Getting Past My Pandemic Anxiety

The pandemic of the Coronavirus has really gotten us in a whirl wind globally.  Within a panic like the one we are experiencing now, it’s easy to forget the things and people you have in your life, and freak out about what you don’t have or wish you could have at this very moment to help ease you through this uncertainty. 

Case in point, I was one of those people at first, but then I spent a whole week at work (essential employee) and was able to decompress this lil ole’ anxiety with a little help from my medications, health supplements, and just being active again to distract me from my overthinking. 

I realize how much my job and being able to stay at home is a privilege in our new world, and I know I can’t take it for granted. I also realized that now is not the time to lack in self-care during your self-quarantine. 

Go out for walks or runs, play your favorite video games, play a new video game you’ve never played before, watch your favorite movies, work on a puzzle or discover a new board game you’ve never played before, start a new hobby, relax yourself in bubble/mineral baths and drink a glass of wine (this goes for you too, men), start cooking and trying new recipes again, buy a new cook book or any book for leisure off of Amazon, spring clean around the house/apartment… 

…these are just a few of the ideas that come to mind through me and my friends for those of us spending a MAJORITY, if not all, their time at home. 

…and if you’re not feeling all that productive right now, THAT’S OK! I made sure to include activities that didn’t involve a lot of energy, but was fulfilling for the soul. I mean, come on… For fucks sake, it’s Monday and majority of the world are like sloths when it comes to Monday. I get it. 

I pray that others in my situation is capable of turning their mindset around, as well as, are capable of showing compassion during this time, instead of being assholes. The world needs a little more kindness now, more than ever. 

Most importantly, what I want you to take out of this blog post…

Please, please, please!… follow the God Damn 6’ social distancing and stay the fuck home recommendation from CDC. The longer we don’t follow the guidelines, the longer we are stuck in the quarantine life. Don’t be that guy or gal.


One thought on “Getting Past My Pandemic Anxiety

  1. That was a good article. I’ve had moments of Coronanxiety [patent pending] from time to time over the past several months. I was thankful I was still able to work, but there were certainly changes going on.


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