The Marketing and Networking Skills of a Socially Awkward Guru

The title fits my persona with my social anxiety issues and PTSD; hence, the title. This is why I enjoy being a writer sharing my story instead sitting in front of thousands singing, rapping, or even speaking. I can still get my message through with my writing skills without the fear of stumbling on my words and stuttering, or even having a panic attack in front of large crowds.

One of many, many triggers of my PTSD today, which will also be featured in my fifth book, The Road to Coping. It’ll be a continuation of my military story and guidance of alternative therapies that I use to keep me as sane as possible and ease my symptoms.

My current publication has revealed some truth in my networking and marketing skills. It obviously isn’t the usual tools that majority of writers use to get their stories and names out into the world, but it’s been working for me.

I won’t deny that there was still a bit of doubt in my progress. I mean, a total of two years to get this book situated. Well, one year consisted of the writing, but it shouldn’t have taken one year to actually design, edit, and publish it, but what is life?

Two years may have felt like a dry spell during the time that was spent; as I look back though, I have a very different perception. The ranking that the social site, Authorgraph, for writers like myself has proven that I have a strong support system, who has shown unconditional patience and love with me and my message from time to time. Authorgraph has recently shown me that The Road to Healing: An Equestrian Therapy is ranked at least two million places higher than both Evolution of Oneself: My Poetic Memoir and Underground Poetry. How does this come about? A lot of investment, marketing, education, and networking. Here is a list of what my successful tools that I continue to use:

1. Education:

If you are able to invest in college, DO IT! Especially if you aren’t educated on the dreams and goals you want to accomplish in life. Invest in the education. INVEST, INVEST, INVEST!

I have had my share of courses that fit the credentials I need to be a successful writer, even if the program itself isn’t directly intended for a writing degree. I have had numerous writing courses for electives, granted, failing my English class twice. Yes, my English instructor tried to push me to my full potential, but my time management got in the way, hence failing the class, not once, but twice! The gracious outcome of it all though, is she is still one of my biggest supporters in my authorship and writing career that I continue to build.

Writing and literature classes aren’t the only classes that have benefited me. My current degree I am working towards is in the Visual Communications field. If you don’t know what that is, the best description I can explain is, it’s a hybrid degree between Graphic Design and Film Production. My actual career goal is still the film industry, whether it’s short films, documentaries, script writing, etc. In order to even get in the door for a career on that level, you need to provide numerous articulate skillsets. In this program, I learned numerous Adobe software to edit, create, and improved on my book designs, book layouts, web design, typography, kinetic videography in a huge manner. I have also had the ability to use my photography education and put it towards video.

Other learning investments I came about with marketing and networking is from those I keep close to me. Read blogs of professions who have already set wave to their paths. Oh em gee, you are reading mine as we speak. 👅

2. Support and Invest in Individuals who Support and Invest in You
This investment advisement falls sort of into the networking tool. I have done my share of not just investing money or time into my own goals, but I have expressed my support in numerous projects from my ‘go-getter’ friends, whether it was purchasing their music albums or mixtapes, donating to their Indiegogo fundraiser page, travel to support them during their accomplishments whether it be guest speaking at events or graduating their Juror Doctorate degree, promoting their projects via social media, etc. What you put out does and will come back to you.

3. Invest in Yourself

This reflects back on my last post about Minimalism and the values you hold in life. If you are trying to build a business, a huge factor in development is investment. If you are a photographer, buy that camera. If you are a videographer, buy that drone. If you are a writer, buy those books to read  to keep those creative juices moving. If you want to move to another state, save your damn money and invest in a new place when you get out to your destination. If you want to travel, spend your money on traveling. If you find a career or location that actually feeds your soul, invest in that rather than buying new clothes, shoes, DVDs, CDs, video games, or other distractions on a weekly basis. There is a reason the wealthy remains the wealthy. Those who know how to keep their money and investments alive don’t blow their means away, but then again, there is always that one individual. Don’t be that broke individual who hoards shit that you only used once or twice.

4. Networking on Social Media:

I am not talking about just creating an account on Facebook and ‘friending’ everyone and anyone. Keep your account as personal, but you can still apply yourself to groups on Facebook that is relevant to your path in your career. I am involved in over a dozen groups that are considered for writers and bloggers like myself. We share expertise and our works to one another for criticism and support.

