The Miami Dolphins Should Have Their Own Lifetime Movie

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Better yet, let us feed another desperate reality television show on Richard Incognito to the eyes of children because they don’t have enough of that expressing on today’s television programs. Criticism has weighed in heavily with the bullying episode of Jonathan Martin vs. Richard Incognito down in the land of Dane County. I find it surprising on how many people are supporting Richard Incognito, even with the proof of the voice mail from Jonathan Martin’s cell phone in NFL’s hands.

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Now, Incognito is a big dude. So why does he need to bully to prove his strength and his alpha personality, so to speak? Why is it always the bigger kids are the ones showing more short-man syndrome than the smaller kids? I just don’t understand the behavior at all nor understand how adults think it’s okay for kids to grow up as bullies. Haven’t we learned yet that the smaller children, usually the ones with the brains, usually always comes out on top in the end? It’s karma. Try to keep others on the bottom of the food chain, you become the bottom. That is, if they don’t commit suicide. Another sour taste in the mouth. Don’t you think?

Too many have given up on their lives due to hurtful words. Hell, if you look at it in a world’s perspective, humanity is known for it’s bullying affect to the rest of the species that are trying to co-exist with us. What is the reason behind it? Insecurity? Listen, I got my own insecurities too. All of humanity does one way or another, but I also have enough confidence and morals to know what is right and what is wrong in any given situation. The confidence builds with the education I am interest in and allow myself to take in.

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The stories I hear about this situation makes me sad. Whether to believe them or not is not the case here. So what if Jonathan Martin isn’t mentally strong as the average man should be. So what if he’s a bit sensitive, but I strongly believe the strongest men are those who aren’t afraid to show their emotions from time to time. He didn’t feel he found the support he needed so he removed himself from the situation instead of hurting himself and hurting someone else like Richard Incognito. 

Do I blame him for walking away and reporting the situation? No. I don’t usually take sides on situations, but bullying and people who support Incognito is ethically wrong. It’s just sad that there isn’t enough of people raising their voice in awareness of bullying. Yes, I also feel we all need thicker skin, but who here really has thicker skin? The one who chooses to lash out on verbal abuse, possibly violence, and become the one people feared, or the one who stayed civilized as possible and did what he has simply learned. We are not taught the same with how to handle a problem that may be getting out of hand. We are taught by what our nurturing elements teach us whether it’s family or friends. That is if we are taught at all. Let’s look at the brighter side if this. Let us be happy that he swallowed his pride and got the help he needed when he needed it before it was too late.Let us look at Martin being the stronger man in this for getting the help he needs instead of letting it run his life or his NFL career in this case. Let us pray that he recovers from the emotional scars that were stabbed in his back from his own teammate that outsiders would have considered like family. Isn’t that how we see all our favorite teams? All we see is the “bromance”, not the struggles behind the cameras when they go off air. This is just some old dirty laundry of Incognito’s that Martin just had the courage to hang out on the clothesline. Whether he was right or wrong to be the one to do so, karma and time will reveal the truth of it. Now I can possibly see why Reggie Bush wasn’t hesitant to leave the team when he was released.

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Prayers and Condolences to Viking’s Adrian Peterson

 Football is like a religion when it comes to the Midwest, especially Wisconsin. We don’t have an NHL team like Illinois and Minnesota does, so what’s the next best thing for a contact sport? The NFL. My teams, the Green Bay Packers (#1) and the Denver Broncos (#2).

I come from a family, on both ends, that are mostly half Minnesota Vikings fans and half Green Bay Packers fans. That’s normal for anyone who lives along the Mississippi River valley. Sure, we have family members that are black sheep by favoring other teams like the San Francisco 49ers and the Chicago Bears, but the majority remains with the love of these two teams. Irony, the two most rival teams in NFL history. 

Unfortunately, I have also lost friends due to the small fact of being a “Cheesehead”, but I also am able to maintain friendships with a lot of Viking fans and Bears fans that don’t let football run their lives and see me past all my cheesy stats and rants during the NFL season. This is a special shout out blog for all the Minnesota Vikings team, crew, fans, but most importantly Adrian Peterson. My Viking friends and I show what very few rival fans and team members show, and that is respect and decency in society, even if we poke fun from time to time and make jabs during our match-ups.

I just wanted to take the time to share my condolences for the loss of Adrian Peterson’s son, due to the cowardly acts of his baby mama’s boyfriend. I hope and pray justice is served. Domestic violence is not nor will ever be approved in my vision, regardless who the victim is and/or the situation it occurred in. Violence or any other negative actions and hatred, period, is never the answer. I am proud that the whole NFL community can come together in such a tragic event to show Adrian Peterson the love and support he deserves and needs in his time of grief and mourning due to his loss. Prayers go out to you, Adrian Peterson!

RIP to the little man known as one of the best running backs in NFL history, AP’s, son.

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