Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Part VI.

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at 

Shayne Samuelle-Jones & Eric Sven are characters personally created by H.M. Gautsch. Infringement not intended.

Shayne’s Apartment 
Shayne is doing her morning workout routine as she does sit ups in the living room with the bottom of her couch holding her feet. In the background, the music transitions from the end of “Hero” by Pop Evil to the beginning of “Call Me” by Shinedown as she finishes her last set. Sweat pours down her face as she makes her way to sit upon the couch. The song seems to direct her to reminiscing all the events that have occurred with her family. She grabs the towel on top of the stereo system and wipes her face. There is a knock at the door. Shayne looks towards the door and slowly makes her away. She looks into the peep hole and notices it being Nikita. She unlocks the door and opens. As more of the apartment is revealed, there is a set-up of sunglasses hanging along the island in the kitchen, like as Nikita once organized in her old apartment years ago when she first started with Section One.  Nikita is in a long black leather dress w/ a black blouse and black gloves. In her hands, she holds red sun glasses to show the small individualism she has left while she still holds as Operations. Nikita walks in and observes the apartment.
Shayne – “Hey, mother. What brings you here this morning?”
Nikita – “I figured I stop by to see how you are settling in your new digs before I head into work. Really impressive.”
Nikita looks at the sunglasses set up and heads to the island. She takes her right hand and glides it across the glasses like she had once before, but in a slower matter. She smiles.
Nikita – “It looks like you are making it your home, Shayne.” 
Shayne – “Doing what I can to be at comfort.”
Shayne heads to the kitchen to grab a glass and fill it with water. Nikita sits at one of the bar stools at the island. Shayne signals with her glass to her mother as she swallows a sip of water.
Shayne – “Mmm… Would you like something to drink?”
Nikita – “Tea would be nice.” 
As Shayne grabs her tea kettle from a cupboard and fills it with water, she continues her conversation with Nikita.
Shayne – “So, what time do you have to report in?”
Nikita – “Your father is already in work prepping for the briefing at 0800 hours, so I have a couple hours yet.”
Shayne puts the kettle on the stove and turns on the stove.
Shayne – “It’s actually become a nice thing to have him return overall. I must admit.”
Nikita smiles at Shayne’s confession.
Shayne continues.
Shayne – “Six months ago, if you would have asked me then, I wouldn’t have even believed life would be like this. We have the most fucked up job in the world, however, with the family together. It feels normal and complete. I must be growing up.”
Nikita – “I must admit, I am impressed with you, Shayne.”
Shayne returns a smile back at her mother as she leans her back and hands against the kitchen counter, while remaining eye contact with Nikita.
Section One – The Perch
Michael is going over a few panels from the previous missions in the last week that Jasmine, Mendez, and the new recruit, Eric Sven, have been on separately. He continues with his tech-savvy skills set and also observes Shayne’s progress notes from the therapist that he hired to help with her nightmares. He switches the profile access to Adam’s status with the Gelman Process. Michael notices a decryption in the profile as the Gelman Process seems to deteriorate in Adam’s mind. Michael calls for Madeline.
Michael – “Madeline.”
Madeline appears as a hologram next to Michael and observes alongside to discover his concern.
Michael – “What is going on with Adam?”
Madeline – “We should have seen this coming considering Nikita’s same recovery from the Gelman Process.”
Michael – “Can anything be done?”
Madeline – “A rerun in the process, but even that is a high risk in itself.”
Michael – “Explain.”
Madeline – “We only have so much Intel from Dr. Gelman with the process. We only received 45% of his accomplishments before he was untraceable. It was never fully completed in a production to successfully turn the brain waves 100%. Why do you think you were able to successfully reverse the process with Nikita? If we were able to attract 100% of Gelman’s process, you would have never have been able to bring the old Nikita back.”
Michael – “So, Adam is slowly returning to his old self?”
Madeline – “That’s the highest probability at this rate.”
Michael pulls out his cell phone from his pocket and dials a speed dial number in his phone. He puts the phone to his ear and waits for an answer on the other end.
Michael – “Josephine.”
Section One – Van Access
The clearance is made above the door to the entrance of Section. The door opens and there stands Nikita in the same attire and Shayne in her new attire, black slacks, a grey button down shirt, black vest, & grey/black bandana, black jewelry accessories, & her black framed eye glasses as her last touch. It is officially known that Shayne has a taste of fashion like her mom, but also with her own style, as she sports black biker boots, as Nikita sports high heels. Both Shayne & Nikita head towards Comms, where Jason is revealed for a visit to Section. 
Shayne – “Well, if it isn’t good ole’ Jason.” 
Shayne says with a smile and hugs him from behind, as he seems to be going through some numbers in the system. 
Jason – “Hello, darlin’.”
Shayne – “How have you been?”
Shayne sits in a chair next to Jason. As Jason and Shayne plays catch up, Nikita continues to walk towards the Perch, where Michael is standing and watching over Section. Nikita looks up to Michael and they meet eyes.  
Section One – The Perch
Nikita enters the perch, as Michael picks up the window’s remote and dims it from the exterior. 
Nikita – “Good morning, love.”
Michael – “Good morning.”
Nikita goes straight into business with the conversation as both are used to putting Section’s business before their relationship, for the security of their children.
Nikita – “How are the numbers holding?”
Michael – “Decent. We remain at 98% success rate. Highest in all of Oversight.”
Nikita – “Brilliant. And Eric? It’s his one year review.”
Michael – “I know.”
Nikita – “And?” 
Michael – “He has his distractions.”
Nikita – “And?”
Michael – “He’s not the only one.” 
Nikita – “Considering him being in his mid-30s, he does have a lot of work cut out for him.”
Michael – “Patience.” 
Nikita looks over Eric’s profile, a handsome lad from Sweden.
Nikita – “Well, at least he doesn’t have a problem with getting women’s attention.”
Michael – “That’s why we brought him.”
Nikita – “As well as his history in the government with counter terrorism expertise. I feel he is one of the best assets we have found in a long time.” 
Michael – “We shall see.”
Michael and Nikita change the direction of their attention back down to Comms and watches as Eric appears to converse with Jason and Shayne.
Section One – Comms
Jason is finishing up his system checks on the main computer. Shayne is chilling next to him, half-spinning around in her chair like a little school girl.
Jason – “Alright. That should do it.”
Eric and Jasmine walk by as they are walking towards the training bay for Eric’s physical training of the day. Eric is in all black, muscle shirt and sweat pants, as Jasmine is in similar clothes style. Jasmine continues to walk, as Eric stops by as he discovers Shayne & Jason.
Eric – “Morning.”
Shayne – “Morning, Eric.” 
Jason – “Morning. I’m Jason, from Oversight.”
Eric – “Good to meet you. I’m Eric. A new recruit with a middle-age for this place.”
Jason examines Eric’s body.
Jason – “Looks like you don’t have a problem fitting in.”
Shayne – “He’s one of our new Valentine Ops.”
Jason – “I can see why, but don’t worry. You aren’t really my type. I wish you the best of luck, Eric. Just don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. It won’t make your job any easier.”
Jason smiles at Eric and Shayne giggles. Jason stands up and closes his suit case. Shayne stands up with him. He directs his next line towards Shayne.
Jason – “Alright, love. Tell your folks it was good seeing y’all.”
Shayne – “I will, J.” 
Jason leaves Comms and heads to Van Access with two security operatives, who appears from the crowd of Section ops working. Jasmine re-appears in Comms.
Jasmine – “Eric, we are on a tight schedule today. Come on.”
Eric – “Sorry, Jasmine.”
Eric smiles at Shayne and follows Jasmine to the training bay.
Section One – Briefing Table
Nikita is at the head of the table where Operations once stood. The line at the briefing goes as such from Nikita’s left to right, Michael, Shayne, Mendez, Stephen, Griff, & Adam. Nikita starts the meeting as she turns on the holographic profile displayed digitally on the table. 
Nikita – “This is Fredrick Baigne. There is evidence that he is in the progress of awakening the sleeper-cell, Glass Curtain through Red Cell and having them join forces in terrorism activities against Western Europe. His first target is Madrid, Spain, where he wants to plant a biological gas element in the train station’s system, so it can transfer across regions through rail transport. 
Shayne – “Didn’t Section shut down Glass Curtain years ago?”
Nikita – “Yes. In the past five years, Baigne has been recruiting and organizing the cell with the knowledge of Red Cell’s new lead, Boris Vadim.”
Shayne – “Wait…”
Michael – “Red Cell relocated to Russia two years ago, knowing the challenges of Section’s abilities to reach them.”
Shayne – “Is Red Cell attempting to brew up Cold War II by residing in Russia?”
Nikita – “It looks as if that’s their mission.”
Shayne – “What is the accountability like for the States? Are they aware?”
Nikita – “From my Intel, they are, but this is not our current focus.”
Shayne – “Where is Baigne?” 
Nikita – “He has a safe house in Belarus.”
Nikita switches the hologram screen to Belarus’s geographic Intel. 
Nikita – “Belarus is unstable due to the current government changing, so when we go in, we must be cautious. The safe house is located on the outskirts of Minsk, about 20 meters out of the city.”
Griff – “What’s the security probability for this place?”
Nikita – “It’s heavily armed with about 25 guards inside and out.”
Griff – “Sounds like Baigne is aware that we are going to try to obtain him.”
Nikita – “Yes. We will need as many key operatives as possible for this mission. Jasmine, Mendez, Shayne, you, Adam, and Seeks. Depending on Sven’s numbers, this may be also his first mission with Section.”
Shayne – “I don’t think he’s ready.” 
From behind the group, Jasmine and Eric overhears the briefing conversation and Eric feels that he needs to express his opinion.
Eric – “He’s ready.”
Shayne and Michael turn and sees Eric, with his arms crossed while standing tall and Jasmine behind him with her head down, as she feels she’s failed to keep him in abeyance.
Jasmine – “I apologize for the intrusion, Nikita.”
Nikita keeps silence, but exchanges eye contact with Michael. Michael helps himself out of his chair and heads towards Eric. Even though he is shorter than Eric, Eric feels Michael’s dominance and presence in Section, as he approaches. Instead of stopping, Michael walks back through the door way and pauses in front of the Comms area and turns his head towards Eric, as Eric keeps his awareness on Michael. 
Michael – “Come with me.”
Eric unfolds his arms and follows Michael towards the changing bay, which is on the other side of Van Access and is where operatives prep before heading out on a mission. 
Nikita – “Now that is taken care of, is there any more questions?”
Shayne – “What time are we assigned?”
Nikita – “2200 hours. Madeline will have your panels ready in two hours. Stand by until the panels are ready.”
Shayne nods in acceptance.
Section One: Changing Bay
Michael walks in, as Eric follows. Without words, Michael grabs a bullet proof vest. He turns and puts the vest out for Eric to grab.
Michael – “If you want Shayne’s attention, prove to her what kind of operative you are through your actions, not words.”
Eric grabs the bullet proof vest and tries it on.
Eric – “Is your statement your way of approving my hope to successfully pursue?”
Eric smiles at Michael, as Michael remains in his stealth image.
Michael – “No.”
Eric’s smile fades, as he keeps eye contact on Michael, as Michael adjusts the fit of the vest.
Michael – “Panels will be ready in two hours. After you grab your panel, you will be directed to munitions to be issued your 9 mil and other weapons that may be assigned to you during this mission.”
Eric – “Roger.”
Michael leaves the changing room and heads back towards the perch. Eric remains in the room and sits on a bench to think of the life he is now in.
Section One – Munitions
Shayne, Jasmine, Mendez, & Griff are all in their tactical gear and gathering their weapons and equipment for the upcoming mission. Eric arrives.
Jasmine – “You ready for this?”
Eric – “As ready as I can be.”
Stephen walks up to Eric from the back.
Stephen – “Alright, newbie. What does your panel say?”
Eric looks on his panel, confused, as to not being able to find the equipment list. He hits a few buttons and a relief expression lays on his face.
Eric – “9 Mil Pistol, five grenades, & an M4 assault weapon.”
Stephen – “Well, looks like someone gets to provide the fireworks show for this mission.”
The operatives smile, as they continue to pack their backs with the other necessities for the mission. Nikita walks up to the teams.
Nikita – Shayne, Michael will be on Comms back here. You are lead for this mission.”
Shayne – “Roger.”
Nikita – “To assure the highest probability for success, I am dividing Mendez and Jasmine into the two teams. Any questions?”
Everyone remains silent as they zip up their bags and start heading to Van Access.
Nikita – “Shayne.”
Shayne looks back at her mother, as Nikita signals with her finger to come here.
Shayne – “What is it?”
Nikita – “Be careful.”
Shayne smiles and kisses her mother on the cheek.
Shayne – “The one thing that remains in me during these missions, is the survival instinct of my father.”
Shayne turns and heads towards Van Access to keep up with the rest of the teams, as Michael comes up behind Nikita. Nikita becomes aware of Michael’s approach, even as he remains silent.
Nikita – “Coffee?”
Michael looks over to Nikita, as she watches the empty door way towards the Van Access. 
Michael – “Yes.”

Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. V

LFN Fan Fiction – “Valentine Operative” 
(Written By: H. M.)

 *Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at



Section One – Van Access
Mendez walks into Section with another team member helping him carry a passed out male, 6’2”, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. Nikita is waiting with Jasmine for the arrival at the entrance. 
Nikita – “How long has he been out?”
Mendez – “Uh, about two hours.”
Nikita – “Take him to Medical for a check-up, microchip placing, and blood draw. After, hold him in containment until he comes to his sense. Jasmine will be there to greet him on behalf of Section.
Mendez – “Roger.”
Mendez and his team member continue to carry the unknown suspect with Nikita’s instructions. Nikita turns her attention to Jasmine.
Nikita – “Congratulations, Jasmine. You have your first recruit. You will be responsible for training him and with your training abilities with Shayne, I don’t have any doubts this one won’t succeed.”
Jasmine – “Thanks, Nikita.” 
Nikita starts walking back towards the Comms area, as Jasmine continues to ask a question.
Jasmine – “By the way, how is she doing on her mission with Michael?”
Mission – Fredrikstad, Norway – Hotel Room
The scene fades from Section into the Hotel Room that Michael and Shayne are residing in temporarily. Michael sits at the small table. The blinds are closed. Shayne walks into the room with a cup of coffee to offer her father. 
Shayne – “Here.”
Michael openly grabs the cup of coffee from Shayne.
Michael – “Thank you.”
Shayne – “No problem.”
Michael seems to continue to work from his computer rhythmically. Shayne watches in curiosity. She becomes hesitant to want to ask Michael a question. Michael’s eyes, once set on the screen, looks up to Shayne and catches her pondering her thoughts.
Michael – “What is it, Shayne.”
Shayne – “Um… I been meaning to ask you…”
She pauses for a minute to observe his focus on her. Then continues the conversation.
Shayne – “Is there any downtime left to continue to site-see in the city? I like it here.”
Michael pauses for a minute and examines Shayne’s movement and eye contact. Shayne smirks at Michael and then looks down on the floor. 
Michael – “Once this mission is over, I will ask Nikita to allow us downtime, but there are better places than here. I’ll show you.”
Michael slowly smiles back at Shayne, as he is opening himself up like he does with Nikita. 
Shayne – “Deal.”
Michael – “As for now, rest up. We move in twelve hours.”
Section One – White Room
The unknown recruit is sitting on the floor, back against the wall, hugging his knees, and focusing on the door, waiting for it to be opened. The door opens within seconds. In comes Jasmine. She clothes the door right behind her and continues to examine the new recruit. She walks over to him and kneels down to him, as to show some understanding to his position at the moment.
Jasmine – “Hello, Erik Sven. My name is Jasmine Kwong.”
Erik – “Where am I?”
Jasmine stands back up, as to show dominance towards the new recruit.
Jasmine – “This is Section One.”
Erik, still feeling the drugs in him, slowly gets up from the floor to tower over Jasmine. He leans against the wall due to gravitational imbalance from the results of his drugs. Erik puts his hand on his head as to react to a migraine as well.
Jasmine – “The drugs will clean out in a couple hours. You will feel like yourself again then. We apologize for having to take such measures.”
Erik – “I don’t understand.”
Jasmine – “Section One is a counter-terrorism organization above the likes of Interpol. We go after terrorists that no one else, not even the United States government can reach. It is best that the world thinks you are dead.”
Erik – “Wait, I’m dead?”
Jasmine hands over a photo of Erik’s funeral to him.
Jasmine – “To your old world, yes. Welcome to a new life.”
Erik studies the photo and of those who attended his funeral. 
Jasmine – “Looks like you were a popular man, Mr. Sven. It’ll work well with the training we have in mind for you. You will become a valentine operative, whereas your missions will include seduction and lust, primarily. We will teach you how to not get attached to your assignments. You’re training starts at 0400 tomorrow morning.”
Jasmine walks towards the door, opens it, looks back at Erik, and walks out. The door clothes as Erik is fixed at the photo. 
Mission – Ship Dock in Slevic, Norway
Michael and Shayne set up with their teams behind the shipping containers. Shayne takes out her binoculars and observes the activity on the abandoned, rusted ship in their front view. Michael brings out a compatible thermal sensor to verify Shayne’s sightings, as well as verifying the individuals hidden within the ship. 
Shayne – “I see twenty.”
Michael – “There are ten more on the inside with Odin.”
Shayne – ”Griff, come here.”
An African-American operative responds.
Griff – “What’s up, boss?”
Shayne- “You will take Seeks and Bachman; you will flank from the left. Michael and I will take Cortez and we will flank from the right.
Griff – “Roger.”
Shayne – “Once we get in the ship, we will take Odin alive. Clean up the rest though.”
Griff nods in agreement and points to a female operative (Seeks) & another male operative (Bachman). As Griff moves to his position, his team follows. Cortez moves up behind Shayne and Michael. They wait for Griff’s team to open fire on the guards before making their move. Bachman climbs up a container and lies in the prone position as Griff and Seeks waits. Before opening fire, Seeks remains standing as Griff gets in the kneeling position. Once the guards start firing back at Griff’s team, Shayne, Michael, & Cortez open fire from their positions. As guards fall, they move closer towards the ship.
Inside the ship, Odin hears the gun fight. His body guards take place at the entrance as Odin frantically tries to destroy his evidence of his computer, but he cannot move fast enough as the door explodes open and smoke bombs roll into his office. Odin struggles to run as Michael trips him and presses him into the ground. Shayne & Griff use combative moves to take down the other men through the smoke. Seeks, Cortez, & Bachman remain outside for security.
Odin – “Who are you!?”
Shayne – “You’re worst nightmare.”
Michael lifts Odin up from the ground, as Griff assist him with directing Odin off of the Ship. Shayne speaks into her communication set to the driver of the Van.
Shayne – “We have him.”
As the van pulls up on the dock, Shayne picks up her phone and dials numbers.
Shayne – “Requesting housekeeping. It’s time to clean up.”
Shayne hangs up the phone as she gets to the van and opens the back doors to allow Michael, Odin, and the rest of her team in. She shuts the door and climbs in the front passenger seat. As the van drives off, she stares out the window to view the scenery.
Section One – Van Access
Nikita, Quinn, & Jason waits for the team to return from the mission. As the entrance verifies clearance for the operatives, the doors open with Shayne’s team in front and Michael and Shayne holding Odin, who is blind folded and hand cuffed. The whole team stops in front of the three.
Nikita (points at Shayne’s team) – “You four are dismissed. You can go get checked in with medical and get ready for a debrief with Quinn when she’s ready.”
The operatives walk away from the current scene, as Nikita lifts the blindfold from Odin’s eyes. 
Odin – “Wow, a woman in charge. I’m impressed.” 
Nikita – “You should be. Don’t underestimate the strength of a woman.”
Odin – “I already learned that today, with her.”
Odin’s head turns towards Shayne, who in return looks straight at Nikita. Odin turns his attention back to Nikita with a slight smile on his face.
Odin – “She must get it from her mother.”
Nikita gets defensive with Odin’s discovery.
Nikita – “Send him to the white room to be interrogated by the twins.”
Shayne willingly blindfolds Odin again before her and Michael moves him down the hallway of Section.
Section One – Training Bay