Don’t limit yourself on social media, if you are trying to get your name out on a business level. The most effective social platforms beyond Facebook in my experiences are Twitter, Google+. and Instagram. There are also social sites out there that are strictly for writers and readers to discover new Authors. I have my own author page on Goodreads and Amazon. I also have an account on Also, I have expanded  my poetry on numerous sites like and Through those social sites, I have gained thousands of fans, collaborations, connections, critiques, and a few I actually consider friends. You cannot build your foundation alone.

On the flipside; keep your personal circle small. Make sure it is also filled with ‘go-getters’ beyond your family and loved ones who will keep you motivated on your journey. Don’t fear having friends from all walks of life. Don’t let the propaganda bullshit separate you from your heart and what is right. Coming together is one of the most important factors in today’s and age. It will help you to grow in your heart and in your mind. Get rid of those associates that hold you back. Keep with those who push you as an individual, even if they push your buttons. This ability will help expand your mind,  as well as, keeping you humble in your journey. The smaller and realer the circle is, less the drama will be unraveled.

5. Publishing My Books
The site I was recommended and still use is For me, I have the knowledge to design a book cover and a book layout, so I do not have to invest anything into those steps when it comes time to publish my book. Also, it helps me build my business beyond my photography skill sets. The more you can do for your foundation for business, the most likely you’ll be capable of continuing and expand. Especially if you want to grow your business and not apply towards someone else’s.

6. Most Importantly, Blogging
Writers need to stay connected with their readers, or the readers will lose interest in their works. Just write. Any topic that intrigues you. For me, it’s my poetry, short stories, fan fictions, philosophy, and mental health that are majority of my blog’s posts. I have a pattern of writing more posts when I am on break from school, because that’s when I am actually capable of sitting down and sorting out my thoughts. The expressions with your blog helps your viewers feel involved and reaching out to you for certain advisement, tips, and possibly work.
If I come up with anything else on marketing and networking, I will surely write another blog, but for now, I am off to be productive before a 12-hour shift at work.

Discovering Minimalism…

Pop! Vinyl collection

The other week I watched two documentaries, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things and Happy. It astonishes me how materialistically we are consumed in the Americanized societies in the world. We have so much luxuries! Why do we struggle with mental health as a whole?! Hell, there are people in India who lives in poverty and are much happier with the cards that God dealt them in life than an American with a crap load of money. The two previous documentaries are a wake up call for me.

No worries, I am going somewhere with this; first, define happiness and minimalism for me right now. Just jot down your ideologies at this very moment. Set it aside. We will get back to this point of my blog momentarily.

Just a part of my
book collection.

I will be frank, I have financial stability in my life, but I am also a geek that has to have so much crap to prove my geekiness. Money flies, but I am not alone.

America and majority of developed countries have a need to buy materialistic waste for a short-term satisfactory emotion. We have the needs to get the most recent technology, the most expensive brands of clothes, the most fashion furniture. What happens when we pass on in this lifetime? Most things gets handed off, but a lot of it gets thrown in the trash. More space consumption for the infamous pollution crisis. Well, that’s my visual on the bigger picture, or am I missing something? I mean I understand each individual is different.

We, as a whole, are always competing with each other with the best of this, the
best of that, and how much money we make. Why? I am guilty of it myself. I envy my friends who make more than me and sometimes find myself a bit stingy with those that make less than me. Yes, I worked my ass off in my life to be where I am at, but it needs to be nip in the butt. I need to get back to the reality of what values I possess in this greedy society and hang onto that. My poetry, my books collection, my camera; that is the most valuable means in this life for me.

Another kryptonite of mine is food. Either I order too much or I buy too much groceries than I can intake in my meal preps and end up throwing out a good portion. Speaking of portioning my prep meals, I need to discipline myself with leftovers. I need to be better for the environment and for the people. It’s a slap in the face when you have all this food and in the world hunger and poverty is still one of the biggest issues. If I nip my part of this issue in the ass, I would be doing my part in society for the environmental and societal issues that we have today. I want to do better, I know I can.

So for moving into my new apartment next month, I am going through my excessive foods and materials and will donate what I really don’t need or won’t eat in the next four weeks.
In return of all these adjustments in my life, I can do more of what makes me the happiest, traveling.

Now let’s go back to you. What makes you happy? What are your thoughts of minimalism? Are you willing to adjust your lifestyle to do better for this society as a whole? I am not asking you to radicalize, I’m just requesting baby steps.