m fine. The bullet went through without hitting anything.”
Doctor: (relieved) “Ok, looks like the bleeding stopped. I’ll just clean the wound and patch it up. Then you can be on your way.”
Shayne: “Thanks, doc.” (Turns towards Nikita) “I’ll be in my office if you need me.”
Nikita: “I’ll need you to help Quinn with the debriefings from the mission, until I am done here.”
Shayne nods in agreement, and then exits out of Medical back towards Comms.

Section One – Munitions

Quinn is going through the mission panels when the wall monitor automatically turns on by itself. She turns towards the snowy screen in confusion until Michael pops up on the screen and the snow disappears.
Michael: “Quinn. I need to talk to Nikita.”
The image of Michael dissipates back to the snowy screen, just in time as Shayne walks up to Quinn. Quinn is startled as Shayne approaches.
Quinn: (towards Shayne) “You scared me.”
Shayne: “What’s up with the wall monitor?”
Quinn: (hesitant) “Uh. (pause) Nothing.”
Quinn walks up to the monitor and shuts it off. She seems to be in a rush when she starts walking towards the Perch.
Shayne: “What about the debriefings?”
Quinn: “Already done. I need to go have a meeting with your mother. (As she starts walking away) Have a good one, Shayne and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
Shayne confused with Quinn’s odd behavior, shakes her head and leaves Munitions towards her office.

Section One – Perch

Nikita is pacing back and forth in the Perch as Quinn walks into it.
Quinn – “Found something that you really need to see.”
Nikita – “Not now, Quinn. Send it to Shayne.”

Quinn – “I can’t.”

Quinn walks to Nikita’s wall monitor and types an encrypted code. Michael appears on her screen. Nikita seems to be seeing a ghost.
Nikita – “Michael.”
Michael – “I need your help.”
Nikita – *sighs* “What’s wrong?”
Michael – “Is there somewhere we can meet?”
Nikita – “Yes.”
Michael disconnects just as Shayne walks into the perch.
Shayne – “Who was that, mother?”
Nikita – (pauses and looks to the floor with one hand brushing through her hair and the other on her hip, as to thinking about something.) “Uh, no one, sugar.” (Turns to Quinn) “Thank you for the Intel, Quinn.”
Quinn nods in agreement and then helps herself out of the Perch. Shayne looks at her mother in disbelief, however switches the topic rather quickly to avoid any tension.
Shayne – “I was reanalyzing the mission panels and they haven’t been done. Why did Quinn lie to me?”
Nikita – (Hesitant) “I don’t know. I’ll finish the analysis and have a talk with her. For now, find Jasmine and work on finishing the job. I have to go do some errands. Get the Intel you need from the last mission and co-exist it with the new Intel for the next mission. I’m putting you as team leader.”
Shayne – “Are you serious?! I’m not ready for this line of work.”
Nikita – “You’ll have to be. I was your age when they brought me into Section; do you think I was ready before they threw me to the wolves? You’ll be fine. Besides, you’ve been training well with Jasmine and Quinn for the last two years. With my compassion and your father’s willingness to survive…”
Shayne – (Interrupts with tension) – “You’re the only part of me that exists. My father is DEAD to me.”
Nikita – (replies defensively) “…You’ll be fine.”
Nikita starts walking out of the perch.
Shayne – (takes a deep breath) “Mother.”
Nikita stops and turns her head towards Shayne.
Shayne – “Be careful.”
Nikita gives a half smile.
Nikita – “I always am.”
Nikita continues to exit the perch and walks en route to the van access portal. She exits Section.

Outside Section – Restaurant Setting

Nikita waits patiently as she fiddles with her coffee cup out of boredom. The restaurant door is open by a black gloved hand. It’s Michael. His brunette hair is slowly turning to gray and now a slim beard to cover his face. As we noticed how well he’s aged in the years, he still seems to have the same behaviorisms as he was during Section days, alert and observant with his surroundings. He scans the surroundings of the Restaurant to look for Nikita and spots her in a corner booth next to a window. She is pondering thoughts as she surveillances the outside scene of the window. Michael slowly walks towards Nikita’s direction as a waitress walks up to Michael.
Waitress – “Can I help you, sir?”
Michael – “I’m meeting someone, but a coffee will do.”
Waitress – “Cream and sugar at all?”
Michael – “No. Thank you.”
As the waitress walks behind the server counter, she observes the scene of Michael seating down across from Nikita. He subtly looks out the window, takes his sunglasses off and looks straight over at Nikita. Nikita and Michael get lost in each other’s eyes like it was a staring contest between the two. Nikita smiles then looks down at the coffee cup then back up to Michael.
Nikita – “Well you’re aging well, Michael”.
Michael – “And you haven’t aged a bit.”
Nikita – “How’s Adam?”
Michael looks back out the window, almost to avoid the conversation, but knows deep down that this is the conversation was intended for Nikita’s help.
Nikita – “What’s wrong, Michael? Last I heard from you was on Adam’s 18th birthday. You were in the process of sailing with him in the Mediterranean Sea.”
Michael – “Three years ago. Things have changed, Nikita. Adam isn’t well.”
Nikita’s smile is fading into a directive approach, expecting a directive response. She leans over towards Michael across the table as he remains sat back in the booth.
Nikita – “What do you mean, Michael?”
Michael – “He doesn’t call. He doesn’t write. He disappears months at a time. I want to know why.”
Nikita sits back and ponders on Michael’s indirect response, which she saw coming.
Nikita – “That’s why you called me?”
Michael – “Yes.”
Nikita ponders the thoughts a little more before looking up again at Michael.
Nikita – “Is there a chance…”
Michael (catches on Nikita’s question) – “I hope not.”
Silence remains with Michael and Nikita as of an awkward moment.

