Psychological Demons Teaser #3

Here is teaser #3 for my story, Psychological Demons. I am introducing the relationship between Eve and her mother, Cynthia, as Eve visits her mom for the first time since she left for the military. Not all is what it seems on the surface. 

Cynthia Torseman only had a couple skills for work, waitressing and bartending, while raising Eve after the divorce with Joe. The divorce resulted in a hardship for Cynthia, as she was used to being a stay-at-home mom, now had to manage herself when Joe moved out. Cynthia and Joe only lived a couple blocks away from one another for Eve’s benefits and relationships with both parents, but that didn’t change the fact that Eve wasn’t raised on a silver-platter. She developed an appreciation of her mother, as Cynthia worked more than 40 hours a week to make ends meet. There was no need for court dates between the parents, which was rare for a broken home in the United States.

As she came to age, Eve enlisted in the military to assist her mother with her bills. Eve would send an anonymous envelope with money, while she was away for training or missions, no matter where she was in the world. As Eve returned home for the first time in two years, Cynthia would discover a change.
Cynthia walks to her mailbox to get her mail. She opens it and grabs the stack in the box. Cynthia skims through the mail and notice an envelope is missing from the stack. She looks down the street on her right and then left as she pats the stack of mail on her chest. Her facial expression expressed a concern. Did the mailman drop the envelope? Did the envelope get lost on its way home? Cynthia slowly bit her lip out of nervousness and double-checked the stack again to make sure she didn’t misplace the envelope herself. The middle-aged lady takes another look around the area and turns around to walk back into her house.
            Two blocks away from both her mother and father’s houses, Eve was waiting in a taxi cab parked. Inside the taxi, the driver looks through his rear view mirror to his passenger who is smirking and flipping the envelope over and over in her hands.
“Ma’am, I know it’s none of my business, but isn’t it illegal to be digging and stealing other people’s mail?”
The taxi-driver expressed his concerns towards Eve. In response, Eve smiles and continues the conversation with the driver.
            “Not if you are the person who sent it.”
            Eve flips the front of the envelope with the addresses facing the driver and leans forward. She grabs her bills out of her back pocket and hands forty dollars out of the money stack to the taxi driver.
 “For caring, lunch is on me. Keep the change, buddy.”
            The taxi-driver responds with a relieved laugh, “Thank you, Ma’am.”
            Eve kicks open the back passenger door and grabs her duffel bag from across the seat. She shuts the door and walks across the street and up to the front door of her mother’s house. Eve puts down her duffel bag. The duffel bag is weathered and the color is faded from the use Eve has put into it. She claims it’s her lucky bag, as “lucky” is stitched across the pocket on the side, symmetrically across the pocket. The doorbell rings.
Cynthia yells from inside the house, “Coming!”

            Cynthia opens the door while still skimming the mail. Before Cynthia can look up to see who the visitor is. Eve sets the envelope in front of her mother’s face. 

2015©H.M. Gautsch

Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Part VI.

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at 

Shayne Samuelle-Jones & Eric Sven are characters personally created by H.M. Gautsch. Infringement not intended.

