The Wood, Episode One Promo

The final countdown is here. The wait is finally over for those who have been patiently waiting to witness the future of Chicago’s talents come to a new spotlight with the TV/Web Series, The Wood, starring Shaun Van Prude, Janette Newson, Marcus Davidson, & E-Dot Hamilton. Let us not forget a huge number of guest stars from Chicago’s underground/street entertainment/music scene including, but not limited to, the sibling duo, P. Rico and Scandalous. This urban crime drama series was created and produced by Clifford Cook, directed and co-produced by the talents of Lawrence Williams & co-produced and film scored by Lorenzo Mullins.

The first episode is going to be released on Friday, September 26th, 2014. Watch out for the new chapter of many people’s life with the release of this series, because it’ll become a life changer for Chicago and a wake up to those outside of Chicago, who has no idea what is going on in this small world. Keep an eye out on the future of Chicago and their clash with the entertainment industry beyond the music scene. Welcome to the underground world. Welcome to a world of controversy just to survive.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer #2 yet, from Law Films. Check the video below!

Sunday Funday – Behind the Scenes of ‘The Wood’ And Some

The Wood Promo

 Hello from Chicago! Thirty-six minutes before the week starts and I am breaking away from social media for a week and re-energize for my fall semester in College at the end of the month. This weekend was hectic busy, but hell of a good time!

Friday, I got to spend some time with family and hang out around a bonfire. Sure as hell beats going to clubs and bars with obnoxious drunk people. Ha! It was good to catch up a bit with my brothers and nephews though. A good time was had.

Saturday, this is how it started. The video shows how ready I was for Chicago. Since Scan was making business happen out on the East Coast, I thought I send her a bit of entertainment value via video of me rapping along to one of her singles. A good laugh was truly shared with my Facebook friends, so I figured I share it with my other audience around social media life.

I was excited for Saturday for other reasons other than hanging out with my #CCIU family. I had the privilege to meet my childhood hero, Joe Lando, and talk among topics, like military and Expendables 3, instead of his work as an actor. Oops. ūüôā

It was the inspiration needed to prep for Sunday, as I finally made it down to my first film shoot for Claw Entertainment & Law Films project called The Wood. A web/TV series and outlook on the life and struggles of everyday life in Englewood and other rough neighborhoods in Chicago.

Director/Videographer: Lawrence Williams

My duties for the evening were videography and behind the scenes photography. If you compare my photos, my skills are improving overtime, thanks to my mentor Lawrence Williams, who has been teaching me the tricks and trades of photography. My videography skills are yet of another story.

Actor: Shaun Van Prude

Another mentor is my “fam bam” and upcoming actor, Shaun Van Prude, to start my acting game, as well as, the rest of my projects I have piling up in front of me from writing, photography, videography, and maintaining my poetry. Having individuals who are as hungry as I am to make this world a better place brings great joy and hope for humanity. Stick with us, and we will show you on day at a time.

Read Through Script w/ Cast

The rest of the cast and crew also added new memories and laughs in my memory account. It is a joy to take this work serious, but also be able to make a few bloopers to enjoy life and work along the way. It was a successful evening of filming and I am excited for the first episode of The Wood to come out in September and show the rest of the world what we can do in the heart of Chicago! Trust me when I say that our talents and dedications are beyond the level of expectations. We are hungry out here in the Midwest for a more motivational environment. This is our chance to prove it!

The film production crew’s mission, along with the rest of CCIU, is to bring awareness to children and young adults of other alternatives in life other than drugs, violence, and other gang related activity. Our mission is to end the violence and bring redemption to the reputation of Chicago that it is currently in. I love this city too much to let it go down in rambles. That is why I keep fighting with my Chicago family and work with them to shine in the entertainment industry with me.

