Combine Companies Interacting in One University: Biography

Combine Companies Interacting in One University (CCIU) is an advanced idea founded by Chicago’s hip-hop artist, Scandalous, to combine specific talents to create one university for independent entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry from social media, recording label, film productions, magazines, modeling, etc. CCIU runs under the motto, “Each 1, Teach 1.” CCIU was created to influence other entrepreneurs to start their businesses, chase their dreams, and live their lives.

CCIU’s first company is the independent record label, ChiCityInc that was founded by Scandalous and her business partner, Shaun Prude, in 2008. ChiCityInc has signed independent artists and producers include Scandalous, Yung Capo, JR Ramone, Kayo McMoney, AR Piff, Exclussv, Trap Hustle Beats, & King Beatz.

 If you want a taste of the ChiCityInc music, make sure to download the free mix tape featuring ChiCityInc members, Scandalous, Young Naughdy, Jr Ramone, Capo, Kayo & more, follow the link. –> Chi City Inc’s The Compilation Vol. 1 Mixtape.

Another branch off of the CCIU team is the company of E!GO Magazine that was founded and owned by Lea Royster since 2006. E!GO Magazine (online publication) features up and coming music artists, current affairs, motivational topics, and brings you the hottest and the latest in entertainment, social living, business, and community involvement.

With the expansion of CCIU, includes film productions, Law Films, which is found and owned by Lawrence Williams since 2013. Law Films has done over 30 and plus music videos for CCIU artists and other independent artists in Chicago, as well as created a YouTube comedy mini-series called, Englewood Bounty Hunters. Law Films is currently filming his current project called, The Wood. A drama TV/web series based on the south side of Englewood featuring many cameos from the artists of CCIU. Law Films also has a photography branch in the company.

A fourth company that is involved in the CCIU movement is Stylez Creations, LLC. Stylez Creations, LLC’s company is focused on numerous writing projects from poetry, graphic novels, and blogging about current entertainment topics, philosophy, life coaching, art, and sneak peeks of Marie’s current projects. Stylez Creations, LLC also focuses on photography with her theme of unifying nature and humanity with an urban taste. Owner and founder, Marie, has independently published her first poetry book and is in the editing phase of her sophomore book.

The fifth company to join in the CCIU team is the clothing line, 1st Semester, founded and owned by Duce Baily since 2012. 1st Semester is just one of a few branches off of his Guilty as Hell campaign. 1st Semester is an urban clothing line that promotes and focuses on the college kids and more up scaled society for those who want to strive for a college life and a brighter future off the streets. Currently, 1st Semester has expanded its clothing line from an all-male clothing line to a co-ed clothing line.

A sixth company that is in the works for lift off, is ChiCityInc founder, Shaun Prude’s, new company Digital Electronic Performing Arts Marketing (D.E.P.A.M. Solutions). D.E.P.A.M. Solutions focuses on a whole new spectrum in the entertainment industry. Shaun is focused on the IT technician aspect for IT repair radio and television broadcasting equipment, closed circuit cable television equipment, studio equipment, light communications equipment, transmitters, receivers, cellular radio telephones, communication antennas, transceivers, power amplifiers, fixed and mobile radio systems. D.E.P.A.M. Solutions also constructs state of the art recording studios, home and major theater video/audio, Road sound crew for performances and plays, and IT specialists for PC/MAC.

 The newest and most recent company to join the CCIU crew is MPACT Public Relations. It was started by owner Mialyssia Hodges. MPact PR is a full service Public Relations firm that offers a wide range of services that include but are not limited to media relations, events coordinating, and even incident management. Knowing that good publicity does not just happen on its’ own MPact Public Relations’ mission is to provide their diverse set of clients with exemplary PR services. MPACT PR is another great example of business that is progressed behind closed doors, even for artists of all types. 

Other independent members of CCIU includes models, actors, musicians, & businessmen and women who are working on their own goals and dreams in their individual lane. Each individual that is part of the university brings a skill or talent to help with the future goal of bringing the university as a whole platform. Other members include Bro Ken, Young Naughdy, Sheida Haughton, Jan Newson, Jay Gotti, Paris Franchesca, Devonte LeSean Ragsdale. We also include a promotions team headed by Devon “Off The Wall Von” Brumfield, and includes Timothy Ogden, Ronald “Big Ride” Henderson, Franklin Johnson, Kevin Williams, & Briana Johnson.

