Maybe It’s Because I’m A 90s Kid…

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Are we all biased of the decades we were all raised in? I’m a 90s kid myself. I grew up on the luxury of both the real world and the tech world, so I still appreciate to disconnect myself when it’s needed and still read physical books and write with paper and pen. My preference in karaoke is the 90s women artists like Paula Cole, Alanis Morissette, Madonna, etc. Buffy, La Femme Nikita, Dr. Quinn, and Xena: Warrior Princess are the shows that never get old for me.  I have them on constant repeat whether on DVDs, my DVR, or Netflix.

The same must go with Sports Entertainment.  My favorites remain to be the old school wrestlers. During Wrestlemania, I got easily entertained and nostalgic when DX and NWO came out and fought during the Sting and Triple H match. I didn’t care about the age factor. It brought brilliant memories back from the Attitude Era.

I was reevaluating Hell in a Cell Pay Per View in my head since last night, and as I watch Monday Night Raw and watch the Wyatt Family take away Kane as they did with Taker last evening, it has me disappointed in the reality of the Brother’s of Destruction time as come and gone, or so it seems with both their loses last night.
Maybe it’s the kid that still lives in me that calls this new Wyatt/BofD story line bullshit. I hope it builds after this week. I don’t like the idea of Taker and Kane being MIA from the wrestling world, especially since Taker is on his last leg of his career tour. Something has to give before Survivor Series, before Undertaker’s 25th Anniversary. I pray to the gunslinger that this isn’t a preview of how his last sunset is going to fade. I would hope WWE respects that the universe wants his last ride to go out with a bang.

I need to go back to my writing to get this nonsense out of my mind.