Jasmine continues to work with the recruit as Shayne walks into the room. As Jasmine tries to converses with Erik about combative tactics, Erik can’t help but turn his attention to Shayne, who is dressed in a black turtle neck, black slacks, and black boots. Jasmine trips him and he falls to his back. Shayne watches on from the rail, as Jasmine now turns her attention to see what distracted Erik.
Jasmine -”Strong, beautiful women are a dangerous element, Erik. Never second guess their nature, Erik. Especially when it comes to her. Focus.”
Jasmine assists Erik with a hand to help him up from the floor. Erik wipes off his sweat from his forehead as he returns to the attention of Shayne. He shortly notices Jasmine walking over towards her. Out of curiosity, he follows Jasmine to the rail.
Shayne – “Hello, Jasmine.”
Jasmine – “You’re still alive.”
Shayne smiles at Jasmine’s light joke.
Shayne – “Good to see you too.”
Erik holds out his hand for a hand shake. Shayne returns the gesture.
Shayne – “And you are?”
Erik – “Erik Sven.”
Shayne – “Welcome to Section One, Mr. Sven.”
Erik – “My dark days here has now revealed its light.”
Erik smiles at Shayne, as Mendez walks in.
Shayne – “This is Mendez; he will show you how the men in Section train. Enough of this girly stuff.”
Shayne returns a smile, but not out of admiration, but of mischievous. 
Shayne – “Jasmine, we have a mission for you coming up in Paraguay. Mendez will take your place while you are absent.”
Jasmine – “Roger.”
Jasmine directs her attention to Mendez.
Jasmine – “Don’t hurt him too much, Mendez.”
Mendez walks down to the training bay to continue Erik’s training, as Shayne and Jasmine head out of the area.
Section One – Nikita’s Perch
From the outside the Perch is dimmed. Shayne passes by with Jasmine as she looks up.
Jasmine – “You’re mother missed both of you very much.”
Shayne – “I bet. I’ll let the couple get alone time. Get your panel and gear from Stephen in Munitions. I will see you when you get back.”
Jasmine heads to munitions as Shayne heads to her office, which is Michael’s old office. Meanwhile Michael and Nikita are embracing in the perch and dancing to slow music. 
Nikita – “How was the mission?”
Michael – “It went well. No losses or injuries.”
Nikita – “Shayne’s team is a solid group. One of the best we’ve had since our days in the field.” 
Michael – “I can tell.”
Nikita – “I am just relieved that the mission allowed Shayne to open up to you.”
Michael – “Me too.”
Michael continues to caress Nikita in the back, as she seems to be comfortable in his arms.
Section One – Shayne’s Office
Shayne walks into the office and takes a seat at her desk. She lays back and makes a sigh of exhaustion. Madeline’s A.I. appears in Shayne’s office.
Shayne – “I guess you don’t knock.”
Madeline – “Unfortunately not, Shayne.”
Shayne – “What do you need, Madeline.”
Madeline – “I can help with your nightmares, if you like.”
Shayne – “Don’t we get any privacy anymore?”
Madeline – “You’re father sent the Intel to my system.” 
Shayne takes a deep breath, for she knows that it’s useless to argue with a hologram. 
Shayne – “What’s the treatment?”
Madeline – “Learning to face your fears.”
Shayne – “I’m fine.”
Madeline – “Fear of commitment due to broken family isn’t fine, Shayne. Fear of attachment due to the loss, figuratively, of your father as a child isn’t fine. To start, I suggest professional help. We have the best therapists in the world here in Section.”
Shayne – “I don’t need your help, Madeline.”
Madeline – “Whether you like it or not, you’re resentment still exists. We can’t force you the help, we can only guide you. Let me know when you are ready.”
Madeline’s hologram disappears from the office. Shayne leans on her desk with her hand on her chin as to be thinking of the conversation she just had. She then types on her computer system and the security video of the training bay pops up on screen. She is first directed to watch her big brother train in the bay and then moves the camera’s focus to Erik and Mendez. She watches with a smile.
Section One – Training Bay
Mendez and Erik practices mixed martial arts, as Mendez takes Erik down to the mat. Mendez can tell that Erik’s mind is someplace else.
Mendez – “FOCUS!”
Erik – “Sorry.”
Adam can hear the conversation from afar as he is weight training with Griff and Bachman.
Mendez – “She’s not for you, op. Let it go before you hurt yourself.”
Erik – “What are you talking about?”
Mendez – “She’s way out of your league.”
Erik – “What’s her name?”
Mendez – “Shayne and over there is her delinquent, big brother, Adam.”
Erik looks over and meets eye contact with Adam.
Erik – “He’s not intimidating. Why would she be out of my league?”
Adam can’t help, but bring himself over and put himself into the conversation.
Adam (In a sarcastic tone) – “What’s going on, valentine op?”
There is already tension with Adam and Erik. Unlikely of him to become protective over the sister he never wanted to be a part of. The Gelman Process must be working as well as Madeline believed. 
Erik – “Did I look at you wrong or something?”
Adam – “I suggest you back away from her.”
Back in Shayne’s office, she’s witnesses the conversation visually, but can’t hear. She’s curious on what the tension is between Adam & Erik. Shayne doesn’t hesitate to make her move back to the training bay.
Erik – “And if I don’t?”
Adam – “Let’s just say I am not the only family member of hers you need to worry about.”
Adam pushes Erik away to show dominance when he hears his sisters voice.
Shayne – “Enough!”
Everyone stops training and remains silent as Shayne makes her way between Erik and Adam.
Shayne – “What’s going on, Mendez?”
Mendez – “Nothing, Shayne. We are just teaching Erik a thing or two.”
She turns her focus on Mendez to examine his facial expressions and then he examines both Erik and Adam. 
Shayne – “Anything you want to add, Adam?”
Adam – “No, ma’am.”
Shayne – “What about you, Erik.”
Erik – “Willing to learn all that I am able, ma’am.”
Shayne (annoyed) – “Call me Shayne.”
Everyone feels the presence of Michael and turns to the rail where he is leaning over to observe the situation. He remains silent, notices his daughter is in full control, and allows Shayne to adjust the situation on her own. Shayne returns her focus to the trainers and trainees, as everyone else seems imitated by Michael’s presence. 
Shayne – “Back to training, everyone!”
Erik – “Who is that guy at the rail?”
Shayne – “That’s my father.”
Erik – “That would make him…”
Adam quickly interrupts Erik’s discovery.
Adam – “…My father.”
Erik feels Michael has the most dominant aura in the room, like the Alpha male type, and backs down from his challenge with Adam. Adam smiles and turns to continue his weight lifting with the previous operatives. Shayne walks up to Michael and in the distance, Erik watches as the two converses from a distance. Mendez smacks Erik in the head for his attention. 
Mendez – “Welcome to the pack, Omega. Now let’s continue to toughen you up. The Alpha needs a new play toy, soon.”
Meanwhile, as Mendez and Erik continue their training, Michael and Shayne remove themselves from the training bay.
Michael – “Good job in there.”
Shayne – “Boys will be boys.”
Michael – “From my observation, looks like you have an admirer.”
Shayne – “One problem, dad. He’s a valentine operative.”
Michael – “He’ll be trained to detach himself from missions, not the world around him.”
Shayne – “You must see potential in him.”
Michael – “I see the same look he has on you that I have with your mother.”
Shayne laughs at Michael’s response, since she isn’t use to him being open to her. 
Shayne – “Alright, dad.”
Shayne and Michael exchanges small smiles and then Michael stops in his steps.
Michael – “Would you like to go out for coffee?”
Shayne stops and turns back to her father.
Shayne – “Now?”
Michael – “Yes.”
Shayne – “Uh, sure.” 
Michael and Shayne change their direction to the Van Access to leave Section for the rest of the afternoon. 
Section One – Van Access
Nikita meets Shayne and Michael at the Van Access and smiles at both of them as she hands Shayne her coat before heading out for the evening. The scene ends with the three of them are leaving Section.