Shayne’s Apartment 
Shayne is doing her morning workout routine as she does sit ups in the living room with the bottom of her couch holding her feet. In the background, the music transitions from the end of “Hero” by Pop Evil to the beginning of “Call Me” by Shinedown as she finishes her last set. Sweat pours down her face as she makes her way to sit upon the couch. The song seems to direct her to reminiscing all the events that have occurred with her family. She grabs the towel on top of the stereo system and wipes her face. There is a knock at the door. Shayne looks towards the door and slowly makes her away. She looks into the peep hole and notices it being Nikita. She unlocks the door and opens. As more of the apartment is revealed, there is a set-up of sunglasses hanging along the island in the kitchen, like as Nikita once organized in her old apartment years ago when she first started with Section One.  Nikita is in a long black leather dress w/ a black blouse and black gloves. In her hands, she holds red sun glasses to show the small individualism she has left while she still holds as Operations. Nikita walks in and observes the apartment.
Shayne – “Hey, mother. What brings you here this morning?”
Nikita – “I figured I stop by to see how you are settling in your new digs before I head into work. Really impressive.”
Nikita looks at the sunglasses set up and heads to the island. She takes her right hand and glides it across the glasses like she had once before, but in a slower matter. She smiles.
Nikita – “It looks like you are making it your home, Shayne.” 
Shayne – “Doing what I can to be at comfort.”
Shayne heads to the kitchen to grab a glass and fill it with water. Nikita sits at one of the bar stools at the island. Shayne signals with her glass to her mother as she swallows a sip of water.
Shayne – “Mmm… Would you like something to drink?”
Nikita – “Tea would be nice.” 
As Shayne grabs her tea kettle from a cupboard and fills it with water, she continues her conversation with Nikita.
Shayne – “So, what time do you have to report in?”
Nikita – “Your father is already in work prepping for the briefing at 0800 hours, so I have a couple hours yet.”
Shayne puts the kettle on the stove and turns on the stove.
Shayne – “It’s actually become a nice thing to have him return overall. I must admit.”
Nikita smiles at Shayne’s confession.
Shayne continues.
Shayne – “Six months ago, if you would have asked me then, I wouldn’t have even believed life would be like this. We have the most fucked up job in the world, however, with the family together. It feels normal and complete. I must be growing up.”
Nikita – “I must admit, I am impressed with you, Shayne.”
Shayne returns a smile back at her mother as she leans her back and hands against the kitchen counter, while remaining eye contact with Nikita.
Section One – The Perch
Michael is going over a few panels from the previous missions in the last week that Jasmine, Mendez, and the new recruit, Eric Sven, have been on separately. He continues with his tech-savvy skills set and also observes Shayne’s progress notes from the therapist that he hired to help with her nightmares. He switches the profile access to Adam’s status with the Gelman Process. Michael notices a decryption in the profile as the Gelman Process seems to deteriorate in Adam’s mind. Michael calls for Madeline.
Michael – “Madeline.”
Madeline appears as a hologram next to Michael and observes alongside to discover his concern.
Michael – “What is going on with Adam?”
Madeline – “We should have seen this coming considering Nikita’s same recovery from the Gelman Process.”
Michael – “Can anything be done?”
Madeline – “A rerun in the process, but even that is a high risk in itself.”
Michael – “Explain.”
Madeline – “We only have so much Intel from Dr. Gelman with the process. We only received 45% of his accomplishments before he was untraceable. It was never fully completed in a production to successfully turn the brain waves 100%. Why do you think you were able to successfully reverse the process with Nikita? If we were able to attract 100% of Gelman’s process, you would have never have been able to bring the old Nikita back.”
Michael – “So, Adam is slowly returning to his old self?”
Madeline – “That’s the highest probability at this rate.”
Michael pulls out his cell phone from his pocket and dials a speed dial number in his phone. He puts the phone to his ear and waits for an answer on the other end.
Michael – “Josephine.”
Section One – Van Access
The clearance is made above the door to the entrance of Section. The door opens and there stands Nikita in the same attire and Shayne in her new attire, black slacks, a grey button down shirt, black vest, & grey/black bandana, black jewelry accessories, & her black framed eye glasses as her last touch. It is officially known that Shayne has a taste of fashion like her mom, but also with her own style, as she sports black biker boots, as Nikita sports high heels. Both Shayne & Nikita head towards Comms, where Jason is revealed for a visit to Section. 
Shayne – “Well, if it isn’t good ole’ Jason.” 
Shayne says with a smile and hugs him from behind, as he seems to be going through some numbers in the system. 
Jason – “Hello, darlin’.”
Shayne – “How have you been?”
Shayne sits in a chair next to Jason. As Jason and Shayne plays catch up, Nikita continues to walk towards the Perch, where Michael is standing and watching over Section. Nikita looks up to Michael and they meet eyes.  
Section One – The Perch
Nikita enters the perch, as Michael picks up the window’s remote and dims it from the exterior. 
Nikita – “Good morning, love.”
Michael – “Good morning.”
Nikita goes straight into business with the conversation as both are used to putting Section’s business before their relationship, for the security of their children.
Nikita – “How are the numbers holding?”
Michael – “Decent. We remain at 98% success rate. Highest in all of Oversight.”
Nikita – “Brilliant. And Eric? It’s his one year review.”
Michael – “I know.”
Nikita – “And?” 
Michael – “He has his distractions.”
Nikita – “And?”
Michael – “He’s not the only one.” 
Nikita – “Considering him being in his mid-30s, he does have a lot of work cut out for him.”
Michael – “Patience.” 
Nikita looks over Eric’s profile, a handsome lad from Sweden.
Nikita – “Well, at least he doesn’t have a problem with getting women’s attention.”
Michael – “That’s why we brought him.”
Nikita – “As well as his history in the government with counter terrorism expertise. I feel he is one of the best assets we have found in a long time.” 
Michael – “We shall see.”
Michael and Nikita change the direction of their attention back down to Comms and watches as Eric appears to converse with Jason and Shayne.
Section One – Comms
Jason is finishing up his system checks on the main computer. Shayne is chilling next to him, half-spinning around in her chair like a little school girl.
Jason – “Alright. That should do it.”
Eric and Jasmine walk by as they are walking towards the training bay for Eric’s physical training of the day. Eric is in all black, muscle shirt and sweat pants, as Jasmine is in similar clothes style. Jasmine continues to walk, as Eric stops by as he discovers Shayne & Jason.
