Writing (Poetry)


Yesterday, had another session with my psychologist,
Agreeing my writing inflates my ego and confidence.
I’ll just continue as a populist with the mind of freedom of speech,
Regardless of the consequence,
I’m going to continue my stories as a poet and novelist.
With my writing, I take control, I transform from submissive to dominant.
The other day, I had a heart to heart with my cousins and aunt.
Revealing the support of me exposing the memories that still taunt me,
Continue to rant and flaunt, every now and then, an inspirational speech.
Until I can get all my anger locked up in a vault permanently.
It’s okay to throw me with all the faults.
In return, I’ll keep writing on topics critics don’t want.
Infamous or famous, it’s not the entitlement I am worried about.
My writing is a gift that drains all my heartfelt doubt.
Like a toilet, the shit will need to be cleaned with bleach.
Like a dog with rabies, my words will continue to lash out,
Until my resentment feelings can drain out.
Don’t think I can no longer turn back around from this route.
It’s the only way I know how and I refuse to back down.
I’m switching gears, increasing my speed towards the future,
A healthier self-medication than when I was a smoker and boozer.
Writing has been adopted as my new nurturer.
I could care less who, friend or foe, become my jurors.
I’ll just continue on this creative adventure, looking for my ultimate treasure.
2014©H.M. Gautsch

Philisophical Vision: Art vs. Entertainment

The definition of art should fall under Wittgenstein’s open concept. Clarifying if it is ‘good’ art or bad art is irrelevant. The economic value does not always do justice for ‘good’ art and majority of the time, the artist him/herself does not get the awards of value directly until late.

Collingwood’s argument is sketchy, especially against more of the art that falls under the modern genre. Wittgenstein’s open concept also involves the evolving of art from the beginning of time to the present time. A strong argument like today’s film industry is strictly entertainment, but not art or if it is art, it is merely just ‘bad’ art. However, ‘bad’ art is still art. Therefore, it forges a weak argument.

With Wittgenstein’s open concept argument, Hume’s long list can also be in play. All theories that give necessary and sufficient definitions have just as strong counterarguments with the biggest one being the evolution of art in itself and the turning of time.

If art is not entertainment, than Shakespeare is not an artist, either. That can also argue for Kabuki Theatre in Japan is also not art, but craft. No one can argue that Shakespeare or Kabuki Theatere is ‘bad’ art or can they? This argument would fall a subjective approach, rather than objective. One must be alert of the direction, fore the equation is now motus tollens;  entertainment is not art, therefore if it’s entertainment, it’s not art.

Art and entertainment can co-exist within each other. In today’s film and movie productions, you see that in the majority of the final product. A primary example of how today’s film industry can still provide art within its product is Black Swan (Aronofsky). There are different levels of art being displayed in the final product, including but the not limited too, music, fashion, writing, and acting. It is all art coming together for one final piece to be displayed. The same would have fallen with Shakespeare’s plays back in the  16th-17th century.

Aronofsky, Darren, dir. Black Swan. Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2010. Film

Q&A Feature: Klazik


I met this next artist at a talent competition for local hip-hop artists around the surrounding areas in Dubuque, Iowa. We connected on our similar backgrounds, prior to our civilian purpose as artists. Now I sit down and converse with another veteran turned artist about his music, his philosophy with art and life, and how the military shaped him as an artist.

You have an astounding resume prior to your music career. Care to tell the readers about your background?

Klazik: Sure, I’m originally from East Cleveland, Ohio. I joined the Navy in 2003 and did nine years active duty. After going through training in Great Lakes, Illinois, I was a Tomahawk missile technician on board the USS Mason DDG 87 in Norfolk, Virginia. I did three deployments from ’05-’09, and went on to be an Instructor in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Now I live in Marion, Iowa.

First and foremost, thank you for serving our country. As a fellow veteran for the armed forces, do you feel art is therapy or an essential outlet for people like us? Why or why not?

K: Some type of healthy release is definitely necessary, everyone isn’t artistic, but alcoholism is heavily encouraged in military culture. I’ve never smoked anything and have only taken a handful of drinks in my life. Making music is an escape for me, all creative expression. I’m confident in my music and comfortable on stage, it’s fun.

During your time in the armed forces, has your service strengthen your philosophy with life or had it evolved during those years?

K: It shaped my philosophy on leadership, because I saw first-hand the type of leader I don’t want to be. The nature of military leadership is abusive and hypocritical and there are a lot of people that meet qualifications for positions of authority that don’t deserve to lead.

Have you ever found a time where it has weakened your beliefs? If so, how did you overcome those moments?

K: Something that really affects me is when people that I have committed myself to show me they don’t care about me. I don’t like being taken advantage of or manipulated because its something that I have had happen to me from people that I trusted. Times like that can make you bitter if you allow it and the way I’ve learned to deal with it is by reflecting on the situation and everyone involved once it’s over. When you look back you can gain a better understanding of who you were at the time and why you allowed those people in your life, then you can grow from that understanding.

