What I Didn’t Know Then, I Sure As Hell Do Now

I am working hard to revamp my business foundation. So much more on the business aspect. Ugly, but necessary to succeed in this world. A to-do list has been made. To-do lists are a means to make the productivity go as smoothly as possible. Without the organization, the foundation will crumble.

To-do lists also help me stay focused when my mind enjoys a loop into the Attention-Deficient Disorder episodes. I guess you can say a counter-act of sorts to the obstacles that try to stand in my way path to find the means of the business life I want to succeed in.

Yes, my mind is slowly expanding towards the business aspect of my dreams. I’ve recently learned that majority of artists don’t understand the aspect of business. Some are not even willing to compromise their creativity, or expand in a sense to profit their artwork or work towards the demands of the business world. Especially with today. So many corporates give the word ‘business’ a bad name and even sometimes portray it as a satanic mindset, but let’s get back to earth. Like it or not, money makes the world go round, money puts food on the table (which reminds me…), money helps those in need. If you were true to your heart as an artist or a business individual, you wouldn’t hesitate to keep to your heart. Sacrifice a little to help others, but also make sure you can feed your own soul, mind, and body as well.

Regardless of everything going on in this world, STILL TODAY, nothing is just black and white. Not art, not reality, not science, not imagery, not politics, and not business. Everything is becoming clear. Everything is based on comprehension, perspective and subjective in the most obscene ways. My philosophical viewing is just getting stronger as I age, regardless of the current populum fallacy of the world.

I think that’s my cue to end this post. This is just an example of my ADD. One second I am talking about business, the next… philosophy? One of many mysteries of my mind. Welcome to my visions.