Eric – “Morning.”
Shayne – “Morning, Eric.” 
Jason – “Morning. I’m Jason, from Oversight.”
Eric – “Good to meet you. I’m Eric. A new recruit with a middle-age for this place.”
Jason examines Eric’s body.
Jason – “Looks like you don’t have a problem fitting in.”
Shayne – “He’s one of our new Valentine Ops.”
Jason – “I can see why, but don’t worry. You aren’t really my type. I wish you the best of luck, Eric. Just don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. It won’t make your job any easier.”
Jason smiles at Eric and Shayne giggles. Jason stands up and closes his suit case. Shayne stands up with him. He directs his next line towards Shayne.
Jason – “Alright, love. Tell your folks it was good seeing y’all.”
Shayne – “I will, J.” 
Jason leaves Comms and heads to Van Access with two security operatives, who appears from the crowd of Section ops working. Jasmine re-appears in Comms.
Jasmine – “Eric, we are on a tight schedule today. Come on.”
Eric – “Sorry, Jasmine.”
Eric smiles at Shayne and follows Jasmine to the training bay.
Section One – Briefing Table
Nikita is at the head of the table where Operations once stood. The line at the briefing goes as such from Nikita’s left to right, Michael, Shayne, Mendez, Stephen, Griff, & Adam. Nikita starts the meeting as she turns on the holographic profile displayed digitally on the table. 
Nikita – “This is Fredrick Baigne. There is evidence that he is in the progress of awakening the sleeper-cell, Glass Curtain through Red Cell and having them join forces in terrorism activities against Western Europe. His first target is Madrid, Spain, where he wants to plant a biological gas element in the train station’s system, so it can transfer across regions through rail transport. 
Shayne – “Didn’t Section shut down Glass Curtain years ago?”
Nikita – “Yes. In the past five years, Baigne has been recruiting and organizing the cell with the knowledge of Red Cell’s new lead, Boris Vadim.”
Shayne – “Wait…”
Michael – “Red Cell relocated to Russia two years ago, knowing the challenges of Section’s abilities to reach them.”
Shayne – “Is Red Cell attempting to brew up Cold War II by residing in Russia?”
Nikita – “It looks as if that’s their mission.”
Shayne – “What is the accountability like for the States? Are they aware?”
Nikita – “From my Intel, they are, but this is not our current focus.”
Shayne – “Where is Baigne?” 
Nikita – “He has a safe house in Belarus.”
Nikita switches the hologram screen to Belarus’s geographic Intel. 
Nikita – “Belarus is unstable due to the current government changing, so when we go in, we must be cautious. The safe house is located on the outskirts of Minsk, about 20 meters out of the city.”
Griff – “What’s the security probability for this place?”
Nikita – “It’s heavily armed with about 25 guards inside and out.”
Griff – “Sounds like Baigne is aware that we are going to try to obtain him.”
Nikita – “Yes. We will need as many key operatives as possible for this mission. Jasmine, Mendez, Shayne, you, Adam, and Seeks. Depending on Sven’s numbers, this may be also his first mission with Section.”
Shayne – “I don’t think he’s ready.” 
From behind the group, Jasmine and Eric overhears the briefing conversation and Eric feels that he needs to express his opinion.
Eric – “He’s ready.”
Shayne and Michael turn and sees Eric, with his arms crossed while standing tall and Jasmine behind him with her head down, as she feels she’s failed to keep him in abeyance.
Jasmine – “I apologize for the intrusion, Nikita.”
Nikita keeps silence, but exchanges eye contact with Michael. Michael helps himself out of his chair and heads towards Eric. Even though he is shorter than Eric, Eric feels Michael’s dominance and presence in Section, as he approaches. Instead of stopping, Michael walks back through the door way and pauses in front of the Comms area and turns his head towards Eric, as Eric keeps his awareness on Michael. 
Michael – “Come with me.”
Eric unfolds his arms and follows Michael towards the changing bay, which is on the other side of Van Access and is where operatives prep before heading out on a mission. 
Nikita – “Now that is taken care of, is there any more questions?”
Shayne – “What time are we assigned?”
Nikita – “2200 hours. Madeline will have your panels ready in two hours. Stand by until the panels are ready.”
Shayne nods in acceptance.
Section One: Changing Bay
Michael walks in, as Eric follows. Without words, Michael grabs a bullet proof vest. He turns and puts the vest out for Eric to grab.
Michael – “If you want Shayne’s attention, prove to her what kind of operative you are through your actions, not words.”
Eric grabs the bullet proof vest and tries it on.
Eric – “Is your statement your way of approving my hope to successfully pursue?”
Eric smiles at Michael, as Michael remains in his stealth image.
Michael – “No.”
Eric’s smile fades, as he keeps eye contact on Michael, as Michael adjusts the fit of the vest.
Michael – “Panels will be ready in two hours. After you grab your panel, you will be directed to munitions to be issued your 9 mil and other weapons that may be assigned to you during this mission.”
Eric – “Roger.”
Michael leaves the changing room and heads back towards the perch. Eric remains in the room and sits on a bench to think of the life he is now in.
Section One – Munitions
Shayne, Jasmine, Mendez, & Griff are all in their tactical gear and gathering their weapons and equipment for the upcoming mission. Eric arrives.
Jasmine – “You ready for this?”
Eric – “As ready as I can be.”
Stephen walks up to Eric from the back.
Stephen – “Alright, newbie. What does your panel say?”
Eric looks on his panel, confused, as to not being able to find the equipment list. He hits a few buttons and a relief expression lays on his face.
Eric – “9 Mil Pistol, five grenades, & an M4 assault weapon.”
Stephen – “Well, looks like someone gets to provide the fireworks show for this mission.”
The operatives smile, as they continue to pack their backs with the other necessities for the mission. Nikita walks up to the teams.
Nikita – Shayne, Michael will be on Comms back here. You are lead for this mission.”
Shayne – “Roger.”
Nikita – “To assure the highest probability for success, I am dividing Mendez and Jasmine into the two teams. Any questions?”
Everyone remains silent as they zip up their bags and start heading to Van Access.
Nikita – “Shayne.”
Shayne looks back at her mother, as Nikita signals with her finger to come here.
Shayne – “What is it?”
Nikita – “Be careful.”
Shayne smiles and kisses her mother on the cheek.
Shayne – “The one thing that remains in me during these missions, is the survival instinct of my father.”
Shayne turns and heads towards Van Access to keep up with the rest of the teams, as Michael comes up behind Nikita. Nikita becomes aware of Michael’s approach, even as he remains silent.
Nikita – “Coffee?”
Michael looks over to Nikita, as she watches the empty door way towards the Van Access. 
Michael – “Yes.”