What makes the CCIU artists and entrepreneurs unique, is their ability to expand their artistic talent whether it’s music, film, or writing, to acting, producing, and modeling. Majority of the artists’ missions for society and their involvement in the entertainment industry revolves around another one of the CCIU team’s motto, “Cold World: High Hopes.”  Which focuses on becoming role models, humanitarians, and activists, not just for Chicago, but for the rest of the world and to give the younger generations the belief that no matter the circumstance, that dreams do become reality. This is just the beginning…

Fuck The Stereotypes & Labels, It’s All About Confidence.

Proof that evolution is part of life is when you live in the very moment and not worry about what others feel about you. I am not going to lie. There are times I am concerned about how people look at me, but as I get older, I surely learn that my comfort in my own skin and my confidence is the key to success, not the fandom or the number of friends you possess.Be true to your heart, that’s how you find the valuable individuals in your life.

As I grow, I develop and magnify different individuals in the artistry business from drag queens, to fashion designers, to hip-hop artists, etc. I am not trying to compare myself to anyone, because I am my own unique spirit, but I can honestly relate my own life experiences with the combination of Lady Gaga, Macklemore, & Eminem. Now, that’s a mix in my view.  A huge mix of mystery.

Who else makes me feel like I am not alone. Tyler Perry aka Madea. It’s okay to be yourself and not a cop out of someone else. It’s okay to have heroes and inspirations to look at to try and improve yourself as your own person, but it is surely boring to try and be exactly who they are. It’s especially stressful when someone else tries to shape and make you into a person you are not meant to be, but I still fight against the grain each day.

Never once did I doubt about being myself, because it felt right at the time and place. Now, I can say I doubted society, but I have learned that no matter what you do with your life, you can’t always please everyone. Thanks to a few inspirations in my own life, I have and am still learning how to be myself and not giving a damn what others think. Unfortunately, with the gold heart, it’s hard to surpass sometimes. This damn heart tends to give too many shits to people who aren’t really worth it. That fact is what I am still trying to control and manage. I am also educating myself with the precise moment in time is NOW. I use to live in such a way back in the day.

Now, people would debate about this blog and how I don’t live to my words, based on my actions. Um, two words to you all, FUCK YOU. The same people who only see me maybe once a month?! If that even. It’s frustrating and the reason I keep my distance. Don’t tell me how to fix myself, work your magic to try and get into my head, without fixing yourself first. This psychology game won’t work on someone who has her own knowledge of one of her favorite topics. My actions will show that. I am not a light switch. I can’t change by midnight tomorrow, but those who are really paying attention to me, my actions, and my thoughts can tell you how much more of a confidence I lay out on a day to day basis. Just the fact that I am now reciting my own poetry, instead of performing someone else’s songs, can tell you my confidence is boosting. Another sign of my confidence, I am upfront about my past. Why try hiding it when it’s impossible to? (laughing).

Conner R.K. Stratton aka
Conner K. Rouge aka
Conner Ravyn Knightly

I am not the type to put my first artistry family in the shadows, as I continue, and expand my skills and talents. Honestly, thanks to my “brother” Jonathan for mentioning how he misses performing, I have the same ache at the moment. The spotlight, the stage, and the creative visionary of stepping out of your comfort zone to create something new or bigger.

What I don’t miss is the stress, drama, judgements, competitions of who’s better, & tears that come with it. I have mixed feelings of no one recognizing me at shows anymore due to the glasses and hair being longer. I have mixed feelings when people make comments like, “You look better now!” -or- anything that contradicts them being Pro-LGBT because of my own ways of showing my support within the community by performing.

One of the reasons I reactivated my Conner page on Facebook is because the character I developed will always be a part of me. Like an actor and the characters they develop and deliver in movies, Broadway, or television. Drag shows are similar.

The irony to top that is the social embarkment on both ends. I seen it and I will have the confidence to call it out. I think it’s funny that the LGBT is warm and welcoming to those who are fully defined as a Lesbian or a Gay, but when it comes to the “inbetweeners” or the “confused”, so to speak, things get hasty. Especially when one puts the drag shoes up, changes teams, and changes their gears in life. Been there, done that. But my heart has never changed. Why I only stepped away from the community, but not my LGBT family. I’ve noted these same exact thoughts in my poems, I will tell you again. I don’t judge one based on their past, skin color, sexual orientation, or any other stupid stereotypical label that society has to make up and throw in any “minority’s” face. I never will. I ask you do the same. This is the motivation for my #OneLove movement. I take the stand and raise my voice for the LGBT community as a whole, along with society. From within and from outside the picture. Whether you are gay or straight, will you?

