Two Very Potent Keys To Success; Time Management & Organization

I sip on this cup of coffee, and I pop my Ritalin pill in. May not be good for my heart as it beats rapidly from the mix of caffeine and chemicals trying to balance with my body. I am not huge on chemical prescriptions, however I feel the necessity in my intuition for my Ritalin, so I’ll suffice. It keeps me focused on my mission at hand. I haven’t typed up any life coaching blogs for a few months, due to me trying to coach myself in my transition in life.

I reflect on what I could have done differently throughout my transition. Honestly, I took a break from my writing affairs majority of the summer just to recollect my thoughts in an organizational manner. It has not been easy. All writers surely can relate to that. Am I right?! Or am I right? 

So, as I prosper through the thought process, I figure out the outline and notes I need to write down in order to change my progression in my art form to the point of others noticing more, louder, and faster. The investments I need to throw into my potluck, so to speak, as not ending. I think in order to succeed, we need to evolve, and continue to invest. However, we should keep the investments into materials we actually need with our work and keep our wants in life as simple as possible.

In order to bring this to a rise, we need to allow ourselves to accept the conservatism of finances and be smarter about the things we do buy. I’ve struggled with this personally, but having family on my side to change this habit into a more effective money flow for myself and my chosen non-profit organizations. In order to improve the financial conservation, time management and organization comes in hand.

Time management plays into the necessity of your time. What do you need to do with your time verses what do you want to do with your time. This involves photography time, writing time, work time, school time, and fitness time. Grab a planner/calendar and stick to it. I use to be so good with time management when I was working on my Culinary degree. I fell apart when I allowed my body to fall apart during my fitness goals back in 2012, as I was fully engaged in the gym two hours a day, Insanity for an hour a day, and kickboxing on the weekends. I wasn’t allowing my body the nutrients/water it needed back in those days and eating fried foods, and still drinking back in those days.

The lesson I learned when I threw my body into that fitness whelm is to allow patience come into play and ease your way into progress. The rewards can be so amazing once you actually get to where you need to with them. These are my lessons I have shared with you. Without these keys to success, you will fail. You will keep failing until you learn how to manage time and organization. Allow your experiences become your wisdom. All of us were once a fool.

FIIINALLLY Marie Has Come Back To The Blog World!…

If you read the title of this blog with the voice of Dwayne Johnson as the narrator, my day is done. Just kidding. Maybe. Sorry, not sorry for purposely misspelling finally, Grammar Nazis.

It’s been awhile since I have written outside of my poetry and fiction stories in this blog. and even with those writings, I have been limiting myself due to working on my third book based off of my Equestrian journey and well, the real life does surpass social media, not to try and sound like a bitch about it.

Now, I am organizing my writings. I started two more blogs to promote my #CCIU crew and promote other indie artists through my skillful writing and separating the blog themes from this blog, because “Stylez’ World” is MY blog and MY blog alone with my talents and works to share with my audiences and supporters from WI to LA and around the world for now on.

So if you want to check out my other two blogs, “Featured Artist World” & “CCI University.” Just click on the links and stay updated with different artist friends of mind in CCIU or beyond the crew. I’m showing everyone love. Just want to give a shout out to y’all tonight and let you know I’m still working on my goals and dreams between two jobs, finishing my time with the military, school, and my photography business. Got to work hard for that future success, ya dig?!?

My Everything (Poetry)

We met, love at first sight,
Unfortunately it was the wrong place at the wrong time.
I didn’t know what love was, but you swore it was,
But that was when my life was full of negatives, faux pas.
A one night stand at a time my heart was banned
From love, because of my heartaches
And the chains that wouldn’t allow me to let go of the past.
Bridges continued to burn over the years,
While a raging river was created through my fears and tears.
But what I’ve learned…
While the fires were distinguished in my heart,
I know I can be a hot mess, a painful stress
When it comes to trust and love,
But you showed me unconditional patience.
We’ve come and go, more so
I’m to blame with my nervousness
And fear of happiness.
But you let me fly like a butterfly,
To discover my wings and strengths.
Just to find myself back into your opened arms.
My everything, always putting me before your own.
Always being my rock, a dependent I can lean on.
My everything.
Even when I wasn’t trying, when I was barely breathing, 
when I felt my heart wasn’t beating.
When I felt like a nobody,
You’ve always exploit I’m the world to somebody,
to you and you alone.
Even when we carried our baggage claim into the mix,
Zigzagged back and forth in each others lives.
I’ve realized your love is my permanent fix,
With or without the sex.
I cannot think of my future projects,
Side tracked with my ex being my next
And only plight…
No longer am I afraid,
Time has proved you’re not a fade.
I could go on and on, but no words can ever replace,
The emotions that are flowing in my veins.
The healing of my abandonment and terminal pain. 
You’re my oxygen, You’re my toxin.
My krytonite, my knight in disguise.
My brother, my father teaching me wrong from right.
My sister, my mother showing me the nature of nurturing.
Main guy on the movie screen,
My vaccine after a bee sting,
My guardian angel who found his own wings.
My everything.