Teaser For "Psychological Demons" II

 I will not reveal the part of the story this teaser is from, but here is a sneak peak of one of the novel projects on my list. A suspense/drama about a female combat veteran fighting her psychological war, as she tries to keep her relationship with her father alive. Hope you enjoy it!

 Chapter ??

            A middle-aged man clusters half-packed boxes together in a bedroom. There are little children’s drawings on the sides of two boxes and another one that’s got a rip on a flap on the top of the box. The fourth box is ducted-taped shut. The man seems flustered with what to do with the dolls in the boxes. The man, known as Joe Sydney, stands about five foot nine inches. He picks up a faded and raggedy doll, with a missing button eye. The main gazes at it, with his pierce blue eyes, like it’s showing him a video of his daughter from when she was ten in its one eye. A flashback.
            A tan, Caucasian hand knocks on the opened door of the bedroom. The entrance of the doorway reveals Joe’s brother, Victor.
            “Are you okay, Joe?” Victor asks.
            Joe responds while being still being in a trance with the doll.
            Victor continues, “Sure feels like yesterday.”
            As Victor steps closer to help with the boxes, Joe snaps out of his trance and back into reality.
            “Huh?” Joe replies short.
            “Little Evey,”
            “Oh, yeah. You are right, Victor.”
            “She has grown to be a great woman.”
            “Eve will always be my baby girl in my eyes, Victor.”
            Victor examines his brother, as Joe returns to his frantic situation of getting the room together for Eve’s return from her tour of duty in Afghanistan. However, Joe isn’t fooled. What he fears most is change.
            “Joe, war changes people. We learned this through dad. Just don’t let it get the best of you or your relationship with Eve. You are all you two got since Mary’s passing.”
            “You are acting like you aren’t family anymore, Victor.”
            “You know what I mean, big brother.”
            Joe smiles and chuckles a bit at Victor. Victor returns with a sigh and a smile. He tosses a stuffed animal that he picked up during his conversation with his older brother. Victor then walks out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to help himself into the refrigerator. As he grabs an apple and heads to the island in the middle of the kitchen, he notices a military newspaper with the headlines, “First Female in Front Line Unit Returns Home.” He picks it up to notice Eve on the front cover with her Army fatigues on, dirt on her face, a 9M on her hip holster, and a M4 at the low ready and loaded for any event to exploit. Victor takes the newspaper back to Eve’s bedroom where Joe is still packing the childish objects.
            “Joe, what the hell is this?!”
            Joe looks up once again at Victor to wonder what he is addressing, and widens his eyes as if he’s been guilty of something. Joe takes a deep sigh as Victor continues integrating his brother.
            “Is Eve asking for a death wish with this new task? Why didn’t you prevent her from signing up for this?!” The intensity grew in Victor’s voice as the protective uncle trait reveals itself in his questions.
            “Victor, calm down. I may not agree with her decisions, but they are hers to make. She’s 21 now. I can’t control her choices, as much as I would like to.”
            “I am not sure if I should be calm or concerned about your collective approach to this discovery.”
            “Trust me, I already went through my grieving and unacceptance process with her before she left for basic two years ago. She has become one of the best soldiers the Army has ever experienced with.”
            “Well, I am glad you feel that way.” Victor’s reply was short and sweet, but his voice still revealed a bit of anger for Joe’s secret. There was an awkward pause before Joe insisted a drink or two to ease the tension.
            “Let’s head to Frankie’s Bar for a couple rounds. I will explain more once you ease yourself a bit.” There was a pause as Joe moved the last box to the closet to organize a bit before he and Victor left the house. Joe continues, “I am surprised you aren’t taken this better than I. I thought I be more of the protective parent for Eve.”
            “I guess I am more disappointed in you keeping the secret from me. We use to tell each other everything when we were kids, Joe.”
            “I’m sorry, Vic. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll buy tonight. All rounds.”
            “I can’t refuse that offer.” Victor smiles. “Alright, you are forgiven.” Vic pauses. “This time!”
            The guys make their way to Joe’s red F150 Ford truck that is parked in the driveway. Joe climbs into the driver side, as Vic climbs on the passenger side. The truck is started up and starts driving out of the driveway and down the road.
The house seems to sit just on the outskirts of a small city, population of about 15,000. Enough people to make an honest living in Oregon. The town, Coos Bay, sits on the Pacific coast for an extraordinary view for the ocean front property.  It’s a perfect time of year for the scenery as the trees reveal through the color changes of mid-Autumn.
 Chapter ??
“SGT Sydney,” yells the commanding officer in front of the formation of soldiers in an outdoor environment. The environment is mixed with mountains, sand, brushes, burbs, barbed wire, and guard towers. It’s a forward operating base in the midst of Afghanistan. A couple of apaches fly over the formation towards the mountains in the distance, as Eve runs from her place in the formation, as squad leader for the fourth squad. Eve stands about 5’8” with brown, medium hair and blue eyes. She stands at attention in front of her commanding officer, Captain Forester. A tall, 6’0” male, brown hair, brown eyes. Eve salutes, as the commanding officer salutes back. 
“Attention to Order! The Department of the Army has awarded Sergeant (promotable) Eve J. Sydney the Army Commendation Medal for outstanding service during Operation Enduring Freedom while being the first female to serve in Alpha Company, 10thMountain Division, in combative missions. Her dedication to the unit’s mission, superior performance, and leadership greatly add success to the deployment. Sergeant Eve J. Sydney’s actions are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army, bringing great credit upon herself, Alpha Company, the 10th Mountain Division, and the United States Army,” scripted by a fellow soldier in front of the formation.
As the commander finishes pinning the award on Eve, the rest of the formation applauds in sync with one another, along with a few whoops and hollers from Eve’s team. Captain Forester hands over the certificate of the award with the left hands and shakes with the right, as he exchanges a few words with Eve.
“Proud of you SGT Sydney. You’ve been through hell and back, but you are one strong bone.”
“Thank you, sir. It’s all in the job.”
Once the hand shake ends, Eve salutes once more in a professional manner and returns to her spot in the formation.
“At ease!” recalls the commander. The formation rests as Forester continues to speak.
“Soldiers, I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job you have done to complete the tasks requested by our government. I could not ask for any one better than the person you all see when you all look into the mirror every night before you lay your head to rest. Regardless of everyone’s religion, I have prayed day and night during our mission here for all of you guys. God must have heard them, because we are blessed without any casualties so far in this deployment, but do not let this factor put your guard down. We still have one week left before our asses are on a plane and get the hell out of here, so please stay alert until we are up in the air and heading home.”
The captain adjust his standing to attention, then the commander continues his demands.
“Company, attention!”
The rest of the formation stands at attention and replies, “Hooah!”
“I’m proud of each and every one of you. Keep it up.”
 Forester looks across his soldiers left to right before revealing his last command, “Fallout!”
The commander turns around and heads to his tent in the distance. The company falls out as six of the soldiers surround Eve and congratulates her for her award. Eve returns with smiles and high fives.