Wolfe Chronicles presents… "The Lost Daughter"

  Wolfe Chronicles Presents:
“The Lost Daughter”
Written By: H.M. Gautsch

This new short story series is a spin-off of the hot series of “La Femme Nikita”. This new twist in the world of Section will surely keep you on the edge of your seats or so I hope! This story takes place during the events of Michael & Nikita going rouge in Season 4 of #LFN, so they will be mentioned, but not in the story itself. I took the privilege to focus more on Operations’ and Madeline’s secretive love affair and made it my own, in the eyes of Alison “Ally” Wolfe 🙂 
*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at

Chapter One: The Introduction
Hello. My name is Ally, short for Alison, Wolfe. I question everyday why I was stuck living a nightmare. I’m always on the run like a true hobo. Do I approve of this life?  No. Can I change it? No. How does one with very successful parents end up on the streets as the folks who are supposed to nurture you are abandoning you for their own protection and supposedly yours? My father is Paul, the Operations of Section One. My mother is Madeline, the Head Strategist of Section One. What is Section One you may ask? Well supposedly there is a counter terrorism organization above Interpol in this twisted World and Section One is a part of it. The organization is one of the most successful branches of the mother ship called Oversight. George runs Oversight and my mother reminded me in the past that if George finds out about my existence, not only are my parents going to be burned to ashes, but so am I. So not only is my existence a ghost to terrorists Worldwide, but also to the one man I should fear the most aside from my father. So how do I stay so low key and avoid any confrontation from the parents? I live on the streets and bounce from city to city, until further notice.
I guess it is part of conditioning me for the “survival of the fittest” of this World. The Darwinism of humanity, so to speak, until the time comes where I can live out my own actual dreams of being just a common city cop in the Bronx, my hometown, as well as, my old man’s hometown. Living on the streets sucks, especially when you have to beg and plead for a dollar just to make sure you eat at night or if you are lucky, you can get a five dollar or a ten to get a new shirt or pair of pants. It’s my life. I try to make the best of it. Enough of this pity shit, though. Let’s get on with the story.
Oh great, my brother, Stephen, is coming to visit me.
“Ally!” Stephen yells from the end of the street. I open my eyes and lift the blanket to vision the cardboard box around me just to remind me the luxury my family has while I struggle for survival. Well, this blows.
Agitated by the wake-up call, I reply, “What the hell do you want, Stephen!?”
“Just a small gift for you,” he replies. “Now come out of there.”
See, what people don’t understand. Father has strictly made it clear that Stephen isn’t allowed to assist in my living, but small gifts won’t hurt the factor. The small things have made my life a bit easier. Stephen has given me my companion and guardian, who I named Jax, a Rottweiler. Stephen will sometimes loan me the money to give Jax his essentials as well like dog food, enough money for a vet visit, etcetera. Stephen also has hooked me up with my small MP3 player. You’d think we’d be a bit more high-tech considering the resources that were possibly available for us.
I make my way out of my so-called home, as Jax follows me close.  Jax and I walk towards Stephen at the end of the alley where I have been staying the past month. As I walk up to a familiar face, a feminine face appears from the darkness behind Stephen. Jax starts growling at the woman who comes out into the street light. Starting from the ground, as my eyes scan the woman, I notice the all black business attire, from high heels, to the fancy dress, the long trench coat. Then I look at myself as in a comparison. The ripped, faded blue jeans and 80s style sweater and my beanie hat to keep my head warm at night. Damn. I can’t help but wonder what Stephen got himself into this time.
“Who is this, Stephen?” I didn’t hesitate to get the conversation started.
Stephen remains silent as the woman walks closer to me. Jax backs up a bit to be imitated by the woman, but continues to growl at his own expense.
“Heal, Jax.” I demanded. Jax sits, but keeps his eyes on the woman.
            “Alison.” The woman spoke with no hesitation.
The first thing that came into thought was the only person who called me by my first name. Then and there I knew who the woman was.
“Mother, is that really you?” I replied.
“Yes, Alison, it is.” After Madeline replied to me, she turned her attention towards my brother. “Stephen, make sure security is established at all angles.”
            “Yes, Ma’am.” Stephen replies.
“What is going on?” I helped myself into the conversation with curiosity and concern.
“We need to take all precaution prior to our meeting. You need to listen, Alison. This is not what I want for you. This homelessness you are experiencing was not any of our intentions, but in order to assure your protection, your father and I had to take extreme measures. Do you understand?” My mother explained.
            “Somewhat, but why come to me now? What’s the difference?”
“Things are changing in Section One. I can’t explain it now, but someday I hope I will be able to explain all the events and bring you out of the shadows.”
“So now what, is it time to relocate me to a new city or a new country?” I replied.
            “Possibly, but that is only if you are ready. Only one condition, get rid of the dog.”
Jax stands up and starts to growl at the woman.
“I don’t think that is a good idea.” I replied as I looked down at Jax, being just as bit disturbed about the request Madeline is making.
“I’ll take him.” Stephen smoothly joined the conversation. Madeline and I turned and looked at Stephen. “It’s either that or putting him down and I don’t want that.” He added.
Is this for real? What is going on in my own world? Is this really reality? Am I awake? I pinch my face to make sure because one moment I was homeless and the next my own mother comes out of the blue and just throws a life’s chance in the air like there was no tomorrow. Hell, we only live once right?
“Fine. I’ll do it, but I will have visitation rights, Stephen.”
            “It’s a deal.” Stephen suggested a hand shake to seal the deal as he offered his hand towards mine. I hesitantly returned the favor. The shake was formed.
Chapter Two: A New World
Mother, Stephen and I stroll in an emergency pace into Section One, where the first person we see was my profound father, Paul Wolfe, or as the Section One operatives would call him, Operations. He was pacing the hallway outside the entrance point like a nervous dog. Father didn’t waste any time when entering himself into a conversation with my mother.
            “What the hell are they doing here!?”
            “It’s time, Paul.”
Father stopped his pacing right in front of mother and studied intensely into her face.
“Not as long as George is still around, Madeline. We already have too much on our hands with Michael and Nikita on rouge!”
Stephen interrupts, “Whoa. Nikita and Michael flew the chicken coop!?”
Father didn’t hesitate to change his focus on Stephen.
“I suggest, Stephen that you go on your way for now.”
Stephen exchanges looks with mother before she supported father’s comment.
            “It’s okay, Stephen. I’ll take it from here.”
Stephen turns himself around and leaves Section out of the entrance/exit access. I was keeping my mouth shut, so I didn’t receive any backlash from the old man.  Stephen warned me about this personality, and now I see where my snaps come from now. All I can think of now as mother continue to exchange words with father, Great, I am in a family of snapping turtles, always snapping at each other.
Mother finalizes the discussion with my father by cutting him off in his rants.
            “Alison has been living on the streets for years now, she needs to be cleaned up, dressed and fed a hot meal. She’ll be in the tower with me whether you like it or not, Paul. I suggest you get use to your daughter now.”
            Mother switched her attention to me.
            “Come on, Alison. I’ll give you a tour after you’re cleaned up.”
            I still remained with my mouth closed, however exchanged looks with my father as I followed my mother down the hallway towards her office. I was day dreaming of the days I was living on the streets. Suddenly, I hear my name.
            “Alison. You okay?”
            I did notice her leverage she does have on father, and even though he didn’t show directly, he does respect her choices in Section. I perk up to become alert towards reality again. I was a bit hesitating to reply to her, but I did, respectfully.
            “I am fine. Just adjusting and observing this new World you have introduced me in.”
            As we walk by the Communication Center, I noticed a cute, young nerdy techy working away. He looked up from his computer screen and closely watched my mother and I walk by. I passed with a slight smile at him.
            When we walked into the tower, it was like a huge wardrobe closet. I swore a billionaire could comfortably live in this place. It was beautiful though. I stopped in my tracks to take in the scenery and scent of cedar wood surrounding the room. Mother reached her desk and turned around to watch me as I close my eyes and expand my arms. This wasn’t just an old cardboard box down an ally. It was an actual room in an actual building that I never been able to experience before. It felt good to finally be home with my family.
            I opened my eyes and looked over at my mother. She had a smile on her face just by watching me absorb the moment of serenity in my Savior’s presence, my own mother. With no words, I returned the smile.  Mother than grabbed a towel and showed me a new outfit of mine sitting on her desk that she was leaning on.  She tossed the towel at me, as I caught it.
            “If you have any questions, you can push this button here on the desk and that will page me. Take your time, if you want. Just let me know when you are done and we can eat dinner.”
Mother helps herself out of the tower and closes the door. I look around the room once again and walk through the numerous racks of clothes as my fingertips embrace the tingle of the numerous materials the clothes collection are made of. Then I make my way to the clothes she sets out for me. I also noticed the high heels. I’ve never walked in them before and not about to start, so I walk over to the shoe section in the wardrobe fiasco and found the most comfortable shoes I could find. I guess I have a lot to teach my mother about her daughter and the compliment of switching shoes is one place to start. 

