Philosophical Vision: Kant vs. Hume

When Immanuel Kant took the “Copernican Revolution” and made a new argument with Philosophy and Epistemology, it made people’s head turn. Copernicus discovered that it wasn’t the Earth that was the center of the universe; in fact it was the Sun which the Earth rotates around. The same, according to Kant, plays in with the mind. Instead of the mind being the object rotating, the mind is the object in the center and “things” are rotating around the mind to develop the knowledge of them. 

Kant is not only a rationalist; he finds a way to interact empiricism with rationalism towards the bottom of the both of them. Kant has surely accomplished not only one of the strongest arguments, but also the most complicated one, so far, in our class if not to date today. He accomplished the compromising of dogmatism and skepticism.   

It was actually Kant who said of David Hume, “he woke me up from my dogmatic slumber.” Just like Hume’s A Priori (relations of ideas) and A Posteriori (matter of fact), Kant created an analytic stand point and a synthetic stand point. Just like A Priori, the analytic is a predicate that adds nothing to the subject. As well with the A Posteriori, the synthetic is a predicate that adds something to the subject. Both, Hume and Kant, used the examples of science (a posteriori) and mathematics (a priori) to each explanation.\

One of Hume’s points is the argument of causation, i.e. the watchmaker design. The analogy of that in itself draws a number of lines. The fact that it’s an induction instead of a deduction brings problems in itself. It’s neither a priori nor a posteriori since we can’t experience it ever, so it can’t be real. 

According to the Stanford Encyclopedia, Kant has an answer to Hume’s skeptical view of causation. Kant created a four way diagram for A priori, a posteriori, analytic, and synthetic to which causation lands in the same area as space and time. Kant also said, “Assume things with the mind for existence.” Examples of those things in themselves would be time, space and causation. Kant also pointed out that you need to already have understanding already in the mind in order to have experience to develop the knowledge. (“Kant and Hume on Causality”)

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#Food4Thought – Surround Yourself W/ The Right People

This week I had the privilege to work with two amazing artists, as well as, get a photo session in for Senior pictures for a friend’s daughter. Even though I am having a moment of feeling stuck right now where I am at, I surrounded myself with the right people this week outside of the social media chaos.

I had the honor to add local model/R&B singer, Laurel Lynn, to my portfolio, as well as, collaborating my first double shoot with Hip-Hop artist and photographer, Mario Street.

I also got out to karaoke, not once, but twice, this week for the first time in a few months. It was nice to regroup with “the click” for two of my boys’ birthdays this week. I guess it was a good prep for when I re-unite with my mother and famous Cher impersonator, Candi Stratton, for the first time in three/four years. Which is what I need most right now in my life.

What helped with surrounding myself with the people and be able to spend some quality time with my performance mom is allowing myself to recollect and get a new boost of inspiration with the long road I am on in my journey. Especially, with the people who are supporting and helping me continue to keep my feet running with this track.

For me, it is an honor to be able to work with other artists to help brand my name and improve my skills. I made a joke the other day with Mario about how I am an invisible celebrity. How not many fans know of me, but numerous artists do. I also admitted how I preferred it that way as well.

I guess you can’t blame the fans, since I don’t look nothing like how I use to when I worked and performed in the LGBT community four years ago, but I like being low keyed in a sense, while I am doing what I got to do to improve my skills and continue to work on me on the military end.

As frustrated as life gets, you just got to keep pushing no matter how hard it gets. There are days I just feel like giving up, but I look back at all the other times I gave up on things, and it just isn’t an option anymore. I guess a few poems written will help set my confidence back on track where it needs to be to keep on keeping on.

I hope this blog gives you new energy to continue to focus on your passions in life and live free, not as a puppet for any society’s norms. Living free equals happiness. Unfortunatly, it’s a continuous road.

Check out Laurel’s music here:

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