Teaser for "Psychological Demons"

 I will not reveal the part of the story this teaser is from, but here is a sneak peak of one of the novel projects on my list. A suspense/drama about a female combat veteran fighting her psychological war, as she tries to keep her relationship with her father alive. You can find the rest of the synopsis under the “Projects Wall” tab. Hope you enjoy it!
            The alarm clock’s neon light blanketed throughout the bedroom, as it displays 05:30am. The door is cracked open, with a bit of light from the hallway shining through the small space. In a blink of an eye, the alarm goes off. A man’s hand reaches out from the quilts, from the bed, as it firmly presses on the snooze button on the alarm. More features are revealed from the bed as the man slowly makes his way up and stretches to start the day. Superb details of his features rain in like melody with the ashy hair with small highlights of his remaining brunette roots, and the deep blue-grayish eyes. Just as the alarm clock goes off again, the man, known as Joe Sydney, beats to the snooze button and then turns off the alarm settings.
            Joe makes his way across his room, as he heads out towards the hallway. He follows the lights down to a second bedroom, cracks upon the door and peaks in. The queen-size bed has been ruffled, but yet not made as if someone has awoken from their slumber. Joe then turns his head towards the dining room area and hears clashing of pots and pans in the kitchen. He smirks at the productive noise and heads on down towards the racket.
            In the kitchen is a young woman, in her mid-twenties. As Joe turns the corner, he comes to the discovery of the lady attempting to make breakfast. The woman, Eve Sydney, is startled a bit from Joe.
            “Dad! I didn’t mean too…” As Eve tries to apologize, Joe cuts her off.
            “It’s okay, sweetheart. Good morning.”
            Joe makes his way to kiss Eve on the forehead and embrace her.
            “Dad, I’m not a child.” Eve squirms away from her dad’s morning love.
            “You know, if you reserve that love for a woman, you may be able to get a girlfriend in your life.” Eve continues on with a witty comment and a smile.
            “Ouch, that hurts.” Joe replied with a sarcasm remark and a smirk of his own. “So what are you making?”
            “Omelets. Just the way you taught me, or tried.”
            Both look at the pan with the omelets, filled with mushrooms and spinach, but nowhere near the awesomeness of Joe’s craft with his chef skills. Joe notices coffee is made in the coffee pot, grabs a cup from the cupboard right above, and pours him a cup as he also continues on the lovely morning conversation.
            “At least you make better coffee than me.”
            Eve starts laughing and replies with, “Dad, you are ridiculous.”
            “Well, I tried.” Eve continues, as she grabs a plate from the cupboard and dishes the hot mess of an omelet, which by now looks like a scramble of some sorts that’s overcooked. Joe willingly grabs the plate, along with his black coffee, and makes his way to the dining room table.
            “It’s the thought that counts, hon.” Joe replied.
            Eve makes her way to the coffee pot and grabs a coffee cup from the cupboard, but this isn’t just an ordinary coffee cup, it is one that she purchased while being deployed to Iraq. As she examines the broken handle and faded décor, a flashback hits her.
Eve is joy-riding around the Green Zone in Iraq, with a couple of male comrades, on her downtime from her duty shift. As they come up to a round-about, their smiles and jokes quickly turn to blank stares as they spot a local national digging on the side of the road. With no hesitations, the driver pulls over, but keeps the truck running.
“Stay here, Eve.” The driver insisted.
As both the male soldiers slowly make their way, pistols pulled from their holsters, towards the man. The man drops his shovel and starts running away from the two soldiers, but with their speed, the two are able to quickly catch up and tackle the man, cuff and blinded the suspect. As this event occurs, Eve watches from the truck.
As the soldiers and suspect return to the truck, the driver throws the man in the back with Eve and hands her his loaded pistol with the instructions,
“If he moves one inch, shoot him.”
Eve suddenly feels a nudge and comes back to the present day. She sees her father on her side with concern.
“Are you okay?”
Eve shakes off the flashback and puts the coffee cup in the trash and grabs a new one from the cupboard, as she quickly changes the subject.
“It was time to move on from that cup anyways.”
As Eve continues to make her coffee, her father observes her behavior.
“So, you go back to your treatment tomorrow?” Joe insists in continuing on the conversation. Eve replies, “Unfortunately.”
She avoids eye contact by looking down and fiddles with her newly filled coffee cup.

Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. V

LFN Fan Fiction – “Valentine Operative” 
(Written By: H. M.)

 *Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at



Section One – Van Access
Mendez walks into Section with another team member helping him carry a passed out male, 6’2”, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. Nikita is waiting with Jasmine for the arrival at the entrance. 
Nikita – “How long has he been out?”
Mendez – “Uh, about two hours.”
Nikita – “Take him to Medical for a check-up, microchip placing, and blood draw. After, hold him in containment until he comes to his sense. Jasmine will be there to greet him on behalf of Section.
Mendez – “Roger.”
Mendez and his team member continue to carry the unknown suspect with Nikita’s instructions. Nikita turns her attention to Jasmine.
Nikita – “Congratulations, Jasmine. You have your first recruit. You will be responsible for training him and with your training abilities with Shayne, I don’t have any doubts this one won’t succeed.”
Jasmine – “Thanks, Nikita.” 
Nikita starts walking back towards the Comms area, as Jasmine continues to ask a question.
Jasmine – “By the way, how is she doing on her mission with Michael?”
Mission – Fredrikstad, Norway – Hotel Room
The scene fades from Section into the Hotel Room that Michael and Shayne are residing in temporarily. Michael sits at the small table. The blinds are closed. Shayne walks into the room with a cup of coffee to offer her father. 
Shayne – “Here.”
Michael openly grabs the cup of coffee from Shayne.
Michael – “Thank you.”
Shayne – “No problem.”
Michael seems to continue to work from his computer rhythmically. Shayne watches in curiosity. She becomes hesitant to want to ask Michael a question. Michael’s eyes, once set on the screen, looks up to Shayne and catches her pondering her thoughts.
Michael – “What is it, Shayne.”
Shayne – “Um… I been meaning to ask you…”
She pauses for a minute to observe his focus on her. Then continues the conversation.
Shayne – “Is there any downtime left to continue to site-see in the city? I like it here.”
Michael pauses for a minute and examines Shayne’s movement and eye contact. Shayne smirks at Michael and then looks down on the floor. 
Michael – “Once this mission is over, I will ask Nikita to allow us downtime, but there are better places than here. I’ll show you.”
Michael slowly smiles back at Shayne, as he is opening himself up like he does with Nikita. 
Shayne – “Deal.”
Michael – “As for now, rest up. We move in twelve hours.”
Section One – White Room
The unknown recruit is sitting on the floor, back against the wall, hugging his knees, and focusing on the door, waiting for it to be opened. The door opens within seconds. In comes Jasmine. She clothes the door right behind her and continues to examine the new recruit. She walks over to him and kneels down to him, as to show some understanding to his position at the moment.
Jasmine – “Hello, Erik Sven. My name is Jasmine Kwong.”
Erik – “Where am I?”
Jasmine stands back up, as to show dominance towards the new recruit.
Jasmine – “This is Section One.”
Erik, still feeling the drugs in him, slowly gets up from the floor to tower over Jasmine. He leans against the wall due to gravitational imbalance from the results of his drugs. Erik puts his hand on his head as to react to a migraine as well.
Jasmine – “The drugs will clean out in a couple hours. You will feel like yourself again then. We apologize for having to take such measures.”
Erik – “I don’t understand.”
Jasmine – “Section One is a counter-terrorism organization above the likes of Interpol. We go after terrorists that no one else, not even the United States government can reach. It is best that the world thinks you are dead.”
Erik – “Wait, I’m dead?”
Jasmine hands over a photo of Erik’s funeral to him.
Jasmine – “To your old world, yes. Welcome to a new life.”
Erik studies the photo and of those who attended his funeral. 
Jasmine – “Looks like you were a popular man, Mr. Sven. It’ll work well with the training we have in mind for you. You will become a valentine operative, whereas your missions will include seduction and lust, primarily. We will teach you how to not get attached to your assignments. You’re training starts at 0400 tomorrow morning.”
Jasmine walks towards the door, opens it, looks back at Erik, and walks out. The door clothes as Erik is fixed at the photo. 
Mission – Ship Dock in Slevic, Norway
Michael and Shayne set up with their teams behind the shipping containers. Shayne takes out her binoculars and observes the activity on the abandoned, rusted ship in their front view. Michael brings out a compatible thermal sensor to verify Shayne’s sightings, as well as verifying the individuals hidden within the ship. 
Shayne – “I see twenty.”
Michael – “There are ten more on the inside with Odin.”
Shayne – ”Griff, come here.”
An African-American operative responds.
Griff – “What’s up, boss?”
Shayne- “You will take Seeks and Bachman; you will flank from the left. Michael and I will take Cortez and we will flank from the right.
Griff – “Roger.”
Shayne – “Once we get in the ship, we will take Odin alive. Clean up the rest though.”
