My name is Marie Gautsch. My pen name is H.M. Gautsch. Welcome to my site!

First and foremost, I am a poet. To be a poet in a world like today’s modern world isn’t easy. I embrace my gift of vulnerability and the beauty that comes with it. I may not have a sixth sense, but the gift of the seventh sense when it comes to my sensitivity and passion. My storytelling and poetry provides that proof.

I also use my unique hindsight towards promoting my other creative stories, my philosophy through life and art, my photography, and my videography, as well as, promoting others with liked minds in the artistry field. This rare ingredient identifies who I am and gives me a rarity in strength to pursue my goals that I am seeking.

What I strive most out of this poetic challenge, is to persuade others to see what I see and feel what I feel. I hope my craft and my mindset and togetherness of this life I strive and created through my various art forms proves my intentions and true nature.

Please enjoy my content!