-Until Next Time

Follow The Rest of Society & You Will Get Lost

I was going to tell a story about two tails in my household, but I decided to change the topic to the sexism war that seems to be going on and on and on in society nowadays. Sickening if you ask me, but hell I’ll jump on this bandwagon myself as an independent and single woman. There are three main issues when it comes to relationship falls nowadays.

The Expected Looks: I am a prime example to never judge a book by its cover and I have beautiful friends with beautiful souls, who remind me of this. I get looks and majority of society fears to approach me unless I approach them first. If you knew the real me, you know just like a lot of other women and some men, I do have insecurities from time to time. Overall I am confident with myself, yes. But, the media and social networking articles tries to push us to be a certain way. It’s not how I want to live my life.

Here is another stickler of today’s society and I see it in my very own. The whole immaturity issue between females and males. Somehow females feel they need to put themselves out sexually in order to get a man, but is that really the case? Males also think in order to get a good woman, it’s all about their images. If they don’t look like Hollywood material in society, it’s a losing game for that female.

As people have observed about me, yes, I am a tomboy, through and through. I’m not afraid to get dirty. I am not afraid to work with a hammer. I love my X Box. I hate dresses, and with my body figure, I fit better in male/unisex clothing than women’s clothes. However, I make my fashion fit me as a woman. Nonetheless, it doesn’t justify me as a whole though. I do like to dress up every now, even with make-up from  time to time. I love my accessories when it comes to necklaces, scarves, hats, belts, bracelets, etc.

As for my personality, character, and actions, you will see me through with my big heart. I involve myself wholeheartedly with numerous events, fundraisers, charities, & organizations. I also am a sucker for flowers, chocolate, animals, cuddling, relaxation baths, poetry, candles, holding hands, staying in and watching movies with pajamas on, and chivalry. I want to feel secured in my relationship as well, but not to the point of being controlled.  I am more old school when it comes to relationships. I want more of the emotions and intellectual conversations over the sexual exposures. I may not have a lot of cash in my possession, but one thing I learn, the true value is the gold that exists in your heart. I have inspired and influenced many men and women already with just my heart. I also have come across some unsecured situations as well, but it’s life.

And like a woman, my insecurities use to control my life. Sadly, I use to put myself out there, because of the pressure of society. I felt I had to prove my sexuality to people, but I’ve grown. I know who I am and what I want in life and relationships. I am not budging. I have learned it’s okay to know what you are looking for and in order to know, you do have to make trials and errors in your life. I feel I have had enough of those to know exactly I want. If it takes years to be single in order to find my soul mate, so be it. 

Six months ago, I was told I was turning into a “monk” because I wouldn’t allow myself to get involved with anyone or allow myself a “friend with benefits” package. Sorry, my heart doesn’t allow me to half ass my relationships. Is that even fair? I’m sorry, but my package is more than a sexual experience. I am too rich in intellectual tendencies to just jump on a train after pick-up lines like, “Send me pictures.” or “You need to jump on my cock.” I am one who wants to date and court, not just hook up. If you can’t love the one you’re with publicly, then don’t waste your time. I am not saying to put your business out for the paparazzi to feed their hunger like most celebrities do with their own soap operas, but don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family that you want to be with the person you are attracted to.

The Expected Roles: Our generations are clashing with one another instead of evolving with one another and maybe that’s the cause of many segregation, as well as, labels and stereotypes that are displayed. The older school generations think there are entitlements to the sex/gender you represent. Women: housewife material, dish washing champions, Sunday church dresses, etc. Men: house provider, heavy liftin’ jobs, etc.

Males need to stop talking with their little heads and start thinking with their bigger heads when it comes to women. Females need to stop whoring themselves. Females also need to become a bit more independent and confident in themselves with what they want in their life. If you want a true woman, you need to look within their hearts, not the access to their crotches, males. 

Also, end the competitions of who should be what and who should make how much money. Swallow your prides. That’s the only compromise I see we need to make for success in relationships and how males and females should be in society. If you are in a relationship that makes you the bread maker, so be it. As long as you and your mate are in confidence about it. 