Griff nods in agreement and points to a female operative (Seeks) & another male operative (Bachman). As Griff moves to his position, his team follows. Cortez moves up behind Shayne and Michael. They wait for Griff’s team to open fire on the guards before making their move. Bachman climbs up a container and lies in the prone position as Griff and Seeks waits. Before opening fire, Seeks remains standing as Griff gets in the kneeling position. Once the guards start firing back at Griff’s team, Shayne, Michael, & Cortez open fire from their positions. As guards fall, they move closer towards the ship.
Inside the ship, Odin hears the gun fight. His body guards take place at the entrance as Odin frantically tries to destroy his evidence of his computer, but he cannot move fast enough as the door explodes open and smoke bombs roll into his office. Odin struggles to run as Michael trips him and presses him into the ground. Shayne & Griff use combative moves to take down the other men through the smoke. Seeks, Cortez, & Bachman remain outside for security.
Odin – “Who are you!?”
Shayne – “You’re worst nightmare.”
Michael lifts Odin up from the ground, as Griff assist him with directing Odin off of the Ship. Shayne speaks into her communication set to the driver of the Van.
Shayne – “We have him.”
As the van pulls up on the dock, Shayne picks up her phone and dials numbers.
Shayne – “Requesting housekeeping. It’s time to clean up.”
Shayne hangs up the phone as she gets to the van and opens the back doors to allow Michael, Odin, and the rest of her team in. She shuts the door and climbs in the front passenger seat. As the van drives off, she stares out the window to view the scenery.
Section One – Van Access
Nikita, Quinn, & Jason waits for the team to return from the mission. As the entrance verifies clearance for the operatives, the doors open with Shayne’s team in front and Michael and Shayne holding Odin, who is blind folded and hand cuffed. The whole team stops in front of the three.
Nikita (points at Shayne’s team) – “You four are dismissed. You can go get checked in with medical and get ready for a debrief with Quinn when she’s ready.”
The operatives walk away from the current scene, as Nikita lifts the blindfold from Odin’s eyes. 
Odin – “Wow, a woman in charge. I’m impressed.” 
Nikita – “You should be. Don’t underestimate the strength of a woman.”
Odin – “I already learned that today, with her.”
Odin’s head turns towards Shayne, who in return looks straight at Nikita. Odin turns his attention back to Nikita with a slight smile on his face.
Odin – “She must get it from her mother.”
Nikita gets defensive with Odin’s discovery.
Nikita – “Send him to the white room to be interrogated by the twins.”
Shayne willingly blindfolds Odin again before her and Michael moves him down the hallway of Section.
Section One – Training Bay
Jasmine continues to work with the recruit as Shayne walks into the room. As Jasmine tries to converses with Erik about combative tactics, Erik can’t help but turn his attention to Shayne, who is dressed in a black turtle neck, black slacks, and black boots. Jasmine trips him and he falls to his back. Shayne watches on from the rail, as Jasmine now turns her attention to see what distracted Erik.
Jasmine -”Strong, beautiful women are a dangerous element, Erik. Never second guess their nature, Erik. Especially when it comes to her. Focus.”
Jasmine assists Erik with a hand to help him up from the floor. Erik wipes off his sweat from his forehead as he returns to the attention of Shayne. He shortly notices Jasmine walking over towards her. Out of curiosity, he follows Jasmine to the rail.
Shayne – “Hello, Jasmine.”
Jasmine – “You’re still alive.”
Shayne smiles at Jasmine’s light joke.
Shayne – “Good to see you too.”
Erik holds out his hand for a hand shake. Shayne returns the gesture.
Shayne – “And you are?”
Erik – “Erik Sven.”
Shayne – “Welcome to Section One, Mr. Sven.”
Erik – “My dark days here has now revealed its light.”
Erik smiles at Shayne, as Mendez walks in.
Shayne – “This is Mendez; he will show you how the men in Section train. Enough of this girly stuff.”
Shayne returns a smile, but not out of admiration, but of mischievous. 
Shayne – “Jasmine, we have a mission for you coming up in Paraguay. Mendez will take your place while you are absent.”
Jasmine – “Roger.”
Jasmine directs her attention to Mendez.
Jasmine – “Don’t hurt him too much, Mendez.”
Mendez walks down to the training bay to continue Erik’s training, as Shayne and Jasmine head out of the area.
Section One – Nikita’s Perch
From the outside the Perch is dimmed. Shayne passes by with Jasmine as she looks up.
Jasmine – “You’re mother missed both of you very much.”
Shayne – “I bet. I’ll let the couple get alone time. Get your panel and gear from Stephen in Munitions. I will see you when you get back.”
Jasmine heads to munitions as Shayne heads to her office, which is Michael’s old office. Meanwhile Michael and Nikita are embracing in the perch and dancing to slow music. 
Nikita – “How was the mission?”
Michael – “It went well. No losses or injuries.”
Nikita – “Shayne’s team is a solid group. One of the best we’ve had since our days in the field.” 
Michael – “I can tell.”
Nikita – “I am just relieved that the mission allowed Shayne to open up to you.”
Michael – “Me too.”
Michael continues to caress Nikita in the back, as she seems to be comfortable in his arms.
Section One – Shayne’s Office
Shayne walks into the office and takes a seat at her desk. She lays back and makes a sigh of exhaustion. Madeline’s A.I. appears in Shayne’s office.
Shayne – “I guess you don’t knock.”