2014©H.M. Gautsch

Let’s Get Shady (Poetry)

Lately, I have a lot of words bobbling in my head like a bunch of bobble heads.
I wonder if I can find the words that need to be said.
I wonder how many of my poetic stories are going to go unread.  
Fuck it, because honestly, numbers don’t matter to me when it comes to the chances I take,
I refuse to lie in a bed that I never had an opportunity to make,
So I guess I’ll play some Eminem and keep pushing with this paper and pen.
Let’s spit some fuel on this fire.
Before you throw blame, don’t hate the player, hate the game.
Just because you’ve made it in the fast lane, don’t mean shit to me.
There’s a reason I have my own pace; to prevent something similar to this car chase.
But now we are playing bumper cars through a petty fucking rat race.
Time to find a new route from these circles and dead ends in this overly complex maze. 
I’m tired of it, but restless, because of how I have been wired.
A soldier in the battlefield trying to communicate in cypher,
I am bringing my artillery out. Just to show you that I’m a survivor.
How many of y’all am I preaching to? Show me how big the choir is by saving these words like a virus.
If you are ready to reach a new level, raise your hands!
If you are ready, let’s get shady.
If you are ready for me to turn up my voice, stand with me,
My generation lost army.

I’d rather burn down a whole house than be a small candle in a dark crowd.
It’s gotten to the extreme with the built up of these rain clouds.
Storms pass, but I am hearing the pounding of thunder and the sight of lightening.
A sign for it’s to get a bit louder with the demons hiding in my stone cold subconscious.
My denial of my alter ego has pissed her off. She’s about to knock the fucking door in,
and break herself free from the prison sentence I locked her up in.
Believe it or not, I too have an evil twin I have to fight with to tame down my sins.
I guess with my astrology sign, as a Gemini, it’s common to have a second side.
Unfortunately it just takes a lot for me to transition from Miss Jekyll to Miss Hyde.
But when it hits, it’s like a champagne bottle after shaking and pop, there goes the lid.
But enough of explaining all this shit.
I’ve had enough of allowing myself to become a doormat once again.
It sounds repetitive, again and again and again.
But I am going to keep repeating until you feel my pain!
My heart is permanently scarred and stained!
But I am stepping it up, like the mob and laying down my own laws for my fellow, generation lost.
If you are ready to reach a new level, raise your hands.
If you are ready, let’s get shady.
If you are ready for me to turn up my voice, stand with me,
My generation lost army. 
Ever thought no matter how hard you try,
It just ain’t enough for those critiquing your life?
I am done pleasing others that don’t support me in my joys or support my strife.
For all that just tells me to, “Just get over it.” Y’all can just jump off a bridge if you like.
I’ll do what I have to, to get the fuck out of here, even if it is to become a street bum in New York,
I am not made to work in a factory or a corporation. Whether you like it or not,
I’m made to just live my life and tell about it with a rhythmic, lyrical storm.
I have the charisma; I have the factors needed for my skills and art form.
If you really knew the true motivation of my goals…
Greedy for a better life, maybe, but you would be too if you were raised in “Bum-Fucked Egypt”
In a broken home, where there was nowhere to escape, except the back roads,
Which took you to just another reminder of why your home was so emotionally broke.
From alcohol and drug abuse to blood line confusion and the story goes on and on and on.
No surprise, I’m just one of those kids that felt unwanted throughout my childhood.
I didn’t know it would grow from a small story to an infamous book for all who’s often misunderstood.
2014©H.M. Gautsch

The Wood, Episode One Promo

The final countdown is here. The wait is finally over for those who have been patiently waiting to witness the future of Chicago’s talents come to a new spotlight with the TV/Web Series, The Wood, starring Shaun Van Prude, Janette Newson, Marcus Davidson, & E-Dot Hamilton. Let us not forget a huge number of guest stars from Chicago’s underground/street entertainment/music scene including, but not limited to, the sibling duo, P. Rico and Scandalous. This urban crime drama series was created and produced by Clifford Cook, directed and co-produced by the talents of Lawrence Williams & co-produced and film scored by Lorenzo Mullins.

The first episode is going to be released on Friday, September 26th, 2014. Watch out for the new chapter of many people’s life with the release of this series, because it’ll become a life changer for Chicago and a wake up to those outside of Chicago, who has no idea what is going on in this small world. Keep an eye out on the future of Chicago and their clash with the entertainment industry beyond the music scene. Welcome to the underground world. Welcome to a world of controversy just to survive.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer #2 yet, from Law Films. Check the video below!