Chapter Three: A Quick Discovery
I make my way down the hallway of Section to meet with my father in his office called “The Perch”, which overviews all of Section and its operatives from one area. “The Perch” is kind of a neat outlook in my eyes. Now, I see how he can easily feel like he owns the world. 
I stop at the doorway to await the permission of my presence.
            “Come on in, Alison.” My father announces.
I walk into the room and look directly out to the rest of Section, as to observe the scenery from my father’s point of view. My eyes shift over to the old man, who has his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes focus on me, all awhile he is leaning on the rail that is in front of the window that oversees the operation down below.
“You have come in a very complicated time, Alison.” 
“Please, call me Alley and I am not the one that requested this.”
“Never mind who idea it was, Alley is. I was just merely informing you that it’s going to be a bit chaotic for the time being, while we play family catch-up. I have two operatives on rogue and George breathing down my neck with this current event.”
I didn’t hesitate a response to my father. I wasn’t to let him talk down on me. 
“Listen, dad. Is it okay if I call you dad? I been living in a cardboard box, for who knows how long, to protect you and Mother? Ironically I get brought in when two operatives, who are probably the best you ever had, have gone rogue? George is breathing down your neck? Geez, I wonder why!”
I paused for a minute to examine his reaction and then continued onto the conversation.
“Don’t huff and puff down my back, like George is doing to you, Paul. I am not your puppet, like the rest of these operatives. I am your daughter, so don’t take it out on me. There has to be some kind of reason Mother brought me in.”
“There is.” My mother replied as she entered into the conversation. “Paul, the best weapon than an operative that fears us, is an operative that doesn’t fear us. We need her in Section.”
My father just started grinning at my mother like a sadistic cat that had a plan. I was kind of concerned with his reply.
            “Perhaps your right, Madeline, for if not fears us, than she shall not fear George or Oversight and possibly Mr. Jones.”     
“That is my point exactly.” My mother replies with her own smile.
My thoughts started going at a hundred miles per hour, for I didn’t know what to think at this point, but it sounds like my parents are from a coo-coo’s nest, out in the middle of nowhere. I had the look of concern on my face while I exchanged looks between my mom and my dad.
“First lesson, Alison, you will no longer be suggesting the name Ally. Your name is Alison. Second lesson, Alison, you will learn to trust us. Third lesson, Alison, you will learn to wear high heels.”
Well, my life just flew the coup right at this very moment. Let me give her my two cents.
“Well, this is just going to, suck.”
My father smirks at my response and adds his own, “Since Nikita is on rogue with Michael; we will have to improvise on the trainer then for her.”
“I’ll do it, Paul.” My mom responses. “You worry about finding the other two, I’ll worry about her.”
It’s just what I need right now, is bonding time with my own mother, as she forces me into clothes and shoes I have never pictured myself to wear. Well, this should be fun. There is nothing like living the dream that is not yours. I guess I have to learn to make it and shape it to be mine if I want to survive. 

Chapter Four: Training In A Nutshell
  I been months into training to act and think like an operative that my father is hoping for out of me. I have met Walter and Birkoff. Birkoff is my Communications trainer, and Walter lets me play with his weapon collection from time to time. The worst part of the day is when mom likes to think twelve hours a day, seven days a week, isn’t enough training for me. The only advantage of this is I get higher training on higher levels of security than the average recruit who is introduce to our world. I hear my mom mumbling something in the distance, as she is trying to teach me the world of fashion. I am falling asleep, trying to battle my eyes to stay awake or at least look like I am paying attention. Then, I hear my name.
            “Yes, Mom?” I reply.
“Are you okay?” She continues on.
“I don’t know. I been up since 0400 hours, spent four hours with Birkoff, eight hours with Walter, and now two hours with you playing the role of the fashion police. Maybe, just maybe, I could be ready for sleep?” I insist.
I get an unappreciated facial remark, but also a silent response from my mom. I guess she just been awoken to my sarcasm and cranky ness from being over worked in one day, but can you blame me? I feel I have become a slave to my own family. I feel they are pushing me beyond my capabilities at this point. I continue on to ease the point I am trying to come across.
“Mom, I have learned to love you, but I am dying here. I haven’t had a day off since you brought me in. I want, no let me rephrase that, I need to go see Jax and Stephen. I need a day off before you kill your own daughter off.”
Before my mom can reply, her phone rings. She walks behind her desk and answers with one simple word.
“Yes.” She answers.
I observe her body language as she is talking on the phone. Her body remains still. She is good, I can give her that. One of the first lessons with succeeding in an operative status is not to give away your posture and remain calm.
“Thank you.” Was all my Mother expresses in the conversation and then hangs up the phone. She goes back to focusing on our conversation with no hesitation.
“You can take a few days off next week, Alison, but I need you to work through the rest of the week.”
“What was the phone call about, Mom?” I just have a sense something more is going on with my recruitment into the Section. My intuition speaks on higher volumes than my own voice sometimes.  
“The operatives who are rogue at the current moment have been spotted, but we won’t make a move, yet.” She pauses as she examines my tired eyes. “Any more questions?”
“I only request the permission to be dismissed for the evening, please.”

            My mom sighs at my request, but gives in.
           “Yes. Report back to me at 0500 tomorrow.”

Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. IV

LFN Fan Fiction – “Nightmares”
(Written By: H. M.)

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at


(Shayne’s Dream) – Mission – Ukraine

Shayne is in the kneeling position in a grassy field outside a fenced power plant, with an M4 rifle wrapped around her shoulder, an intercom head set snugged tight onto her head underneath a stocking hat, scanning the scene with her night vision goggles. She also has a 9MM in her hip holster for a safety net.  She’s on a mission seemingly alone. As she continues to scan the surrounding area, she can hear and see troops talking and patrolling the compound. Out of nowhere, Adam approaches next to Shayne and startles her. She seemingly doesn’t know what is going on. Adam squats next to Shayne, like he belongs on the mission with her. 

Adam – “What’s up, Sis.”

Shayne – (Bluntly confused) – “Uh. What are you doing here?”

Adam – “On this mission, like you.”

Shayne still being confused isn’t feeling right about this mission. Last she checked, Adam was just adjusting to containment while she was training for a mission with Michael. 

Shayne (through the intercom) – “Mom? What is going on right now?”

Quinn (through the comm set) – “She’s going through denial again, Michael.”

Shayne – “I can hear you, Quinn. What is going on!?”

Quinn – (through the comm set) – “Sorry, Shayne. Michael needs to be notified.”

Shayne – “What the hell are you talking about?”

Quinn –(through the comm set) – “Shayne, what day is it?”

Shayne – “Thursday, 21 of April.”

Quinn –(through the comm set) – “Michael, you better get them out of there.”

Adam (chuckling) – “Are you lost in time again, sis?”

Shayne – “What the hell are you talking about?”

Adam – “Well, one, it’s June 6, a Monday, and we are in Ukraine.”

Shayne – “Where’s my mother?”

