H.M. Gautsch started writing poems at the age of 13. Her first poem was published at the age of 15 in A Celebration of Young Poets collection of books, Wisconsin – Spring 2003 Edition (precisely on page 36). It’s a short poem called, “Life.”

Marie has been writing poetry off and on throughout the years, but only in the past couple of years has she been pushing for more publications whether online or by paper. She is now self-publishing her own books from the collection she has been creating, and continues to create, for the past 16+ years.

You can find Marie’s poetry also all over online, outside of this blog site, on numerous poetry sites like http://www.poetry.com & http://www.poemhunter.com




Poetry that is written from the heart shows one’s true emotions at a certain stage or day in a poet’s life. I chose these poems for my first book due to the ability that I can show my audience a deeper side of me that isn’t necessary portrayed on the exterior of myself on a day to day basis. I also want to express a bit of motivational and inspirational poems I possess from my collection. I never used a strict criteria or a specific theme due to the ability of how I can cover a number of different topics even though my writing is more so on the lyrical rhyming scheme and/or freestyle.

Underground Poetry brings of the author’s revelations, personal experiences, and more of her visions and trials in life, but in more of a lyrical and urban flow through the paper and pen instead of in a music studio. Underground Poetry is H.M. Gautsch’s sophomore book that is independently published. Be cautious when reading, as it portrays adult language and content in majority of the poetry in the book.

A personal look into a young woman’s life with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, serving the military, and how she developed her coping skills through the art of poetry and equestrian therapy.

Five Star Review: A deeply moving journal of a woman’s journey through painful recovery followed by unique and beautiful poetry.” – Author @KM Fortune