Section One – Shayne’s Office (Madeline’s old office)

Shayne and Jasmine are discussing the Intel they are researching from Shayne’s monitor.
Jasmine – “So during the mission, this is what was supposed to happen. Hyde’s team was the backup team and my team was to advance to this point. (She points at the image on the screen.) But then our panels made a change right on the mission. That’s unusual right?
Shayne – “It’s not common.”
Shayne keeps typing through her systems tracking the location of the hacking of the panels.
Shayne – “This isn’t right. It says the hacking came from here, but nothing is being read. It’s a building, but no vehicles or no people. This isn’t making much sense.”
Jasmine – (Remembering her recruitment in Section with her old team) “There was a load of lead material stolen from a warehouse in Prague a couple months ago. We ignored it considering it was lead and not narcotics or massive destruct weapons. But come to think of it, I remembered before your time, when I first entered the Section, one of my team members tried escaping by wearing this material made of titanium. It dissipates the thermo reading and you’re untraceable. Maybe they made a room or made titanium outfits.
Shayne keeps typing and the screen does an X-ray screening of the building.
Shayne – “There!”
Jasmine looks at Shayne’s discovery. The monitor reveals a team of six is seemingly working in a room in the west side of the building.
Shayne – “How did I miss this?! Mother is going to kill me!”
Jasmine – “Not if we don’t tell her.”
Shayne’s shocked at Jasmine’s offering.
Shayne – “Are you nuts?”
Jasmine – “Just give us 72 hours. We will assemble a team; I’ll grab Mendez and head to the location and destroy evidence and everyone before she can even find out.”
Shayne thinks about the offering, but speaks her own accommodations.
Shayne – “I doubt Red Cell will still be lingering there after our mission. (still thinking) Why are you offering this?”
Jasmine – “I want to see you succeed. Everyone fucks up now and again. We are all human.”

Shayne – “Not in Section. Not if we want to survive, there’s no room for humanity here.”

Jasmine – “You should have met the assholes who use to run Section before Nikita took over.”

Shayne leans back in her chair, staring at the screen. She looks up to Jasmine.
Shayne – “I will assemble a team in 12 hours and I’ll call Mendez. I need you in Comms. Work on the panels and I’ll talk with Quinn. This is my problem to solve, not yours.”
Jasmine – “You can’t! You’ve never been on a mission before!”
Shayne – (smiles at Jasmine) “I’ll be fine. (Mocking her mother’s words) “I have my father’s willingness to survive.”
Jasmine isn’t agreeing with Shayne’s words; however she really doesn’t have a choice. Shayne is the type of girl who does what she wants, when she wants, with or without Nikita’s permission, kind of like her father. Jasmine worries, but agrees to Shayne’s accommodations with a slow head nod.
Shayne – “Now, I need to run home for a bit. I’ll meet with you back in Munitions at 23:00.”
Jasmine – “Alright.”
Jasmine grabs her Sims from the desk and leaves Shayne’s office. Shayne signs out and shuts down her monitor and grabs her jacket from the back of her chair and exits her office.

