New Chapters With a New Platform

My back is against the wall. I am on the floor. An unusual spot to write a blog, wouldn’t you say? My ears are battling between the dryer tumbling my bed sheets and Buckle jeans, and my binge watching of Supernatural on Netflix. My soul is at peace. 

In less than 19 hours, I’ll be starting my first day of a new chapter in 2017 at University of Wisconsin campus as a new faculty member. Yes, I now work for one of the top Universities in my country. Welcome to adulthood, Marie! Here is an adult job. I mean, better late than never, right?

So, before I go on my babbling with this blog, let me throw this little disclaimer out there. This blog is solely my thoughts, knowledge, and opinions. No one else’s. Now back to your regular broadcasting:

I’ve had multitudes of chapters and good karma for myself already in 2017 and it’s not even March yet. A new apartment, Spring semester for college, paying off two meaningless loans, and now a new job. Surely when one door closes, another one opens, and for shits and giggles. I also just booked my trip to Toronto for a week in May, so I am guaranteed another adventure in late spring before my 31st birthday.

Maaaaaaaaaaaan, have I been busy!! I am also like five poems away from finishing my first draft of my fourth book. I have ideas brewing for the book cover design, a change in the title, and a creating a new media trailer for promotion purposes. My fourth book will be published in the Summer.

With my new apartment, I’ve also been getting back into my cooking, of which is part of my original platform for my blogging and writing. With a newly badass kitchen and the opportunity to put a grill on my front porch. Wouldn’t you take the advantage? 

Tonight I made some bad ass chicken wings. Garlic Honey Ginger Wings to be exact. I used Weber’s Garlic Honey dry rub and mixed it with ginger. Bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Easy snack or light dinner. This is just the start of my return to my cooking posts with my new platform. Return the topics that actually worked from the get go.

Ya know, how dope would it be to live the life of Anthony Bourdain, Guy Feiri, or Andrew Zimmern? I certainly would never bitch about my life if I ever reach that pedestal. That’s for damn sure. Travel, eat, travel, write, sleep, travel some more.

Speaking of traveling, if you have any sweet food spots or chill spots to share that’s in Toronto, speak up! I don’t drink though. I have a different philosophical approach to life nowadays since my revelations in my late twenties you may say.

I am also currently expanding that philosophy with a new direction with health, fitness, and my own definition of wealth. With that I have partnered up with a personal trainer here in my city and let me say, it’s a slow progress. It is one obstacle that is teaching me patience with life and myself.

To succeed in life, you need to be a jack of trades. That’s why I also brought the camera back out of it’s bag and I am continuing on learning more techniques of video production in the world of college. Now, I should get back to working on finishing my draft for my next poetry collection to publish.


Writer’s Block on the Low Key

Staring at my Chesapeake Bay candle, listening to the show Renegade in the background on the Heroes & Icons TV channel, and mentally beating my brain to force out the ideas that live co-existentially in there. This is a slow day. All I can think about is a detoxifying bubble bath to cleanse and mediate for a few minutes to redirect my body, heart, and soul beyond the distractions that seem to put up a brick wall. I can’t see what my curiosity aches for.

The week consists of 40 hour work week to keep on the tax radar and 40+ hours of school and study for my future as a videography adventurer into the wilderness. A complete 180 of what three months of nothing did for me, which was… nothing. No progress, no writing, all procrastination and struggling with moving past my first and hopefully last robbery I have experienced in this fairly new city I find myself in. The challenges of my comfort, truly tested. Um, to the point of keeping low key with my life and just surround myself with my past. I thought of going back to that lifestyle. The lifestyle that almost drowned me. Taking ten steps back wasn’t the answer. So questions were asked amongst myself while enjoying the reruns of shows like Renegade, Walker:Texas Ranger, Star Trek, Hercules, & Xena.

All this nostalgic TV series reruns on one of my new channels changed that procrastinating mindset, along with my new job and returning for my last year of college life. The week days aren’t easy. I sleep when I can between classes since my work hours are of my calling, on third shift. I barely have time to cook my meals and eat like I would like, so I find myself ordering pizza. I order a lot of pizza. Not as healthy as I want to be, but it’s pizza! It’s better than eating pizza rolls daily.

I hear stories from successful artists who are and have been in the main spotlight, so to speak. We all have one thing in common, we all make sacrifices to become bigger and better than our old artistic selves. Okay I lied; we all have two things we have in common. The second is motivation. Motivation to be more than what you see yourself and what others see you as. The universe is just that. For us to look beyond the life we all have been placed in. Mind over matter. Speaking of matter, I need to follow through my gym membership this week, because my mind says so.

My mind is also telling me to edit a video interview I shot on Tuesday, so I don’t get behind on my classes and I can continue on the YouTube series pre-production that I have came up with that could possibly change our lives, and not just mine. The world needs a voice, and this voice is finding new stories everyday to shine a light on during this chaos and attempts of order. So back to the writing I go, since I write better than I speak when I explain things of ‘Murica’ value or uneducated value and if the trolls don’t like it, fuck it. I refuse to live in fear, I refuse to be silent, and I refuse to allow others to tell me how to live my life. I will speak my truth, my visuals, and my peace. Now, back to your regular broadcasting…

Behind The Scenes Movement

This past year, I am reflecting my movements. It may seem 2015 was a doozy overall due to not uploading new sounds or publishing new books yet, but this year also came with many changes in my life beyond the art and stage platform. I am safe to say I am adjusting fire as I am learning new knowledge behind the social media, web design, and interface platform. It won’t be until spring semester that I get more in tune with classes that build my knowledge onto video production, journalism, and documentary writing. 

This semester included me reactivating my Pinterest for Computer Graphics and started a Tumblr page to blog more random shit for Interface Design. At the end of semester, if permitted, I want to delete my Pinterest, but keep Tumblr. I see a pattern with writers using Tumblr more than other social platforms. I, myself, can’t keep up with all this mumbo jumbo with social media, but linking accounts does wonder. Just need to adjust fire, so I am not flooding all my accounts online. 

It can get frustrating when nothing is for show on the social platform, however many people forget that there are many more steps behind this screen that I need to work on before I can present my mind within my film goals. I also want to invest in more technology, before I go big or go home.

College is a priority, as writing continues to be a second. With winter break approaching, I can bring my camera out a bit, but right now it’s put away for the pre-production education that is a necessity in the video production world that I am working hard to bring myself too. There is no failures allowed in this journey. I won’t allow it or allow anyone to try to get in my lane and serve me away from my goals.

I am also brainstorming my travel preparations for 2016 and for networking and building purposes, bringing myself back into the drag community as a promoter for pageants, etc. The sky is the limit, but we have the whole universe to embrace. Open your arms for the opportunities that come with life.

Now, french fries are calling my name before I walk my happy ass to my last class of the day.