Sunday Funday – "The Wood" Sneak Peak Weekend

Lawrence, Chante’, & Cliff

I feel I may have shed a few pounds from the event this weekend. It was crowded and a sauna, but a good times were had with witty tongues & laughter with most of the crew I was with. It was also a good opportunity to meet new people and make new possible connections down in Chicago. Each event also gives me checks, errors, and knowledge of how to improve my networking and business skills.

Here’s my philosophy for success, fear limits people’s opportunities. The best intellectual information you can gather is through your own personal experiences and admitted wrongs. That is why I am not afraid to step out of my city and expand. That is why I keep moving forward with or without others, no regrets or apologies needed. Even if I am the only white girl in the whole damn room. Jokes aside, I don’t let skin color phase me. The people in my life know that my curiosity allows me to social in any situation & in any environment around the world peacefully. At the end of the day, we all have our own stories. We just need to educate ourselves when it’s personal or just business. Majority of the time, for me, it’s just business. That is how I keep moving forward in the industries of my choices.

Paris, Me, Franklin, & Jay

Lawrence Williams of Law Films & Clifford Cook, the mastermind of the project, hosted the All White Party on Friday Night @ The Loft 308. A successful event with over 100 cast, crew, & supporters, coming to show their love for The Wood, an upcoming TV/web series in the works. I was there to practice my photography skills and capture the memorable night.

Shaun, Franklin, Me, Jay, & Lawrence

I had the opportunity to talk with non-CCIU members who also feel and are approaching the necessity of bringing Chicago together and end the unnecessary violence & segregation in the hoods. That is the purpose of this project, in my viewpoint. To make awareness of Chicago’s lifestyles and to bring people together instead of segregating based on the neighborhoods they are from.

Of course the CCIU crew was representing strong and supporting throughout the night. More pictures will be revealed on my Twitter & my Facebook soon. Stay tuned.

Be Around Those With Similar Goals Like You, Be A Team

So it seems the start of the career that YOU WANT is the hardest part of the whole time you put forth in it. Fortunately, as I am trying to peak through with my artistic skills, I have probably one of the best support team anyone can ask for. The backbone of what keeps me holding on. I also surround myself and have benefited being around artists and dreamers of all sorts that have been in their fields of dreams for quite sometime. Not everyone has that opportunity. I also have a team of  friends who are also helping me, one way or another, to get where I want to be in my life. To top that off, if I need advice, I always have people who are always there for me and give me the knowledge I need to move forward with my next task.

One of my 2014’s goal is to organize my artistic abilities under ONE NAME, amongst time management. A challenge I always struggled with, but with a financial boost to help me by going back to school earlier than plan, I can make it happen for myself. Forget about the struggles I may be having with the military, these new goals I have for 2014 is going to help me therapeutically since my art has helped me more than any medication, counseling, alcohol or smoking ever has. It’s my fuel to stay clean and rise above once and for all in my trouble times.

So if you feel you are sitting alone with your dreams and no one to back you, find the people with the same life beliefs and mission as you and you will get farther than you EVER thought you could ever be. Also, surround yourself with people who see your potential and will advice and help you when needed. Trust me, it’s a beautiful thing when others are out there helping you as you are helping yourself. Also if you are part of a positive team, they will push you to better yourself and your skills with good intentions and good motivation. The team will not try to hold you down, but instead allow you to spread your wings and fly with your strongest talents. Networking and connecting, is a huge success, if you want it bad enough.

I look back to when I started this blog, started to return to my poetry, and post my photography, post my recipes, and I never thought I be able be at where I am at today. The only way is up from here. 2014 is going to be epic. Just need to push a little harder this coming year and with my time management and organizational falling into place and sticking to it, it will be done.