Outside Section – Nikita & Shayne’s Apartment

Michael is sitting on the couch as Nikita lies across his lap. Two glasses of wine sit on the coffee table as Michael caresses Nikita’s face. Dinner slowly cooks on the stove. At the door, the lock becomes unlocked and the door opens. It’s Shayne. Shayne walks in the door, shuts the door and immediately locks it. She observes across the room as Nikita sits up from Michael’s lap.
Nikita –“I’m glad you are home.”
Shayne – “Who is this man?”
Shayne pulls out her gun from her waist and points it at Michael making it clear of how protective she is of her mother. Nikita walks towards Shayne, as Shayne walks around the kitchen island to avoid Nikita.
Nikita – “Shayne, please.”
Shayne – “Are you asking for a death wish, Mother? You were just shot today and now you let any man in our home?”
Michael slowly stands up as he keeps his eyes on Shayne. He slowly raises his hands to show his harmless gesture and that he’s unarmed.
Nikita – “He’s not just any man. His name is Michael.”
Shayne takes a minute to sink in the name and slowly starts lowering her gun. She giggles and nods her head in disbelief as if she knows the name is a given.
Shayne – “Michael, huh.” (Looks straight into Michael’s eyes, as she repoints the gun at Michael) “What the hell are you doing here?”
Michael remains silent and still as too searching for a broad answer, but he realizes Shayne thinks she’s his only child and doesn’t give away the issue yet.
Michael – “Just visiting.”
Shayne – “Just visiting, huh. (Pause) You think you can just come in and out of mine and mom’s life, whenever the hell you feel like it?! You are dead to me, old man! You have been for three years!”
Shayne is now obviously angered as she waves the gun up and down during her confession of anger towards Michael. Nikita progresses towards her daughter’s side slowly. She grabs the gun out of Shayne’s hands, as Shayne starts tearing up. Nikita tries to calm Shayne with an embrace, but Shayne pushes her away.
Shayne – “Screw you, Mom. When are you going to make your own stand about this? Are you trying to push your own daughter away?”
Nikita – “No, I’m not. It’s complicated, sweetheart. More than you could ever understand.”
Shayne – “Try me! I’m not a little girl anymore, mother.”
Nikita – “I know.”
Shayne grabs her gun back from Nikita’s hands and picks up her phone. She calls Jasmine.
Shayne – “The mission has been moved up. Meet you in thirty minutes.”
Shayne heads back towards the door to leave the apartment.
Nikita – “Mission? What mission.”
Shayne – “Don’t worry about it, Mother. Jasmine and I got this. Just sit back and enjoy DADDY’S company before he decides to disappear again.”
Shayne opens the door and leaves. Michael and Nikita watches the door close then change their focus on each other. Nikita, being a worried mother towards her only child, reaches over to her coat and starts putting it on. Michael puts his broad hands on her shoulders as to stop her from proceeding.
Michael – “She’s right. Let her go.”
Nikita takes a deep sigh and remains staring at the door while Michael tries to confront her with shoulder and arm caressing and gives a kiss on Nikita’s neck as he pulls her into his arms.

Mission – Kosovo – Pristina – Abandon warehouse

Shayne and two members of her team are kneeling in the wood line, observing the area with night vision goggles. It seems quiet until a Red Cell operative show in visual of the goggles on top of the building about 200 meters ahead of them.
Quinn (through Comms set) – “Alpha Team, are you in position?”
Shayne – “We are in place. We just spotted a Red Cell sniper on top of the building. Bravo team, you up?”
Mendez – “We have approached our mark. What are the numbers, Quinn?”
Quinn – “My screen shows twenty; fourteen patrolling the area, six inside.”
Shayne – “Let’s roll.”
Mendez and his team of two make way towards the building from their position in the wood line and open fire. The guards respond with returning fire. Shayne signals to her team to move forward from their position. Inside the building the six hear the gunfire outside that interrupts their meeting. Four of the individuals hesitantly start packing the equipment on the tables.
Terrorist #1 – “There’s no time to pack! We need to get the hell out of here!”
Terrorist #2 grabs an explosive device and plants it in the middle of the table with the equipment. He sets the timer to four minutes to give them time to evacuate the building as the rest of the operatives rush towards the back door.
Terrorist #2 – “Let’s go!”
Outside the building, there’s more gun fight between Section and Red Cell. Shayne is in mission mode and returns fire and shoots two operatives, one in a window three stories up from the door and another who was using the corner of the building as coverage. She looks over and notices four more from Red Cell comes from the back of the building. She takes cover behind an abandoned car. The two other terrorists run from the back of the building towards the wood lines east of the gun fight. One of Mendez’s team members gets shot. Mendez replies with shots and hits one of the remaining four terrorists. The rest of the terrorists start retreating from the gun fight and head off towards the other two terrorists who escaped. Shayne tries to chase after but gets stopped by the explosion of the building. She dives for cover.

Back at Section – Communications

Nikita and Michael walk towards Comms as the screen plays the explosion of the building. Quinn and Jasmine turns around and becomes a bit nervous with the two present.
Quinn – “What’s the count, Alpha team?”
No response.
Quinn – (Raises voice in concern) “Alpha team, are you there? What’s your count?!”
Shayne finally replies.
Shayne (through the com set) – “All accounted for, Quinn. However, the building, the evidence is gone. We are back at ground zero. Who the hell are we up against?! (Pauses) Mendez?”
Mendez – (through the com set) – “Bravo team has one operative down. We need housekeeping.”
Quinn removes her com set from her ear and sets it down on her keyboard. She sighs a deep breath and looks up to Michael, Nikita and Jasmine who are all standing behind her.
To Be Continued….