Social Media: Also, another issue with social networking and media. Too many people are relying on interwebs instead of real life to date.  I am not perfect. I’ve done it myself in the past, but again, too many errors. I’ve learn you get a better success with relationships when you meet in real life and get involved with one another away from the internet. I love networking world-wide, don’t get me wrong, but don’t expect me to ever fall for someone based on their posts and statuses. Too many fake individuals online nowadays. Too many being people they are not, just to impress the few who are real. So how do you know I’m real? The only way to do that, I guess, is to meet me.

In conclusion, both generations have issues with relationships today based off of the society that the media wants to throw at us. We are only living the lives that the media wants to portray and governments want to display. Why divorces are higher in the ranks than marriages. It’s time to breakaway from those chains and if you are happy in your relationship, more power and love to you all! If not, then maybe there needs to be changes?

Both sexes need to accept one another for who they are and not trying to make them someone they are not. If you aren’t able to compromise comfortably with one another that maybe a red flag in the relationship itself. I’ll remain single until I find one who isn’t intimidated by the lifestyle I’m confidently living in.  I’ll remain single when I find the one who shares the same empathy with life and the world like I do, as well as, shares the same passion. 

2013©H.M. Gautsch

I’m Too Young To Feel This Damn Old

Is it empathy I feel or guilt? Commonly, I cannot help, but ask myself, “Why not me?” Especially when it’s younger adults or even children that haven’t really had able to experience life yet. Cancer runs strongly around me, including my family. My maternal grandmother passed away in ’92, two of my aunts are survivors, and my stepfather’s sister has terminal brain cancer. Also, my cousin’s wife passed away a little over a year ago with lung cancer. She was only 25 years old. Last December, one of my closest friends from my tour in Iraq also passed away from terminal cancer. He was only 42 years old.

Now, I face the reality of a friend, an old co-worker who faces a rare cancer due to his family’s genetics. He is also only 25. So young and still full of life, yet he’s fighting to survive another day with every breath. 

I am sure I am not the only one who feels frustrated with how reality and the disappointments that come with it. Especially, when you are one who has to watch friends and family who have to battle for their life on a day to day basis as you stay healthy as an ox on a physical state. 

People would debate that empathy is strength. To be able to feel another’s pain on an emotional state. I’ll be honest, it can be a pain in the ass sometimes. It also helps you evaluate your life and throws fear in your face at times. I can’t help but question my capability in life. I may not have much to offer as a struggling veteran, but I have accomplished a lot already in life, but what fairness is it that a kid only 25 gets cursed with the tease of death and he hasn’t lived his full capability with life yet. Is it a symbolic message to the people around us? 

I know with Elizabeth’s death last year, it brought a huge wave of inspiration to embrace life the best we can. Why my cousin Matt, with Elizabeth’s family, started “Living For Liz” charity for Lung Cancer Awareness & Research. She also motivated many to alter their outlook on life and change the lifestyles that may have been needed to be changed due to the healthy choice of living. She fought a good fight for almost a year before her passing.

As for Jon, I can’t stay mad. He dropped communication with me in 2011 when he was diagnosed with cancer and if I did get an e-mail, he would have never mentioned his health. I am not sure if it was out of protection or if he only wanted me to remember him the perfect state he was in (mind, body, & soul) when we departed ways and he left Iraq. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my “brother-in-arms” or our memories. He also fought the hard battle for over a year, almost two years, before his passing in December.

I’ve been doing better with my life by altering my mind and lifestyle as much as I can, but with my lifelong struggle with depression, it helps to get a little kick in the ass at times, so to speak. But I never asked for this. I don’t mean for another friend to be diagnosed with this terrible disease to wake me up again with my own life. Is this guilt coming into play? Is it really my fault? I should have spent more time with the kid. Maybe before I put down the bottle, I should have had a few more with him. Drowning in the “What Ifs” won’t get me anywhere, I know this. I also know that Ryan has lived the life he wanted, just as my aunt is living the life she is living without cancer full filling the state of mind and drowning her. 

That’s inspiration for me. Every single one of these people I have witnessed to go through the testaments and not allowing others see their weakness, but instead allowing their smiles reach out into this world. That allows me motivation for when I am back on my feet again and permanently to go out into the world without needing to look at the rear view mirror. To live a life of my own, not of someone else’s. 

