The Little Knowledge I Have So Far For The Film Industry

Due to my busy schedule between three jobs, the college life, and my photography business, I haven’t seen a lot of family during this first quarter of the new(ish) year. My three little balls of fur known as my kids have also kept me busy to where as I haven’t been able to over think a lot of things. It’s probably a good thing too. Good forbid a daily post of poetry writings that would make me look like a bi-polar from hell.

I got to stop a visit at my mother’s Friday to drop off belated birthday presents for my stepfather and youngest nephew. You could tell I haven’t seen her in awhile due to me not able to shut the hell up and tell her all the things I been doing and how school is going. I think she realized I was kind of busy? I would hope so.

She asked if I liked my new program I started this semester at my college. I told her yes. The works behind the camera is fairly new to me beyond photography, so it’s all fresh knowledge for at least my Video-Productions Studio class. I love the challenge.

It also gave me a fresh appreciation on film making as a whole. The funny thing too is the more knowledge you gather in the film field, the more you also appreciate more of the non-Hollywood films and you start to critique movies beyond the screen. You start noticing the goofs with lighting, cameras, and as a writer, I focus on the dialogue as well, through the script writing. You start noticing the movies that use CGI effects way too much and which movies have a poor plot, climax, and story-telling as a whole.

The knowledge I have gathered this far in the film industry has me over-looking and editing some of my story lines already, and I don’t even have a big start on them yet.  I guess my movie addiction is finally paying off and without a damn intervention.

Speaking of, I have a movie to watch.


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