Combine Companies Interacting in One University: Biography

Combine Companies Interacting in One University (CCIU) is an advanced idea founded by Chicago’s hip-hop artist, Scandalous, to combine specific talents to create one university for independent entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry from social media, recording label, film productions, magazines, modeling, etc. CCIU runs under the motto, “Each 1, Teach 1.” CCIU was created to influence other entrepreneurs to start their businesses, chase their dreams, and live their lives.

CCIU’s first company is the independent record label, ChiCityInc that was founded by Scandalous and her business partner, Shaun Prude, in 2008. ChiCityInc has signed independent artists and producers include Scandalous, Yung Capo, JR Ramone, Kayo McMoney, AR Piff, Exclussv, Trap Hustle Beats, & King Beatz.

 If you want a taste of the ChiCityInc music, make sure to download the free mix tape featuring ChiCityInc members, Scandalous, Young Naughdy, Jr Ramone, Capo, Kayo & more, follow the link. –> Chi City Inc’s The Compilation Vol. 1 Mixtape.

Another branch off of the CCIU team is the company of E!GO Magazine that was founded and owned by Lea Royster since 2006. E!GO Magazine (online publication) features up and coming music artists, current affairs, motivational topics, and brings you the hottest and the latest in entertainment, social living, business, and community involvement.

With the expansion of CCIU, includes film productions, Law Films, which is found and owned by Lawrence Williams since 2013. Law Films has done over 30 and plus music videos for CCIU artists and other independent artists in Chicago, as well as created a YouTube comedy mini-series called, Englewood Bounty Hunters. Law Films is currently filming his current project called, The Wood. A drama TV/web series based on the south side of Englewood featuring many cameos from the artists of CCIU. Law Films also has a photography branch in the company.

A fourth company that is involved in the CCIU movement is Stylez Creations, LLC. Stylez Creations, LLC’s company is focused on numerous writing projects from poetry, graphic novels, and blogging about current entertainment topics, philosophy, life coaching, art, and sneak peeks of Marie’s current projects. Stylez Creations, LLC also focuses on photography with her theme of unifying nature and humanity with an urban taste. Owner and founder, Marie, has independently published her first poetry book and is in the editing phase of her sophomore book.

The fifth company to join in the CCIU team is the clothing line, 1st Semester, founded and owned by Duce Baily since 2012. 1st Semester is just one of a few branches off of his Guilty as Hell campaign. 1st Semester is an urban clothing line that promotes and focuses on the college kids and more up scaled society for those who want to strive for a college life and a brighter future off the streets. Currently, 1st Semester has expanded its clothing line from an all-male clothing line to a co-ed clothing line.

A sixth company that is in the works for lift off, is ChiCityInc founder, Shaun Prude’s, new company Digital Electronic Performing Arts Marketing (D.E.P.A.M. Solutions). D.E.P.A.M. Solutions focuses on a whole new spectrum in the entertainment industry. Shaun is focused on the IT technician aspect for IT repair radio and television broadcasting equipment, closed circuit cable television equipment, studio equipment, light communications equipment, transmitters, receivers, cellular radio telephones, communication antennas, transceivers, power amplifiers, fixed and mobile radio systems. D.E.P.A.M. Solutions also constructs state of the art recording studios, home and major theater video/audio, Road sound crew for performances and plays, and IT specialists for PC/MAC.

 The newest and most recent company to join the CCIU crew is MPACT Public Relations. It was started by owner Mialyssia Hodges. MPact PR is a full service Public Relations firm that offers a wide range of services that include but are not limited to media relations, events coordinating, and even incident management. Knowing that good publicity does not just happen on its’ own MPact Public Relations’ mission is to provide their diverse set of clients with exemplary PR services. MPACT PR is another great example of business that is progressed behind closed doors, even for artists of all types. 

Other independent members of CCIU includes models, actors, musicians, & businessmen and women who are working on their own goals and dreams in their individual lane. Each individual that is part of the university brings a skill or talent to help with the future goal of bringing the university as a whole platform. Other members include Bro Ken, Young Naughdy, Sheida Haughton, Jan Newson, Jay Gotti, Paris Franchesca, Devonte LeSean Ragsdale. We also include a promotions team headed by Devon “Off The Wall Von” Brumfield, and includes Timothy Ogden, Ronald “Big Ride” Henderson, Franklin Johnson, Kevin Williams, & Briana Johnson.

What makes the CCIU artists and entrepreneurs unique, is their ability to expand their artistic talent whether it’s music, film, or writing, to acting, producing, and modeling. Majority of the artists’ missions for society and their involvement in the entertainment industry revolves around another one of the CCIU team’s motto, “Cold World: High Hopes.”  Which focuses on becoming role models, humanitarians, and activists, not just for Chicago, but for the rest of the world and to give the younger generations the belief that no matter the circumstance, that dreams do become reality. This is just the beginning…

Follow The Rest of Society & You Will Get Lost

I was going to tell a story about two tails in my household, but I decided to change the topic to the sexism war that seems to be going on and on and on in society nowadays. Sickening if you ask me, but hell I’ll jump on this bandwagon myself as an independent and single woman. There are three main issues when it comes to relationship falls nowadays.

