Debriefing My Mission in Toronto

I have had two weeks to sort out my memories and thoughts from my trip to Toronto. A part of me is still sorting out the thoughts and the emotions, since I am still in awe for parts of it still. I have a habit of getting the after effects after I decompress from an … Continue reading Debriefing My Mission in Toronto

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane in May (A Tribute To LFN)

2017 (c) K.D. MackI am sitting, not so professionally, with my feet on my desk in my office. John Denver is singing in the background on my actual work computer, as I try to sort out the words I have to share about the one show that led me towards a role model, a hero. The … Continue reading I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane in May (A Tribute To LFN)

My Awakening Happened In Montreal

I've been in Montreal for four days. I'm in love. I've heard police sirens maybe three times total since I got here. I can be in Chicago for a day and lose count on the action that hits the streets. In Montreal, no one has the 'mug' look. Mostly you are left alone unless you … Continue reading My Awakening Happened In Montreal