Another alteration in eating habits: tossing the microwave out. I hope this blog finds you inspiration to embrace your life a bit better than what has come already. We are still here for a purpose. These people have or are serving theirs. I am still trying to accept and sink in the news on Ryan as I speak to you all tonight. It sucks when one younger than you is fighting a bigger life battle than you. Makes you wonder, eh?

This blog is personally dedicated to the victims, warriors, and survivors of cancer that are dearly imprinted in my big ole’ heart and around the world. I am blessed that each and one of y’all have come into my life in some shape or form. 

Ryan Roberts (Stay calm, be strong, & fuck cancer!), Aunt Brenda (I love you Auntie!), Jon Nehl (RIP 2012), Elizabeth Melde (RIP 2012), Aunt Cathy (Survivor!), Aunt Cecelia (Survivor!), & Grandma Colleen (RIP 1992).

Until Next Time…

2013©H.M. Gautsch

"Save the Warehouse" campaign!

 Warehouse Alliance Mission Statement“The Warehouse Alliance will support and promote the growth of the music & arts community of the Greater Coulee Region through events, shows, workshops, classes, volunteerism, and immersive learning opportunities.”   
The Warehouse resides in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It is a non-profit, for all-ages concert venue located in the heart of downtown on the historic Pearl Street. The Warehouse is also known for its long history of concerts since the early 1990s with the likes of Everclear, Fall Out Boy, All-Star Weekend, and Hawthorne Heights, just to name very few bands that have performed here. There have been over 6,000 bands that have performed in this particular venue.  

What is so special about this venue? Well, it stands against the same stigma of the town it resides in that I stand against. As Wisconsin sits at the #3 spot for the most bar per capita in states, La Crosse is well-known for the largest bar per capita city in the United States. Even before the ban of smoking in bars and restaurants was passed in 2010 here in Wisconsin, the Warehouse stayed smoke free.  As I am coming up to my one-year anniversary of sobriety, I am celebrating by reaching out to the Warehouse crew, who are working hard to save this precious historical place. There are not many venues or places in La Crosse, let alone Wisconsin, like the Warehouse.  It truly is a one of a kind.  

I think the coolest part of this concert venue is the availability of soda pops it holds. The Warehouse stocks over 75 types of soda pops from all over the World from countries like Japan, Canada, Ireland, England, etc. It’s almost like the sober-edition of the tavern, Bodega, here in La Crosse.  
As great as the story and history is with the Warehouse, each story has a climax. Right now, the Warehouse is at its own climax with their current financial situation as a non-profit organization. The owners are being threatened by the bank to put up the good fight, so they can turn the venue into condos downtown. Unfortunately, the climax is at the tip of the iceberg, as the deadline of October 19th is coming to a close for donations and the mission to “Save the Warehouse.”   
I talked with Steve Harm and asked him a few questions on the mission and the concert venue:

Please, share with us your story and how the Warehouse got started? 
During high school (in the late 70s, early 80s) I was in a local band, and we had nowhere to play.  So we toured quite a bit, across the US, released some records, and finally put it to rest in the late 80s.  I took a job working for a sound company, doing everything from announcement systems at demolition derbys to auction systems in pig barns at fairgrounds to full concert systems for events.  Between gigs I would hang out in the basement of a building in downtown La Crosse, where a couple buddies had a tanning salon.  One day I asked them if they had keys to the upstairs. I loved old buildings, and thought it would be fun to explore.  Once I got inside I feel in love with the woodwork and the spaciousness, but especially the big open room upstairs.  Then something clicked in my head and a little voice said “How hard could it be to open a venue?”  That little voice was mighty inexperienced. 

1.  When and if the Warehouse is saved and given another chance, do you have a new rendition or plans in the making to draw in more crowds and possibly older crowds, so the kids you draw in has older influences?   We have never really focused on “kids” past the age of 20, because this town grabs kids after high school and chews them up.  The lure of booze, which is EVERYWHERE, is too hard for us to compete with once kids hit that age.  While they are in high school, we can make a difference. But once they move out on their own, the pressure from media, peers, and every business (from grocery store to restaurant), billboards, sporting events…. EVERYTHING tells them to drink.  We can only do so much.  That being said, we DO get plenty of kids over 18 in the venue, and they’re not drunk, because they know we can and will throw them out.  We won’t mix drunks with kids, unlike some other venues that do all-ages and simultaneously sell alcohol.  That has never worked anywhere that I have been — kids are always peer-pressured into drinking, and they find a way.  We bring in big older bands like Meat Puppets, Frank Black, etc., and the crowd can range from 14 to 50.  They’ll have at least two things in common: they love music, and they won’t be drunk. 

