Color-Blind (Poetry)

Late nights are the best nights to sort out my membrane,
Thoughts running through my head like a midnight train.
Thanks to the media circus and everyone’s opinions.
Of what’s right and what’s wrong.
See, I grew up being color blind,
So I don’t understand these racist remarks.
I never understood the difference between the shades of skin.
Black, copper, or white. 
See, I grew up in a melting pot of cousins, from different generations.
I’m trying to explain this while sitting in a coffee shop,
Contemplating these rhymes, as I jam out to my second cousin,
A biracial artist that exposes conflicts that are unfurled, personal or interracial.
He’s finding himself in the Hip-Hop world,
Damn right, I’m proud of my own blood,
Addressing the audience his visions, his dreams, his lyrical flood,
A creative outlet to get rid of the inner mud. 
Welcome to my world, my color-blind world.
Multitasking, welcome to my revolting mind.
I go back to my diverse family and now thinking of my first cousin,  
She never goes short on her Native American pride.
I even have my own personal aboriginal beliefs and spirit deep within my vibes,
Bona fide. 
An ex of mine was part of the Northern Cheyenne tribe,
I was adopted by the teachings and life.
Went by the name of “Too Tall” due to my height.
Bottom line, no matter what color is our exteriors,
We still all bleed red within ourselves.
We all shed the same tears,
Our genetics go beyond thousands of years,
Find the truth in these words, instead of fears.
I’m a black sheep, I was never made to tell you what you want to hear.
And I won’t apologize for the topics you need to hear.
We aren’t just connected through our families, but also our peers.
Don’t be afraid to change the teachings of your scholars.
Find your x-ray super powers and surpass the skin color. 
Welcome to my world, my color-blind world.
©H.M. Gautsch

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