Two Very Potent Keys To Success; Time Management & Organization

I sip on this cup of coffee, and I pop my Ritalin pill in. May not be good for my heart as it beats rapidly from the mix of caffeine and chemicals trying to balance with my body. I am not huge on chemical prescriptions, however I feel the necessity in my intuition for my Ritalin, so I’ll suffice. It keeps me focused on my mission at hand. I haven’t typed up any life coaching blogs for a few months, due to me trying to coach myself in my transition in life.

I reflect on what I could have done differently throughout my transition. Honestly, I took a break from my writing affairs majority of the summer just to recollect my thoughts in an organizational manner. It has not been easy. All writers surely can relate to that. Am I right?! Or am I right? 

So, as I prosper through the thought process, I figure out the outline and notes I need to write down in order to change my progression in my art form to the point of others noticing more, louder, and faster. The investments I need to throw into my potluck, so to speak, as not ending. I think in order to succeed, we need to evolve, and continue to invest. However, we should keep the investments into materials we actually need with our work and keep our wants in life as simple as possible.

In order to bring this to a rise, we need to allow ourselves to accept the conservatism of finances and be smarter about the things we do buy. I’ve struggled with this personally, but having family on my side to change this habit into a more effective money flow for myself and my chosen non-profit organizations. In order to improve the financial conservation, time management and organization comes in hand.

Time management plays into the necessity of your time. What do you need to do with your time verses what do you want to do with your time. This involves photography time, writing time, work time, school time, and fitness time. Grab a planner/calendar and stick to it. I use to be so good with time management when I was working on my Culinary degree. I fell apart when I allowed my body to fall apart during my fitness goals back in 2012, as I was fully engaged in the gym two hours a day, Insanity for an hour a day, and kickboxing on the weekends. I wasn’t allowing my body the nutrients/water it needed back in those days and eating fried foods, and still drinking back in those days.

The lesson I learned when I threw my body into that fitness whelm is to allow patience come into play and ease your way into progress. The rewards can be so amazing once you actually get to where you need to with them. These are my lessons I have shared with you. Without these keys to success, you will fail. You will keep failing until you learn how to manage time and organization. Allow your experiences become your wisdom. All of us were once a fool.