#FoodForThought – The Miniature Horses Tried To Eat Me!

I haven’t been much of a chatter on my blog for awhile.. I apologize. I am busy trying to get my life situated permanently and it is not an easy thing. Especially for those who struggle from within regardless of the battle. I keep a lot of personal struggles to myself, even though I talk about my PTSD and my Medical Board process to be medically discharged from the military in just a broad aspect.

Recently I had a small fall through with not feeling like going anywhere with my life. It does get frustrating, because at times I feel I should be where I need to be at this particular moment, but then there are days, like today, to remind me that I still have work to do to get to where I want to be in my life. Failure only happens when you quit trying. I refuse to quit. My marshmallow peeps (my support system) knows that.

Writing has been very therapeutic for me, but this summer, I fell a bit away from my motivational habits. The solitude has been relaxing. That is when I had the opportunity for it. I am hibernating more this fall for school and my writing projects I been lacking on. Yes, that is right. I have returned to my publishing process for my second poetry book called, Underground Poetry. After that I can focus back on my novel stories, Psychological Demons & Twenty-One Days.

Along with my second publication will come with a sale on my first book and kindle version, as well as, a sale on my new book! Stay tuned! It’ll be released in the next few weeks!!

I am continuing to hibernate, because I have added to my PTSD treatment with Equestrian Therapy in Wisconsin. Every Wednesday I am traveling to a horse ranch for the therapy. This week will only be my third week, so I am only in the introduction stage with the horses at this moment. It was eventful this past Wednesday, as the miniature horses confused me with food and took a bite out of my shirt I was wearing. Horses are beautiful creatures, but it’s been about 16 years since I associated with any, so it is a bit intimidating at moments, like when I am at their blind spots. Maybe the horses can provide me inspiration with my stories I want to share or add flavor to my poetry and photography skills.

My next non-school project is re-editing my website to a more cleaner image, and I will start making  graphics for my poetry and quotes to express and share with my audience. Thank you for your support and patience. It’s back to work for me though. Summer is over.


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