The Expected Looks: I am a prime example to never judge a book by its cover and I have beautiful friends with beautiful souls, who remind me of this. I get looks and majority of society fears to approach me unless I approach them first. If you knew the real me, you know just like a lot of other women and some men, I do have insecurities from time to time. Overall I am confident with myself, yes. But, the media and social networking articles tries to push us to be a certain way. It’s not how I want to live my life.

Here is another stickler of today’s society and I see it in my very own. The whole immaturity issue between females and males. Somehow females feel they need to put themselves out sexually in order to get a man, but is that really the case? Males also think in order to get a good woman, it’s all about their images. If they don’t look like Hollywood material in society, it’s a losing game for that female.

As people have observed about me, yes, I am a tomboy, through and through. I’m not afraid to get dirty. I am not afraid to work with a hammer. I love my X Box. I hate dresses, and with my body figure, I fit better in male/unisex clothing than women’s clothes. However, I make my fashion fit me as a woman. Nonetheless, it doesn’t justify me as a whole though. I do like to dress up every now, even with make-up from  time to time. I love my accessories when it comes to necklaces, scarves, hats, belts, bracelets, etc.

As for my personality, character, and actions, you will see me through with my big heart. I involve myself wholeheartedly with numerous events, fundraisers, charities, & organizations. I also am a sucker for flowers, chocolate, animals, cuddling, relaxation baths, poetry, candles, holding hands, staying in and watching movies with pajamas on, and chivalry. I want to feel secured in my relationship as well, but not to the point of being controlled.  I am more old school when it comes to relationships. I want more of the emotions and intellectual conversations over the sexual exposures. I may not have a lot of cash in my possession, but one thing I learn, the true value is the gold that exists in your heart. I have inspired and influenced many men and women already with just my heart. I also have come across some unsecured situations as well, but it’s life.

And like a woman, my insecurities use to control my life. Sadly, I use to put myself out there, because of the pressure of society. I felt I had to prove my sexuality to people, but I’ve grown. I know who I am and what I want in life and relationships. I am not budging. I have learned it’s okay to know what you are looking for and in order to know, you do have to make trials and errors in your life. I feel I have had enough of those to know exactly I want. If it takes years to be single in order to find my soul mate, so be it. 

Six months ago, I was told I was turning into a “monk” because I wouldn’t allow myself to get involved with anyone or allow myself a “friend with benefits” package. Sorry, my heart doesn’t allow me to half ass my relationships. Is that even fair? I’m sorry, but my package is more than a sexual experience. I am too rich in intellectual tendencies to just jump on a train after pick-up lines like, “Send me pictures.” or “You need to jump on my cock.” I am one who wants to date and court, not just hook up. If you can’t love the one you’re with publicly, then don’t waste your time. I am not saying to put your business out for the paparazzi to feed their hunger like most celebrities do with their own soap operas, but don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family that you want to be with the person you are attracted to.

The Expected Roles: Our generations are clashing with one another instead of evolving with one another and maybe that’s the cause of many segregation, as well as, labels and stereotypes that are displayed. The older school generations think there are entitlements to the sex/gender you represent. Women: housewife material, dish washing champions, Sunday church dresses, etc. Men: house provider, heavy liftin’ jobs, etc.

Males need to stop talking with their little heads and start thinking with their bigger heads when it comes to women. Females need to stop whoring themselves. Females also need to become a bit more independent and confident in themselves with what they want in their life. If you want a true woman, you need to look within their hearts, not the access to their crotches, males. 

Also, end the competitions of who should be what and who should make how much money. Swallow your prides. That’s the only compromise I see we need to make for success in relationships and how males and females should be in society. If you are in a relationship that makes you the bread maker, so be it. As long as you and your mate are in confidence about it. 

Social Media: Also, another issue with social networking and media. Too many people are relying on interwebs instead of real life to date.  I am not perfect. I’ve done it myself in the past, but again, too many errors. I’ve learn you get a better success with relationships when you meet in real life and get involved with one another away from the internet. I love networking world-wide, don’t get me wrong, but don’t expect me to ever fall for someone based on their posts and statuses. Too many fake individuals online nowadays. Too many being people they are not, just to impress the few who are real. So how do you know I’m real? The only way to do that, I guess, is to meet me.

In conclusion, both generations have issues with relationships today based off of the society that the media wants to throw at us. We are only living the lives that the media wants to portray and governments want to display. Why divorces are higher in the ranks than marriages. It’s time to breakaway from those chains and if you are happy in your relationship, more power and love to you all! If not, then maybe there needs to be changes?

Both sexes need to accept one another for who they are and not trying to make them someone they are not. If you aren’t able to compromise comfortably with one another that maybe a red flag in the relationship itself. I’ll remain single until I find one who isn’t intimidated by the lifestyle I’m confidently living in.  I’ll remain single when I find the one who shares the same empathy with life and the world like I do, as well as, shares the same passion. 