Adam – “I was getting there. Two, your mother has been dead for a month now.”

Shayne shocked and angered at the statement Adam made, doesn’t hesitate to drop her M4 and puts Adam in a choke hold. 

Shayne – “What the hell did you say!?”

Michael (through the comm set) – “Shayne.”

Adam is struggling by his sister’s strength as his eyes light up like he’s seeing a ghost. All of a sudden, Michael shows up out of nowhere through fog that just appeared in his own mission outfit and 9MM in his hand. Shayne is still strangling Adam in her choke hold out of anger as she screams and Adam is gasping for air.

Shayne – “Noooooo!”

Section One – Training Bay

Shayne’s first training since she’s been off abeyance for her involvement with shooting Adam. Nikita is trying to give direction to Shayne for combative training as Shayne is daydreaming off to another land. Nikita notices her dazing off and not paying attention. 

Nikita – “Shayne!”

Shayne snaps back into the present time.

Shayne – “Sorry.”

Nikita – “Did you get any sleep last night?”

Shayne – (Trying to avoid eye contact with Nikita) “Yeah, I did”.

Nikita tries to move her body with Shayne’s to try and get some eye contact with her. Shayne finally looks up straight at Nikita a bit agitated. 

Shayne – “Mom, I’m fine.”

Nikita tries to grab Shayne as she tries to walk away from Nikita.

Nikita – “Shayne, you need to focus.”

Shayne – “I’m trying!”

Nikita – “Trying isn’t good enough. Michael needs you for this mission.”

Shayne – “The Lebanon mission? I been prepping for that mission since before you threw me in abeyance.”

Nikita – “The Lebanon mission has been pushed down on the priority list, Shayne. There’s a new mission on top of the priority list.”

Shayne – “Now, where are we going? Disneyland?”

As Shayne finishes her sentence, Michael walks into the training bay and watches Nikita and Shayne having a moment from the railing. Nikita disappointed in Shayne’s attitude walks towards her water bottle and towel on the corner of the mat and picks up the towel and wipes the sweat she has been working during Shayne’s training hours. As she wipes her back shoulders, she walks to Michael. Shayne walks over to her boxing gear, puts on her wraps and heads towards the boxing bag and goes at it like she’s in a match.)

Michael – “How is she?”

Nikita – (sighs) “She’s back to the old Shayne, cranky, edgy, a delinquent and I don’t think she’s been sleeping much. (pauses, as both watch Shayne from a distance.) I think she gets the delinquent side from you, Michael.”

Michael shares a small smirk with Nikita as they turn their attention back towards Shayne’s boxing training.

Michael – “Would you like me to take care of her?”

Nikita – “I wish you the best, Michael.”

Michael strolls down the rail to meet up with Shayne.

Michael – “Shayne.”

Michael motions Shayne towards him. Shayne stops beating on the bag with her jab, reverse and uppercuts, makes eye contact with Michael and heads over towards him on his demand.

Shayne – “Yes, father?”

Michael – “We leave in 48 hours for our mission. I suggest you focus on the training that Nikita is giving you.”

Shayne – “What makes both of you think I am not focusing?”

Michael – “There’s a briefing in thirty minutes.”

Shayne grabs her gear before heading to munitions. As she walks out of the training bay, Adam walks in with guards assisting him.  As Shayne reaches the door way where Adam is standing at attention, Adam and Shayne exchange intense looks to one another.  As Shayne keeps walking away and avoids the situation, Adam keeps his eyes on her and watches her walk down the hallway. Michael walks up to Adam and examines his body language.

Michael – “Are you ready?”

Adam switches his attention on Michael.

Adam – “Ready for what?”

Michael – “Your first day of training?”

Adam – “How am I supposed to train with these guys humping my back twenty four seven?”

Michael signals the guards for dismissal. The guards leave the training bay. Michael uses his hand signals to point Adam towards the floor with the rest of the recruits. 

Michael – “If you need anything, Nikita will be your point of contact until I return.”

With no response, Adam joins the rest of the recruits for his first day of training. 

Mission – Fredrikstad, Norway – Hotel

In the lobby of a hotel, Shayne watches Michael from a distance, as he checks into a room for him and Shayne. The luggage of four bags, two big (probably for their clothes and other essentials) and two small, is sitting next to Shayne. Michael thanks the man at the front desk and makes his way towards Shayne. Michael hands a hotel key and some brochures to Shayne.

Michael – “Room 2-34”

Shayne – “Well, at least we aren’t on the first floor. What are the brochures for?”

Michael – “I figured we do some sight-seeing tomorrow. There’s a little coffee shop around the corner and a restaurant across town that I’ve wanted to try for a few years now.”

Shayne – “Already trying to bond with me, I see.”

Michael shows a small smile to Shayne. Shayne looks down at the luggage. 

Shayne – “The luggage isn’t getting to the rooms themselves.”

Michael and Shayne grab their luggage and head towards the elevator and gets in. The elevator door closes.

Section One – Nikita’s Perch

Nikita is watching over Section as she has adjusted well to do over the years. Madeline appears. 

Nikita – “Hello, Madeline.”

Madeline – “Hello, Nikita.”

Nikita – “What is Adam’s status?”

Madeline – “Surprisingly well. The Gelman process has been affective.”

Nikita – “Good. We erased his memory from the last three months with him in containment?”

Madeline – “As well as most of his years in Red Cell possession.”

Nikita – “Now it’ll be easier to keep him focused on his training with Jason in systems and Wolfe in munitions all the while Shayne and Michael are on their own mission to bring in Odin.”

Madeline – “If there are any issues, you will be the first to know.”

Nikita – “Thank you, Madeline.”

Madeline disaggregates out of the perch and Nikita continues on to watch out of the perch amongst her young operatives across in systems training with Jason. 

Mission – Fredrikstad, Norway – Hotel Room

It’s evening. Michael is at the table in the room on the lap top working on his intel provided for the mission. Shayne is sleeping on one of the two beds in the room as she is exhausted from the traveling. Shayne has been squirming in her blankets as Michael keeps an eye on her while trying to do his work. Michael notices the purpose of her squirms and makes his way to the bathroom sink to get her a glass of water and make his way to her bed. He sits at the edge of the bed and then puts the glass down on the end table. Shayne quickly reacts to the presence and jumps up from her dreams. Michael adjusts his arms to reach out to Shayne to try and calm her.

Michael – “It’s me.”

Shayne without saying anything tries to wipe the sweat on her face she endured while stuck in her dreams with her extra-large t-shirt she wears for pajamas. Michael tries to make eye contact with Shayne as she continues to also try to calm her breathing. 

Michael – “Are you okay?”

Shayne still without a reply grabs the glass on the end table and helps herself with the water. 

Michael – “Shayne. Talk to me.”

Shayne – “I’m fine.”

Michael – “No, you’re not. How long has this been going on?”

Shayne realizing that she can’t hide her insomnia anymore from her parents finally caves in to Michael.

Shayne – Uh. I don’t know. Three months now?”

Michael – “Why didn’t you say anything to Nikita?”

Shayne – “She has enough to worry about with me, you and Adam combined. I didn’t want to give her any more stress then what she already has.”

Michael – “We can’t help you if we don’t know what’s wrong?”

Shayne – “Honestly, Michael. I’ll be fine.”

Shayne looks at the alarm clock next to the bed. It’s 04:30 in the morning.

Shayne – “It’s time to get up anyways.”

She helps herself out of bed and grabs some more water for the glass Michael had given her.

Shayne – “Thanks for the water.”

Michael – “You’re welcome.”

Michael makes his way back to his lap top area to check again on the status of the mission. Shayne walks over and stands behind as she looks on with Michael on the screen. 

Shayne – “What do you have so far?”

Michael – “Odin has been hiding in an abandon fishing boat with a shadow team in Slevic. I believe that’s where the sub-station for Red Cell is for Western Europe right now.”

Shayne – “It’s easy and still capable of being mobile if need be.”

Michael – “Yes.”

Shayne – (talking to the screen) – “You are clever, Odin. (Pause.) What are the numbers for the Shadow team as well as the security on the ship?”

Michael – “Five to one, as of right now. The intel may change.”

Shayne – “We will need back up.”

Michael – “Possibly.”

Michael shuts down the screen and shuts the lap top. 

Michael – “I’ll make some coffee. Call your mother and give her the updated intel.”

Michael hands over his cell phone to Shayne as he gets up from his chair. Shayne begins to dial the number to Section One as Michael makes his way to the sink next to the bathroom, where the coffee maker is sitting with mini packets of coffee. 

Shayne – “Quinn, it’s me, Shayne. Can I speak with  my mother?”

Section One – Nikita’s Perch

Quinn (over the intercom) – “Nikita, Shayne is on the phone for you.”

Nikita – “Send her through.”

Nikita decodes the panel to answer her daughter’s call.

Nikita – “Shayne. What is it?”