Presently, what is your philosophy in life?

K: The law of attraction is very real to me. The things in your life are drawn to you. They echo who and what you are back.

Where did your name “Klazified Sick” aka “Klazik” originate from?

K: It actually came from a line I wrote in a verse. It was during a time where I needed to come up with a new name for myself because a name I used previously was taken. I came up with the lyrics and thought “that’s pretty clever” and ran with it.

When it comes to your music, not only are the lyrics leaning towards a spiritual deliverance, but you carry an old school vibe in the beats. Who in the old school era influenced your flow and sound?

K: My style is directly influenced by the music of the mid 1990s to early 2000s, so that includes Notorious B.I.G., whose my primary influence, as well as, Jay-Z, Bone Thugs -N- Harmony, Fabolous, Kanye West, 50 Cent, etc.

I’m also studying and learning the history of rap music and hip-hop culture, so I connect with older artists like Big Daddy Kane and Rakim. However, I don’t hate new music, that’s just my style of creation.

Is it your path in life that influences the lyrics you deliver, or do you feel the influence from within?

K: I guess it’s from within because I don’t think about it, I just let it come to me. I haven’t written a verse down in over ten years.

Music isn’t your only creative outlet. You are also an amazing photographer. Is that another career move you have considered in the past or currently? Or is it just a hobby of yours?

K: Well thank you! It’s just a hobby now. I’m not as confident in it as I am with my music. I got into photography, because I wanted to learn to shoot videos. My thinking is, since video is just a series of pictures and if I can take a good picture that would help my videography. I am going take a more professional step forward with pictures this year though.

In 2018, you dropped six singles for your fans. What should we expect from Klazik in 2019? Can we expect any music videos from you?

K: I like to release music in small doses, so its either a single or a three to five song project. I have a single that I just need to get mixed and get cover art for and Ill put that out in the first quarter of 2019. Also, I want to book some more live performances this year.

Is there anything in life that you haven’t done yet, that might be on your bucket or goal list?

K: The biggest goal I want to accomplish is to be able to make enough money from my music or any work that’s music related to fully support my family, and I’d like to make a song with Big Daddy Kane.

You can find Klazik’s music on Spotify, ITunes, or check out his website by simply clicking on http://smarturl.it/KLAZIK

Film Review: Hearts Beat Loud

download (1)I sincerely am warming up to Nick Offerman as an actor. First, in the independent hit The Hero with the legendary Sam Elliot, and now this fun light-hearted story about a daughter and father bonding over music during a summer before she heads to college. I appreciate this guy’s taste in storytelling!

Might I add on the topic of Nick’s delivery as a comedian and artist. The humor doesn’t overbear the sense of the direction of what the creators wanted to take this film.

The vintage indie style of this film sets a good flavor to the pace of the story, as well as, being fearless to promote not one, but two minority communities in the film with the character of Sam Fischer.

The main setting of the film, the record store, gives a nostalgic vibe with the small business mindset and appreciating the times when music lovers turned to their collection of vinyls and compact discs, rather than digital and/or streaming collections of today’s society. A simple, yet hip story , with a very deep message within it of love and acceptance.

This film is created on very organic, yet subtle ingredients for success from the story to the simplicity of the cinematography. Nothing overpowers the other.. A very fun and artistic film to watch on a cold, bleak winter evening to warm the soul whether alone or with your loved ones.

I gave this film a 9/10 on the IMdB site.

Waiting (Poetry)


Late winter night,
The moon’s shine is creeping inside my window.
I can see the glow from the side of my eye.
Hypnotic stare into the clock’s neon lights,
As I watch the minutes tick by.
I’m trying to relax my mind,
Music meditation to ease away from reality.
That’s my self-motivation and validation.
I’m on the right track.
Three jobs, school, and building my own business,
I ain’t got no time to lack.
I’m afraid to rest these weathered eyes,
Feeling I need to keep the grind hopping at every second of my life,
The voices from inside tells me,

‘You can sleep when you die. 
Don’t you dare fall behind.
The wicked don’t sleep. 
So just allow your goals remain as a close keep.’

There’s no time to drop back.
Got to keep transforming my dreams into facts.
Is it a sin to grind from my skin to my bones?
Sacrificing the life I hate, I deserve the life I love.
I won’t stop until I’m filled with satisfaction, full throttle motion.
Sometimes I question if I’m in a zombie mode,
Like I’ve given up on my soul,
As I try to connect with the universe through this twilight zone.
Will I get the answers for the questions I dare to spit?
Or will these words remain as unanswered bits,
Of the truth, of my future.
I need to stop asking and recommit,
To this supposed calling, the voices remain within’.
I’m no longer waiting.