Madeline – “Unfortunately not, Shayne.”
Shayne – “What do you need, Madeline.”
Madeline – “I can help with your nightmares, if you like.”
Shayne – “Don’t we get any privacy anymore?”
Madeline – “You’re father sent the Intel to my system.” 
Shayne takes a deep breath, for she knows that it’s useless to argue with a hologram. 
Shayne – “What’s the treatment?”
Madeline – “Learning to face your fears.”
Shayne – “I’m fine.”
Madeline – “Fear of commitment due to broken family isn’t fine, Shayne. Fear of attachment due to the loss, figuratively, of your father as a child isn’t fine. To start, I suggest professional help. We have the best therapists in the world here in Section.”
Shayne – “I don’t need your help, Madeline.”
Madeline – “Whether you like it or not, you’re resentment still exists. We can’t force you the help, we can only guide you. Let me know when you are ready.”
Madeline’s hologram disappears from the office. Shayne leans on her desk with her hand on her chin as to be thinking of the conversation she just had. She then types on her computer system and the security video of the training bay pops up on screen. She is first directed to watch her big brother train in the bay and then moves the camera’s focus to Erik and Mendez. She watches with a smile.
Section One – Training Bay
Mendez and Erik practices mixed martial arts, as Mendez takes Erik down to the mat. Mendez can tell that Erik’s mind is someplace else.
Mendez – “FOCUS!”
Erik – “Sorry.”
Adam can hear the conversation from afar as he is weight training with Griff and Bachman.
Mendez – “She’s not for you, op. Let it go before you hurt yourself.”
Erik – “What are you talking about?”
Mendez – “She’s way out of your league.”
Erik – “What’s her name?”
Mendez – “Shayne and over there is her delinquent, big brother, Adam.”
Erik looks over and meets eye contact with Adam.
Erik – “He’s not intimidating. Why would she be out of my league?”
Adam can’t help, but bring himself over and put himself into the conversation.
Adam (In a sarcastic tone) – “What’s going on, valentine op?”
There is already tension with Adam and Erik. Unlikely of him to become protective over the sister he never wanted to be a part of. The Gelman Process must be working as well as Madeline believed. 
Erik – “Did I look at you wrong or something?”
Adam – “I suggest you back away from her.”
Back in Shayne’s office, she’s witnesses the conversation visually, but can’t hear. She’s curious on what the tension is between Adam & Erik. Shayne doesn’t hesitate to make her move back to the training bay.
Erik – “And if I don’t?”
Adam – “Let’s just say I am not the only family member of hers you need to worry about.”
Adam pushes Erik away to show dominance when he hears his sisters voice.
Shayne – “Enough!”
Everyone stops training and remains silent as Shayne makes her way between Erik and Adam.
Shayne – “What’s going on, Mendez?”
Mendez – “Nothing, Shayne. We are just teaching Erik a thing or two.”
She turns her focus on Mendez to examine his facial expressions and then he examines both Erik and Adam. 
Shayne – “Anything you want to add, Adam?”
Adam – “No, ma’am.”
Shayne – “What about you, Erik.”
Erik – “Willing to learn all that I am able, ma’am.”
Shayne (annoyed) – “Call me Shayne.”
Everyone feels the presence of Michael and turns to the rail where he is leaning over to observe the situation. He remains silent, notices his daughter is in full control, and allows Shayne to adjust the situation on her own. Shayne returns her focus to the trainers and trainees, as everyone else seems imitated by Michael’s presence. 
Shayne – “Back to training, everyone!”
Erik – “Who is that guy at the rail?”
Shayne – “That’s my father.”
Erik – “That would make him…”
Adam quickly interrupts Erik’s discovery.
Adam – “…My father.”
Erik feels Michael has the most dominant aura in the room, like the Alpha male type, and backs down from his challenge with Adam. Adam smiles and turns to continue his weight lifting with the previous operatives. Shayne walks up to Michael and in the distance, Erik watches as the two converses from a distance. Mendez smacks Erik in the head for his attention. 
Mendez – “Welcome to the pack, Omega. Now let’s continue to toughen you up. The Alpha needs a new play toy, soon.”
Meanwhile, as Mendez and Erik continue their training, Michael and Shayne remove themselves from the training bay.
Michael – “Good job in there.”
Shayne – “Boys will be boys.”
Michael – “From my observation, looks like you have an admirer.”
Shayne – “One problem, dad. He’s a valentine operative.”
Michael – “He’ll be trained to detach himself from missions, not the world around him.”
Shayne – “You must see potential in him.”
Michael – “I see the same look he has on you that I have with your mother.”
Shayne laughs at Michael’s response, since she isn’t use to him being open to her. 
Shayne – “Alright, dad.”
Shayne and Michael exchanges small smiles and then Michael stops in his steps.
Michael – “Would you like to go out for coffee?”
Shayne stops and turns back to her father.
Shayne – “Now?”
Michael – “Yes.”
Shayne – “Uh, sure.” 
Michael and Shayne change their direction to the Van Access to leave Section for the rest of the afternoon. 
Section One – Van Access
Nikita meets Shayne and Michael at the Van Access and smiles at both of them as she hands Shayne her coat before heading out for the evening. The scene ends with the three of them are leaving Section.