Shayne (through the phone) – “Michael has new intel. We found Odin.”

Nikita – “Numbers?”

Shayne – (through the phone) “Five to one as of right now. Michael indicates that it may change in a couple of days. We will have to move fast if we want to catch this guy and take out the sub-station we found.”

Nikita – “Where’s Michael?”

Shayne – (through the phone) “Uh, he’s making coffee.”

Nikita can’t help, but smile at the unexpected, but good news. It sounds like progress for her family’s relationship.

Nikita – “Put him on the phone please, Shayne.”

Shayne – “One moment.”

Michael – (through the phone) “Shayne, get ready. (Directs his conversation to Nikita) Yes?”

Nikita – “I just wanted to hear your voice. I am guessing positive progress on the mission?”

Michael – “It is, but one thing. (Pauses.) She’s been having nightmares and struggling with insomnia.”

Nikita’s smile fades a bit from the discomfort news Michael reveals over the phone.

Michael – “Nikita.”

Nikita – “We will have to wait for both of your returns to get her the proper treatment. Just be safe and protect her, Michael. I want both of you to come home in one piece.”

Michael – “Of course.”

Michael and Nikita end the connection and go back to their current routines, Nikita watching over Section in the perch and Michael getting ready to head on to his day adventures with his daughter. Nikita dims the perch’s windows for some alone time, as Michael puts on a brown leather jacket to blend in more with the everyday citizens in Norway.

Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. III

LFN Fan Fiction – “Redemption”.

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at

Shayne is held in Containment as Adam is tied up in the White Room, awaiting his interrogation. In Containment, there’s a boxing bag hanging from the ceiling. Shayne seems to be a little distressed, as she paces back and forth in the small room. She takes a seat at the edge of the bed that is across the room from the boxing bag and watches the bag just stand still. She looks down on the side of the bed and notices some boxing gloves just lying around next to an IPod. Shayne picks up the headphones and straps the IPod on her arm. She hits play which in her ears starts to play, “I Will Not Bow” By Breaking Benjamin. She picks up the boxing gloves, straps them on her hands and starts her kickboxing session with the boxing bag. Nikita and Michael watches from a monitor outside the containment area.

Section One – Hallway:

You can tell Nikita is torn about the situation at hand. Adam is the enemy and Shayne seems to be lost in her own world, trying to figure out which path to choose from this tormented lifestyle.

Nikita – “I damaged her, Michael. I brought her in too young.”

Michael – “Don’t blame yourself. You did it to protect her.”

Nikita – (Looks at Michael) “I wonder what it would be like If I didn’t bring her into this lifestyle. I wonder if it’s now us she needs to be protected from.”

Michael – “She’ll be alright. Give it time.”

Nikita – “How much time, Michael? She shot her own brother!”

Feeling the tense from the situation, Michael being the lack of emotions, mysterious character he is just exchanges looks with Nikita without an answer and walks off towards the White Room where Adam is getting tortured and interrogated by the twins and the A.I. of Madeline.

Section One – White Room:

Madeline is standing on the left side of Adam as the torture twins pack up their gadgets and toys they used on him for the interrogation procedures. Michael walks in and shuts the door. Michael examines Adam from feet to head. He noticed they bandaged up the shot wound that Shayne has presented him for a “welcome home” gift. Adam seems to be a little beat up with a few scratches on his face. His veins are popping out from the drugs the torture twins induced into him to try and get the information they need on Red Cell and The Collective’s plan with one another. As Michael looks into Adam’s eyes, he sees no emotion, but hatred and anger.

Michael – “What did you get out of him, Madeline?”

Madeline – “Nothing much, unfortunately. He is just as resistant as his father when it comes to interrogations.”

Michael hand signals the twins to exit the white room. They nod, grab their suitcases and exit without hesitation or questioning. Michael continues to pace around the chair and examine Adam, as Adam stares blank at the door that the torture twins exit out of. Madeline leans in and kneels down to Adam.

Madeline – “Adam. We are not going to kill you. That is way too easy for our taste. Tell Michael what he needs to know and the torturing stops.”

Adam (slowly turns his head at Madeline) – “Bite me, lady.”

Michael stops his walk around the chair and stands right in front of Adam. Adam switches his focus on his father.

Adam – “You know what, father? You should have stayed out of this. Red Cell and The Collective has found out about Shayne, and because of your involvement and it gives me more leverage in this cat and mouse game you think Section One will win. In this chair, being dead, or still in the game, myself, it will continue.”

Section One – Communications:

As Michael and Nikita try to sort out their family issues, Quinn and Jasmine take control of the side mission that Mendez and some new recruits, including Stephen Wolfe, are on a mission in Munich, Germany. A small organization linked to Red Cell called Gray Sky has been sitting in Munich, Germany for three years. Quinn found the hot spot underground, underneath a hotel. Mendez and his recruits are in the van prepping for executing the mission.

Quinn – (through the Comm Set) “Alright, Mendez, I see five hostiles in the basement of the hotel and at least twenty in the hotel alone.”

Mendez – (In Germany) “The big dogs must be in the basement.”

Jasmine – (Through the Comm Set) “We want as little collateral damage as possible, Mendez. That includes citizens.”

Mendez – “Got it Kwong. (Directs instructions to the recruits) Listen up boys and girls, ladies and gents. This is a minor mission; there shouldn’t be any issue when we capture the target. Don’t shoot the innocence. If you do, it’s a month in containment. Got it?”

Recruits – “Yes sir!”

Mendez – “Remember, this isn’t training anymore, this is the real deal. Stephen, your team will round about and go through the back of the Hotel, my team will go through the front. (Stephen nods) Let’s go!”

Mendez and his recruits exit out of the van that’s parked behind bushes that are facing the hotel. Mendez and his group of four walk up to the front of the hotel. As a Gray Sky member spots them and starts following them, Mendez quickly turns around, shoots him with a silencer pistol. Two members of his team quickly take the body out of sight around the building. Mendez walks up to the front counter and talks silently in German to the lady working the counter.

Mendez – “Guten Morgen. Ich möchte mit Ihrem chef sprechen.”

Mendez slowly reveals his weapon to the lady.

Mendez – “No sudden moves. Now, where can I find him?”

Lady – (German Accent) – “He’s in his office, in the basement.”

Another young recruit from Mendez’s team gets behind the counter, knocks the lady out with a butt stroke to the head and takes his coat off to reveal his outfit as a hotel keeper. The two recruits come in from outside and goes behind the counter to take the lady into the back room.

Mendez – “Now, you are our eyes and ears. Anything fishy let me know through our Comms.”

Recruit #1 – “Yes, sir.”

Mendez – (Through the Comm) “Are you in position, Wolfe?”

Wolfe – “I’m in position.”

Mendez – “Move to position #2. Now! We only have a 10 minute window before the hotel lobby opens. Let’s get in and get out.”

Wolfe – “My team is entering the elevator, Mendez.”

Mendez – “Cooper, stand at your position. Rest of you, follow me. We will take the stairs.”

Section One – Containment Room:

Shayne is lying on the floor with her legs up on her bed. She has her eyes closed, arms behind her head and headphones on her ears. Her choice of music is back to her alternative rock with Breaking Benjamin’s “I Will Not Bow”. Nikita walks into the containment room that holds Shayne, walks around Shayne’s body and sits on the bed. Shayne opens her eyes and shares a stare with her mother. She slowly takes off her headphones.

Shayne – “What do you want?”

Nikita – “Just to spend time with you.”

Shayne – “So how long are you and daddy keeping me cooped up in this hole?”

Nikita – “How long are you going to be angry with me?”

Shayne rolls her eyes and puts her headphones back on trying to avoid the conversation. Nikita bends over and grabs the headphones from Shayne’s head.

Nikita – “Talk to me, please. I miss the old us. Our silly conversations at the coffee shops, our laughter and memories we share.”

Shayne – “What do you want me to say, mother? You threw me in containment.”

Nikita – “Just because you are my daughter, doesn’t mean you are going to get any special treatment. You were being juvenile, what was I supposed to do?”

Shayne gets up from where she was lying and starts pacing the room back and forth. Nikita can tell Shayne is getting all worked up about the whole situation. Nikita gets up from the bed and walks over to Shayne. Nikita slowly gestures a hug with Shayne. Shayne starts crying.

Shayne – “I can’t do this anymore, mom. I’m not strong like you. Maybe it’s best to just keep me in containment until all of this is over.”

Shayne holds onto her mother tightly as if she was a little girl again. Nikita is tempted to take advantage of Shayne’s weak moment and smiles in relief of Shayne’s soft side that’s finally coming out.

Nikita – “Now listen to me. I need you to get your game face on. I am depending on you right now. It’s a very difficult situation for Michael being torn between his family. I know you don’t see it right now, but he loves you. He wanted the best for you since day one when you came into this world. Trust me with what I am telling you.”