Besides, I have a bucket list to complete in 363 days and counting. (Laughing)

So I end this blog with a little motivational push from Shania Twain. Love this song! (Smiling)

Until Next Time…

My Bucket List For 2014

Resolutions. What’s the purpose for them? Some people make them, some people keep to them, some people just say screw it, all in all. I feel it is important to have goals each year. Why? It helps improve your life to the life you want to truly live. You know that pursuit of happiness shebang that most people don’t believe in anymore? Fuck it. I will til the day I die. Probably why I keep fighting towards my dreams and the passions of my life. Probably why I will continue to be a minority in my eyes. The one percent that succeeds to what I truly believe in regardless what the doubters see. If I haven’t been keeping true to my purpose, I wouldn’t be advancing in my life. Yes, there has been ups with downs, but it will only make me stronger, and I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I see it!

Part of the new year is a new image with my blog and changing focus a bit. Keeping people on their toes keeps them curious, that’s the key to keep drawing an audience in. Am I right? It’s okay to say that I am wrong. I won’t take it to heart. You won’t change my lifestyle, just as I don’t see me changing others’ lifestyles. It’s a blog, i.e. my own thoughts and “opinions”, no matter how much facts could or could not back my idealist ideas up. Bottom line, I gain attention and feedback. Good or bad. Whatever.

With that being said, let’s reveal some things on my bucket list for 2014:

*I am going back to school before my move to California starting in January. My mind needs the occupation and my pockets don’t mind the extra cash, so I can continue to work towards my dreams more.

*It’s a slow start, but surely I am recording some of my poetry into music. I have already starting reciting poems on stage at Open Mics at a local coffee shop, but now I am transforming my artistry some more for my audience’s pleasure.¬†

*Returning to local concerts for my musically inclined artistic friends. I been on a hiatus with them for awhile now. I already been talking to one of my friends about a night to just unite and hang. It’ll help also to support them more, so they can support my crew in Chicago as well and we can all support and network with each other. Nothing like building an independent empire away from corporations.

*Here’s a short one for you. Transform “Psychological Demons” from a short story to a novel and have it be my next publishing project as an author.

*More trips, business and personal, to Chicago. I have a job opportunity coming up with my friend, Chad’s, clothing line, Command & Supply Clothing, as a photographer and model to help his promotions.¬† As well as, continue to work more with my crew from Chi City Inc label.

*Speaking of the photography field, I need to network with my friend, Mike, and his photography business called, Canvassy Images. I have a photo shoot with him reserved up in St. Paul/Minneapolis area. That’s expanding my name and artistry even more. I am possibly going to expand my credentials back to the modeling field this coming year, as well, like I use to do back in 2008-2010 during my drag king/performing years.

*Reaching back out to my friends & family in the LGBT community. Honestly, I have been on a hiatus for a long time with them too. Since I quit performing. It is time to get back into a more active role with my troupe, Ravyn Entertainment. They took me in when I was still a nobody, technically. My first semi-fame experience in the LGBT community was all due to the fact that the founders of RE gave me a chance before anyone else did. I know where I started my performing arts career, and I am not going to drop my LGBT family like rocks in a pond. I will always be Pro-LGBT. During my darkest days, they put up with my shit and love me regardless, until I discovered my unique way of life. For that, I love and support them way too much to ever disown them. I still keep in touch with most of them through social networks, but phone calls mean more than Facebook chats in my eyes. I feel for stronger friendships and relationships, we need to get back to phone calls and more face to face time. I am going to try to work on it, especially for the New Year.

*One of the most important goals for 2014, other than saving up to move, is surely a trip to Montreal, Quebec, to hopefully meet my #1 inspiration in life. Corny, I know. Do I care what you think. Nope. If it doesn’t happen in 2014, I’ll make it happen in 2015. NO MORE WAITING! But the goal is 2014.

I think that is enough resolutions for 2014 in my eyes. It will surely keep me busy, most importantly my mind busy. Good thing I will have weekends off to be able to work towards these resolutions for 2014. Don’t ever forget who you are or where you come from. It’ll keep you grounded during life’s biggest challenges. What are you resolutions for 2014? Have you made any, yet?

Until Next Time…