2.   As I research your history of concerts, I am aware that majority of the bands you book are of the Rock genre. Do you ever consider booking other artists, of other genres, who support the same mission as you do with the existence of the Warehouse?  That’s another misconception about the Warehouse: its all metal.  We had someone complaining online about that a couple months ago, and I pointed out that within a month of that complaint, we had metal, rock, alternative, ska, punk, acoustic singer songwriter, and Americana bands.  The thing that limits us a bit is that we are at the mercy of whomever is touring.  We can’t just book local bands every week — those locals will burn themselves out, no one will come see them, then we kill the scene instead of growing it.  Left to their own devices, local bands will play 7 nights a week all over town, and destroy themselves quickly.  We try really hard to manage that. Close-minded bands think we’re meddling in their business, but eventually the ones who survive thank us.  In a town this small, managing the scene is critical, and other venues usually could care less about the big picture.  I find it incredibly important.  We like to help up and coming national bands on their tours, and add local bands to the shows.  The local bands (if they have not overplayed) help with the draw, and they get a fantastic opportunity to befriend national touring bands and learn about what it really takes to succeed.  The national bands that come through are everything across the board from That 1 Guy to Born Of Osiris.   

3.  Ever considered also to expand the business to the likes of an “Open Mic” for local artists? Root Note has an open mic.  We can let them deal with that.  Since they’ve opened, we have tended to send a lot of the acoustic type stuff to them anyways.  It just works better there, unless it’s a Teddy Geiger or Ari Herstand etc. 


5.  Other than donations, what other options are there to help meet your goal in the “Save the Warehouse” campaign?   To meet our goal right now, which is intended to stall the foreclosure proceedings and keep the bank at bay, the ONLY thing that is going to have any significant difference is monetary donations.   

6.  Is there anything we can do between the deadline of October 19th – 31st, i.e. continue donations outside of Pay Pal? If so, where can we send those donations?    At the last bank meeting (yesterday) the Bankers set the next meeting for Nov 6, so we will continue fundraising as long as possible, and try to pay down some of the back taxes and mortgage payments.  There are vulture developers already eyeing this building without any concern whatsoever for the history and impact of the Warehouse.  We’re fighting to save that. 

7.  And last, but in my own eyes, most importantly, remind us, in your own words, why the Warehouse should be saved?   Well in a city full of alcoholics, we are an oasis for kids to not feel any pressure whatsoever to drink.  Over the past 2 decades, we have also been a place where kids who aren’t into high school sports or high school music programs or other school activities to come and find a sense of community with like-minded kids.  For those kids, we ARE their baseball field or football field or showchoir room.  It would be easy to sit up on our high horse trumpeting how important the Warehouse was, without anything to back it up.  But we’ve been here for 22 years.  Warehouse Kids from the early 90s are bringing THEIR kids here now.  The kind of comments that were coming in during the fundraiser, from kids would been a part of the Warehouse for 4-6 years, then moved on, but wanted to reflect back with us on how important it was to them, was staggering.  Kids who were now in their 30s and their entire current circle of friends were people they met at the Warehouse.  Kids who met someone at the Warehouse who they are now married to.  It is a community for misfits and “normal” kids, where everyone can fit in and feel at home and enjoy great bands and most of all, discover who they are.  
8.  Anything else you want to add, Steve? Only that we have a really solid plan for our 501c# Warehouse Alliance non-profit, but that the non-profit is irrelevant if we cannot get past the current financial troubles.  Fundraising now is our biggest priority, and we all hate having to do it.  

As the time runs low, we can only hope for a miracle right now for the “Save the Warehouse” campaign. If you support for a more positive influence and for a strong music bond for the younger generations, head to the following link,  Save The Warehouse, and give any donation as low as $5. Every dollar counts for this precious moment. I want to thank Steve Harm for taking the time to answer my questions for my readers and fans out there, so I can spread the news and lighten intentions to help with the mission.


Until next time,

H.M. Gautsch