A Non-Fictional Story Of Two Guys & A Girl

*As I start writing this post, my blog still goes untitled.*

Last week was an unexpected event in itself. The unexpectedness was a blessing in disguise. Balancing school and work with hosting two “foreigners” of the Midwest was a challenge, but at the same time it felt natural.

The events took place was assisted by our positive vibes connection at Deuce’s poetry reading event & photo shoot the week prior. Anyways, on to the damn story.

*I just figured out a title for the blog. Go me!*

It happened to be a relaxing day off after my Monday class considering I also had the Tuesday after off as well. I was getting my daily Iced Chai Latte when I got the phone call from Deuce.Apparently there is only one bus route from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to La Crosse, WI and the total ride time was 22 hours, when Cedar Rapids is only three hours away in a personal vehicle.

I was front with the guys, telling them my plan A for the day and Tuesday was a better day for the road trip after my Equestrian Therapy since nothing was planned after. I got off the phone and strolled through the book store for about fifteen more minutes thinking about the opportunities to change my plans for the day to Plan B. You only live once right?

So I basically said, “fuck it” and cancelled plan A and went with plan B for the day. I called Deuce back in the nick of time, considering they were seconds away of buying their hotel room for the night. Phew!

Somehow on the trip back from Iowa, I managed to talk two artists, who are used to the night life, to be morning peeps for me, in return, I would drive them up to the Mall of America. See, Deuce has been to these neck of the woods before, however, Mario has not been this far west before and I felt it was necessary to show him as much as I could while he was here. Both of them also got to meet Sterling, my new therapy horse, as well.

When we got home from our days trip up to the Twin Cities, I figured I cook for them as well, because the host has to go all out for their guests. So, I cooked some spaghetti for the guys for their second night in my crib. Wednesday, I manage to make them my homemade wings that were of three bold flavors, in between school and work & Thursday morning I provided chorizo burritos & hashbrowns for breakfast.

In return of all this hospitality, the boys took turns and assigning each other different chore tasks from dishes to vacuuming the living room floor. Coming home from work Thursday night to prep for my photography gig, opened the door and the house was so clean and refreshing from the abundance of essence candles that have been burning throughout the week. It was refreshing and I didn’t get insecurely upset about them touching my shit.

The results of this experience and strong conversations with the guys had boosts my hope to humanity who are on the same level in life that I am at. What we didn’t have in common, we shared with one another, as in, sharing our cultures and/or others from UK Grime music scene to Quebec’s film industry.  Expressing towards one another openly without judgements, but instead, sharing knowledge of our life experiences was an example that it is possible that people from different worlds can co-exist without hesitations. This is why we don’t judge people by their images or words, but rather by their hearts and intentions. My circle remains small, but the quality of my circle is so valuable, that it’s become priceless.

Poetry, Food, & Wine… Oh, Don’t Forget About The Photography

Photo Credit:
DJ Mario Bee

Today, I was in completely chill mode regardless of the lack of sleep that a combination of my body and my damn dogs did not allow. I was reflecting on my wintery hibernation as I was enjoying our full first spring-like day today with two of the most dope artists I’ve come across in my life this far in my journey.

I am smiling. One of my best friend’s texted me well wishes before last night’s event at a local culinary spot.

I just figured, “Yay! This will be an opportunity to work my photo magic and continue to build my portfolio,” but little did I know getting out of the house, especially to the poetry, food, & wine event, would I get a boost of inspiration.

My best friend couldn’t be more right. I was inspired. Inspired to leave my winter hibernation. Inspired to return to “Open Mic” at a local coffee joint. Inspired to situate some administration tasks for my favorite non-profit organization and my schooling situation for the videography trade. Is that inspired enough? Nah…

A multiple of reasons plays their parts on a successful Sunday & Monday. It was a completely relaxing environment, overall at the Poetry, Food, & Wine night. Oddly, I was also ready to work the moment I got there.

I didn’t hesitate to let Chef Shawn know of graduating honors in the culinary field. He didn’t hesitate to put me on the spot with the opening question, “You got an open hand?!” I raised both hands and assisted with the food before the event.

I clicked with all the artists associated with last night spot on from the introduction. Quick smiles, laughs, stories, photos, and plenty of sarcasm to go around all night, as I met new friends in the local area.

A fan of mine came out for the showing, asked for my autograph. Let’s just say, Deuce was impressed. I joked with him about being a bigger deal than he was in these neck of the woods.

I sold a couple copies of each book, as well as raffled a copy of each to the crowd, as well as a free photo shoot. A long night well worth what money can’t ever buy. That right there inspired me to keep working on my third book.

Today continued the good vibes and memories after my morning class, as I showed the New Yorkers, Deuce Ellis & DJ Mario Bee around this small town, as well as, got some dope photographs of the two at a couple various locations.

The two wanted good food and good beer, so I led them to Dublin’s Irish Pub and had them eat some of the best cheese curds La Crosse has to offer. I also got to witness Deuce & Mario trying our famous/infamous beer cheese soup.

I promised next time they are in town, I would show them a low key dive called River Rat’s, one of my favorites, with some of the best chicken wings in town, and one of the best scenes in town, on the river. I always keep my promises when food is involved.

I have a lot of editing to do between the event photos and the photo shoot from today, but this is the stuff I live for. The artistry of life. The challenge of what we can create with what we have. That’s what I love living for.

The Little Knowledge I Have So Far For The Film Industry

Due to my busy schedule between three jobs, the college life, and my photography business, I haven’t seen a lot of family during this first quarter of the new(ish) year. My three little balls of fur known as my kids have also kept me busy to where as I haven’t been able to over think a lot of things. It’s probably a good thing too. Good forbid a daily post of poetry writings that would make me look like a bi-polar from hell.

I got to stop a visit at my mother’s Friday to drop off belated birthday presents for my stepfather and youngest nephew. You could tell I haven’t seen her in awhile due to me not able to shut the hell up and tell her all the things I been doing and how school is going. I think she realized I was kind of busy? I would hope so.

She asked if I liked my new program I started this semester at my college. I told her yes. The works behind the camera is fairly new to me beyond photography, so it’s all fresh knowledge for at least my Video-Productions Studio class. I love the challenge.

It also gave me a fresh appreciation on film making as a whole. The funny thing too is the more knowledge you gather in the film field, the more you also appreciate more of the non-Hollywood films and you start to critique movies beyond the screen. You start noticing the goofs with lighting, cameras, and as a writer, I focus on the dialogue as well, through the script writing. You start noticing the movies that use CGI effects way too much and which movies have a poor plot, climax, and story-telling as a whole.

The knowledge I have gathered this far in the film industry has me over-looking and editing some of my story lines already, and I don’t even have a big start on them yet.  I guess my movie addiction is finally paying off and without a damn intervention.

Speaking of, I have a movie to watch.