2013©H.M. Gautsch

The Beginning of a New Dream; Quoting Drake’s Motto, Yolo!

As I age, I seem to be a magnet and surround myself with more and more of the most creative and original people in this world. The most focused individuals who are determined to make their own footprints in this world instead of following someone else’s. Originality is a must in my vision, as well as, open mindedness to the world around you. That’s true solitude and brings peace to your state of mind.

I met Chad Robert, the founder and owner of Supply & Command Clothing, through a mutual friend about a couple years ago. A small town kid with big dreams is our connection in our friendship. After Chad graduated college, he made his moves to leave this small city and start chasing his dreams in the suburbs in Chicago, Illinois, where he currently resides. Let me introduce you to the guy behind Supply & Command Clothing. 

  1. Of all possibilities in life, what influenced you to decide to start a clothing line? Well I’m much influenced with the hip-hop and skateboarding cultures. For years I’d see these groups in their clothes and knew I could do something similar if not definitely better. I got to be very passionate about it and one day just bought a sketch book and started drawing out what I thought could catch on and be popular. That one sketch book has turned into three and my notepad on my iPhone is always updated when I think of something on the go. I thought, ‘Why am I representing this company with some design I know I can do better when I can be promoting myself?’ and that’s what fueled the fire.
  2.  Five years ago from today, did you see yourself with the same dreams of starting your own clothing line or were there other opportunities you saw yourself going for? Five years ago I wouldn’t say I had all that in mind but the seed was definitely planted. When I first was more serious about it was when I started at school for marketing and was always thinking of ways to brand a product. The first I actually sat down with this idea I wanted to call it Dionysus, named after the god of partying and wine, etc. with the logo as grapes. The brand itself has already transformed so much since that time; it’s actually crazy to think about sometimes.
  3.  Who do you see yourself working with in the future with your clothing line? That’s a tough question, ha! I don’t want to say too many names right now because I’ve always felt that would be beneficial to those other companies but the best lifestyle clothing company to me is mine and the most known is Diamond Supply Company. If I could do one collaboration it’d be with them and call it Diamond Supply and Command. See, I’m always thinking. Diamond is just so well respected around the globe and they sort of set the foundation a little for most of what you see.
  4. The last we talked about Supply and Command, we were discussing different charities and organizations for you to send a percentage of the proceeds to. Have you finalized your decision on the organization/charity? Unfortunately, no. I had a broad outline of what I wanted in a charity that would be beneficial to what I wanted to do. 
  5.   What are your reasons for wanting to choose a charity? I support everything veteran related, those are the people I respect so much and something I could never do and am eternally grateful for, so I knew I wanted to do something like that. There are just so many things like supporting their family for a holiday while a veteran is away or like we talked about providing a pet. There are just so many different areas in it. Definitely going to be doing my homework but it’s definitely something to do with the veterans of America.
  6. Right now, you only have t-shirts available. Are you planning to expand your clothing line into other apparel like hoodies, hats, etc.? Oh definitely. Right now I have a five year plan that varies every once and a while. In a year, I’d like to have hats available and hoodies. I wanted to have hoodies so bad this year for the fall/winter collection, but the price just wasn’t right for me. In five years, I’d like to produce my own shoes. Pretty lofty goal, but goals are made to attain. This upcoming spring/summer collection I hope to be able to have some tank tops made and even branch off into making women’s clothing down the road. It’s truly an exciting time.
  7. In your own definition, what does success mean? To me success means so many things. Success is the ability to be able to do something you love and be passionate about. Success is having your closest friends and family believe in you. Success is waking up happy and being able to smile throughout your day. Success is being able to entertain ideas and not feel the need to act on them if you yourself don’t feel entirely okay with it. Success is seeing your dreams become reality right before your eyes. I feel successful already, there’s really nothing that can stop me.
  8. Where do you see Supply and Command being at in a year? In five years? I’m really ambitious and excited for the brand. It may take a year for people to see the vision but once they do I know it’ll all work out for the best. In a year I hope to be doing hats and shirts for various collections and just expanding the brand. I’m going to be doing a lot of my promotion still on Twitter, I always put stuff on there first of designs and drawings. My goal for next year by Halloween is to have 2,500 followers on Twitter. I think that’s very reachable and who knows maybe it’ll be 25,000 instead. In five years I hope to be able to either open my own store or be picked up by a store like Tilly’s or Pac Sun or JC Penney’s or someplace similar.  Like I said, by that time the brand will expand greatly into shoes and such and anything is possible, right? I’m just a kid from Blue River, Wisconsin but that’s neither here nor there.

As October comes to a close, Chad begins a new chapter with Supply & Command Clothing. Starting November 1st, 2013 the original logo design will be restocked, as well as, a crossword puzzle design, a hash tag design, keep calm and command the supply design, and a bleeding logo design will be introduced. It looks like Chad is fairly on his way with his clothing line.  You can stay updated on the S&CClothing or follow it’s twitter account: @sandcclothing
Chad, I just want to take the time to wish you the very best in your endeavors.
Chad: I want to thank you so much for this interview. It really means a lot. I’m so grateful.