Shayne – (wiping her tears from her eyes, walks over to the bed and sits down) “I can try, I guess, but it’s not right for him to be walking in and out of our lives like he has the past nineteen years. You both shouldn’t have hid Adam from me.”

Nikita – “If you are mad about that, it’s not him who hid it from you, it was me, Shayne. Be mad at me. I was only protecting you and him all at once. It’s complicated, but if any terrorist organizations found out about you two being siblings, they’d come after both of you. Luckily they didn’t find out until recently.”

Shayne – “So what’s going to happen to Adam after his interrogation?”

Nikita – “Madeline will assist me with a project for him and you will be training him for Section One once he is ready. You did a good job with Wolfe. I was impressed.”

Shayne – “I did alright. It’s hard to train an operative when you have no field experience in the first place.”

Nikita and Shayne both share brief smiles with each other, as Jasmine gets on the Intercom to call Nikita.

Jasmine – “Nikita. Mendez and the recruits have returned from the mission. They are ready to debrief.

Nikita – “Thank you, Jasmine. I’ll be in my office in a couple minutes. Send Mendez to meet me there.”

Jasmine – “He’s en route as we speak.”

Nikita hugs Shayne again and gets up to walk out the door. She pauses before she lets herself out and turns towards Shayne. Shayne stands up out of respect for her mother.

Nikita – “Maybe if you keep on good behavior, you can get an early release from containment.”

Nikita smiles at Shayne and then turns around and exits out of the room. Shayne lies down on the bed and starts day dreaming of the life they had yet again. She replays the coffee shop scene in her head, but this time Michael is also in the picture. Young Shayne is sipping on her coffee as Michael sits down next to her.

Young Shayne – “Daddy!”

She hugs him as if she’s been waiting all day for him to get off of work.

Michael – “Here, I got you something.”

Nikita – “Michael.”

Young Shayne – “What is it!? What is it?!”

As the little girl opens the gift and pulls out a teddy bear, Nikita and Michael share looks and smiles as to being a normal family. Shayne hugs her dad and her new toy. It seems more memories of Michael are coming back to Shayne’s mind. She lies in bed, arms behind her head and closes her eyes.

Section One – Shayne’s Office

Since Shayne is still doing time in containment, Michael has been occupying the office to help Nikita out with Section One. Stephen Wolfe has reported to Michael, as Mendez is debriefing with Nikita. The office doors open and Stephen walks in and sits in the chair in front of the desk and Sims rep table. A.I. Madeline appears on the table right as Stephen sits down.

Michael – “Hello, Wolfe.”

Wolfe – “Michael.”

Michael – “How is everything going?”

Wolfe – “Everything is fine.” (Turns to Madeline) “This is a neat toy, you have.”

Michael – “She’s not a toy. She was the lead strategist for Section One twenty one years ago. This artificial intelligence is the remains of Madeline’s intelligence and memories that Quinn created to rebuild her. It’s not flesh and bone, but it’s her.

Wolfe – “Wow. Never thought we had this kind of technology.”

Michael – “It’s very rare.”

Madeline – “Stephen, you were brought to Section for a reason. To give you a second chance. Nikita promised your father…”

Wolfe – “My father? What does my father have to do with this?”

Michael – “We think it’s time you should know why you were brought into Section. When you were out, doing drug deals, working for terrorist organizations, almost getting killed, you met Nikita. She saved your life.”

Wolfe – “Yes, I remember.”

Michael slips Wolfe a panel that covers Paul Wolfe’s biography.

Michael – “Your father was Operations. He was the head of Section One for many of years. The reason how Nikita found you was because he was watching you from the beginning. He was protecting you.”

Wolfe – “So I’m just a charity case.”

Michael – “No. Five years ago The Collective figured who you were. Regardless of what you were doing, they knew your potential and so did we. (Pauses) They were going to assassinate you, but we intercepted you before they could get a shot.”

Madeline – “We figured you could be more of use to us alive than dead.”

Wolfe – “So if it wasn’t for you guys, I’d be dead right now.”

Michael – “Yes.”

Wolfe – “That’s just great! Are we done here?”

Michael – “For now.”

Wolfe stands up and walks out of the room. Michael contemplates the conversation and Wolfe’s body language in his thoughts. Nikita walks into the office with the panels she received from Mendez during his debrief.

Nikita – “Did you tell him?”

Madeline – “We only told him about Paul. He seems to be upset right now to let him know his position with us.”

Nikita – “Well, he’s the oldest recruit and we need someone for Munitions. Stephen’s done a huge share in the weapons department when he worked for Red Cell.”

Michael – “How do you know we can trust him to cooperate?”

Nikita – “He cares too much for Shayne to not trust him. I’ve seen it in the training. He kind of reminds me of Walter back in the day. ”

Madeline – “I’ll keep an eye on him from a distance for extra precaution.”

Nikita – “Thank you, Madeline.”

Madeline transport out of the room for the two soul mates to be alone. Nikita walks around the desk and sits on Michael’s lap. Kisses his lips and caresses his face as he holds her tightly.

Nikita – “I think I finally got through to Shayne today.”

Michael – “How so?”

Nikita – “For once in three years, I saw humanity in her. I saw it in her body language, in her eyes. She finally broke down in tears, Michael. In three years.”

Michael – “I told you it’ll all be alright. We should still keep surveillance on her to make sure.”

Nikita – “You’re right. I’m just glad to have the old Shayne back.”

Nikita smiles at Michael and he returns a small smile, which no one sees often except for Nikita. They continue to be intimate with each other and continue to kiss at the desk.

Quinn (over the intercom): “Michael, we have a break in Adam. He’s finally talking.”

Michael – “I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Section One – White Room

Adam’s head is strapped to the chair as he stares at a hologram of his mother, Elena, standing in front of him. Michael walks into the room and notices the image. He is a bit disturbed from. He goes to the computer screen and makes Elena disappear. Michael turns and watches Adam in his daze at the white wall with a couple tears rolling down his eyes.

Michael – “This is far from easy for me, Adam. You have to know that.”

Adam – “That’s very hard to believe, father. Why don’t you just kill me?”

Michael – “I’m not going to kill you, son. I won’t.”

Adam – “What do you want from me?”

Michael – “To cooperate, so I can get you out of that damn chair!”

Adam – (sighs) “Kris Odin from Oslo, Norway. He recruited me three years ago during your last visit with Nikita and Shayne. It was an open door and I took it.”

Michael – “Why didn’t you come to me?”

Adam – “You were too caught up with your family. You always have been.”

Michael – “They are your family too. Shayne could have killed you, but she didn’t.”

Adam – (laughs) “Only because Nikita told her not to. Don’t try to fool me, (pause) dad.”

Michael walks up to the chair and unlocks Adam’s hands. He pulls his son up from the chair and takes him out of the white room. They walk down the corridor to the next available containment room. Michael pushes the code key to the room and it opens. He pushes Adam in the room like he was a disobedient child.

Michael – “You will remain here until your training in Section One is complete. Madeline and Nikita will help get you situated.”

Adam – “Where are you going?!”

Michael – “I’ll be on a mission with Shayne to find Odin. That way I won’t be a distraction to your progress nor will Shayne.”

Michael leaves the room and locks the door behind him. Adam rushes to the door as if trying to follow Michael out, but he doesn’t make it soon enough. Adam hits his fists against the door and walks back to the bed and lies down.

Section One – The Perch:

Nikita is working on a few panels to help prep Michael for his first mission in twenty years. Michael enters the perch, stands in front of the overview and observes Section One’s new generation of operatives. Nikita stops what she is doing and joins Michael’s views.

Nikita – “Kris Odin?”

Michael – “You heard of him?”

Nikita – “Yes. He went dark about five years ago and Section hasn’t heard about him since. He is a weapons dealer or was for Red Cell.”

Michael – “Section is young compared to twenty years ago. They still have a lot to learn before they are able to redeem Section One’s reputation.”

Nikita – “I agree. Does that mean you are staying?”

Michael – “As long as it takes.”

Nikita smiles as a response to Michael’s proposal to stick around Section One.

Michael – “With Madeline, you and myself we should have Section back at 100% within a year. Bringing in Jason wouldn’t hurt either.”

Nikita – “I’ll give him a call in about an hour.”

Michael – “Make it in thirty minutes. As for Shayne, (pause) I want her on the mission with me to Norway.”

Nikita – “Are you sure she’s ready?”

Michael – “If she’s not, she has 72 hours to be.”

Nikita observes Michael’s facial expressions as he returns the eye contact. Michael’s all business now with Nikita and she sees it in his blank stare.

Nikita – “I’ll start working with her now.”

Nikita takes the panels back to Quinn in Communications and exchanges a few words with her. Michael remains in the Perch watching over the situation. Quinn looks up to the Perch and sees Michael observing over like Operations has in the past. It seems that he has stepped into Nikita’s spotlight in the top spot for now or is it forever?